The best store to explore K-beauty products in Myeong-dong 

The Korean cosmetic market is rapidly expanding with the arrival of new and innovative cosmetic brands! Are you curious to discover what's popular and which brands are recommended by industry experts?

Myeong-dong, located in the heart of Seoul, is the ultimate destination for shopping, dining, and exploring tourist attractions. As a must-visit spot for foreign tourists visiting Korea, Myeong-dong offers a wide range of cosmetic options. 

And when it comes to cosmetics, All Mask Story stands out as the top brand that everyone is talking about.


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All Mask Story first opened its doors in the first half of 2014 and now operates more than 5 stores within Myeong-dong. At 4 stores, including the Myeong-dong Central Store, Myeong-dong Store, Myeong-dong 3rd Avenue Branch, and Myeong-dong 4th Store, they offer a variety of high-quality mask pack brands.

All Mask Story's stores are sophisticated spaces composed of white and pink tones and are also famous as a representative photo-genic spot in Myeong-dong. Furthermore, the store staff are proficient in various languages such as English, Japanese, and Chinese and are kind and accommodating to foreign tourists.