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Privacy Policy

The Watertree Co., Ltd. (the "Company" hereinafter) is committed to protecting the privacy and importance of "TRIPPOSE" web service users (hereinafter a service). We are privacy laws on information and communications service providers have to comply with the regulations of Korea also comply with privacy guidelines established by the Korea Ministry of Information and Communication. We will publish any personal information is being used for any purpose by the user are provided, what measures are being done to protect your privacy.

1. Consent to Collect Personal Information

By checking the personal information entered via the Registration page on the check box to accept the Terms of Use it will be deemed to have agreed to the collection of personal information.

2. Personal information collected items and purpose of utilization

We collect nickname, email, password when registering and the information is being sent to the email address used to identify individuals and service drive. Other information can input information added by users of the completion of the membership choices. Inputted by a user selecting information can be used to provide services for sex and age group separately. Sales and purchase upon reservation, Country, users of users real names, phone numbers, etc. are collected and This information is then used to destroy the principle service.

3. collection purpose or intended use of the personal information

"Personal information" means the name, address, contact information, etc. refers to information that could identify those individuals. We are disclosing personal information of users without prior consent from users and collected information is not used as shown below. 1) prioritize services based on the personal information provided to existing users and users will can select content that is reasonably required to provide. 2) Information and services we offer are almost free. We insert advertisement to provide these free service and select appropriate advertisements based on users ’personally identifiable information. We will publish a user to fit the type of advertising and Advertisers and other partners had never disclose your personal information, it does not provide. 3) Information collection for each objective are as follows. The name, e-mail address, identified for the use password service mail addresses, phone numbers, addresses, notices delivered, your physician confirmation of ensuring smooth communication channels, new services, such as special information guide when contact acquisition, other options, data for providing services to meet the individual needs.

4. Period of possession and use of personal information we collect

While the user is using the service to our members, The company has users ’personally identifiable information. If you have requested to withdraw, completely remove and then it is not available. Temporary entry for the purpose of personal information(surveys, events, etc) handles them not to be used again after the aim has been reached. But keep your member information on this case. And If it is determined that it is necessary in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, company will keep the period of membership. ※ Contract or records of the withdrawal five years / Records on users' complaints or disputes processed three years

5. Sharing or providing personal information we collect

We use within the scope notice the personal information of users in the "3. collection purpose or intended use of the personal information" and without the user's prior consent to use or do not exceed the dynamic range of the external public. But ,make an exception in the following cases 1) If users agree to the disclosure in advance 2) If necessary for the settlement charges 3) If there are sufficient grounds to believe that the damage to give to others to disclose personal information to take legal action against it 4) If you require the country's public institutions by a duly authorized(Ex:. At the request of the government / law enforcement agencies, etc.) 5) If you provide personally identifiable by the statistics, academic research or market survey such as the status advertisers, cooperation and research organizations 6) For a desired service members If we disclose the extent necessary in the processing business consignment, we may share users' personal information for the development of new technologies and better service. Even if the users are organizations or groups to whom you want to share your personal information case, which is why you need information, and how and when to announce that the protection and management announces and if you do not agree it does not collect or share information.

6. The users own administrative measures

The users at any time can do checking, modification and withdrawal of their personal information. The information deleted or withdrawal in accordance with the request of the individual deals with "4. Period of possession and use of personal information we collect" and for the use of the other can not be used.

7. Technical measures for safety

Personal information is being thoroughly protected by password. Because the only person who knows the password, Users should not give your password to anyone. Especially, if you are using PC to share with others or used in a public place (company, school, library, internet cafe, etc.), it is recommended that you log out and shut down the web browser after you finish using it. Our member's personal information by the hacking or viruses and other Internet search measures to prevent from being damaged. With the latest program can be safely transferred over the network. And using the control system enters block unauthorized access from the Web, other systems typically strive to ensure stability. The handling of personal information, it is limited to the person in charge, through frequent training for he person in charge always emphasize compliance with our privacy policy, and if a problem is found and corrected immediately trying to solve immediately.

8. About Cookie

Our service can send information using that site when a "cookie (Cookie) 'on your computer, then that information is stored in the user's HD (hard disk) or memory. Cookies will be used for the purpose of providing better service to users and does not infringe on the individual or the use environment. You can change the settings so that users disable cookie function. Please note that this case may not be available for some services.

9. Information on privacy-related opinions or complaints

We solicit user feedback. The user can make a complaint to the individual information management charge stated at the bottom, and we are you to your prompt reply.

10. Individual information management charge contact information

Watertree Co. Personal information manager lee heesoon