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Terms of Service

Member agreement to the web service "TRIPPOSE.COM" member must be observed in use for and have set mandatory for registered users. Responsibilities between members and a company registered users to use a service or service of the members of the procedure for matters related to be considered for the propose of this.

Article 1 apply agreement

1. It is applied to members provided for in Article 3 and the company.
2. The effect of this agreement caused by starting the service screen.

Article 2 service

Service is all web site content and travel products sales documents and other integrated services provided under the service name of the Korea Travel Information site that we offer over the Internet refers to determining the reservation for goods and the goods purchase provided in a manner that we specify.

Article 3 membership

1. As users have used the service to be registered in accordance with the procedures to specify the items that we need, such as name, contact, e-mail address.
2. To ensure that all information provided is correct, the fact that a user in using the service.
3. We have to offer registered users as a member on the homepage 'TRIPPOSE' in accordance with the procedure requires that the member.
4. Membership is free.

Article 4 The use of the service

In terms and conditions and individual membership to use the service should follow the matters set in terms of service.

Article 5 Cancellation of registration

When it is determined to the member violated the terms and conditions or Article 6 of the prohibitions are deemed the cases, we csn cancel your registration without advance notice.

Article 6 Prohibitions

Depending on utilizing the service, and then ban such conduct.

a. When registering, if you take the less false information
b. Making false and unfair application from using service
c. Apply for membership and service without permission of his own instead of other people
d. Disturb the operation of services and acts that cause detrimental to or concern is about our behavior
e. Violate the rights of other members or third parties and that the damage
f. Public and in a violation of the laws or its concern is about behaviour
g. Our determined to be inappropriate actions
h. Not appropriate if judging that after registering as a spoken for us to judge
i. Act who may hurt the public order or good morals(Include excessive violent expression, Sexual explicitness, mosaic, Picture that is exposed to specific areas, Judged and other sordid picture of the content and images that are exposed to specific areas, Corresponding word for sex, An act of posting of other suggestive expression, Other socially offending expression to another person, including the notice published an act, and transmission)

Article 7 Handling of Member Information

Registered personal information when we're a member's privacy practices as we have to and control in accordance with principles. We ask you to let her read the expert “Privacy Policy”is about our privacy policy.

Article 8 suspension of service

If you can not stop, it will not make a reservation system during inspection of server maintenance or emergency, you can stop the service temporarily without notice.

Article 9 Exemption from liability

1. Cause damage or harm to others using this service members as to solve under the responsibility between the parties if we can not accept responsibility of unity.
2. We are not responsible for any inconvenience, even if the member has occurred or damage caused by failure to use the services of such situations or at least Article 11 of the communication environment.

Article 10 Withdrawal

1. Members can always unsubscribe at any time from the home page.
2. Member Information Service reserves the application for withdrawal 7 days and then After 7 days, completely destroyed the privacy of its members.
3. Posts written by members of other personal information will not be discarded automatically.
4. If we admit that there is a violation of the Terms and Conditions concern the user or the breach may suspend or revoke account without advance notice to the user.

Article 11 Etx

1. We notify the appropriate method to members (wired contact, email, etc) can be changed by this agreement.
2. With regard to use of the Service will strive to resolve by amicable dialogue between the parties faithfully if a problem occurs on matters not specified in these Terms and Conditions.
3. If a dispute in relation to the use of this service can not be resolved through dialogue between the parties arises, to resolve through the courts having jurisdiction over the company premises.