Crafting Amidst Legends: Step back in time to the Joseon era and
bring history to life. Create a stylish hand mirror using Hanji,
inspired by legendary Korean painters.

LeeDak: Dive into Korea's Authentic Heartbeat

Journey with us to South Korea's best-kept secret: The LeeDak Hanji Art Gallery & Café in Incheon. Located a stone's throw from iconic landmarks like Chinatown and Sinpo International Market, LeeDak offers a blend of tradition and trend, captivating the heart of every art lover and traveler.

Curated by the distinguished Ms. Lee Mi-ja, a Hanji (Korean paper) virtuoso, this gallery boasts bespoke designs that are revolutionizing the Hanji world. For those unfamiliar, 'LeeDak' isn't just a name. Translated, it means 'one who touches paper', mirroring Ms. Lee's intimate connection with her craft.

Discovering Korea's Soul at LeeDak 

Enter LeeDak, and you're greeted by the gentle luminance of Hanji illuminations. Ready your cameras because every corner here screams Insta-worthy! Each piece, from handcrafted lamps, mirrors, to chic wallets, paints a picture of Korea's opulent history, seamlessly blending the old with the new.

Dive deeper, and the experience isn't just visual. Engage with the essence of Hanji through immersive workshops or kick back with a classic Korean brew at the café, surrounded by exquisite art.

LeeDak isn't just a spot on the map; it's Ms. Lee's dream in the making. She has ambitions of elevating Hanji to global heights, with LeeDak poised to be the centerpiece for every international visitor in Korea.

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