National Center for Forest Activities Chuncheon is 335 ha of area located near Samhangol Valley. The center has a slogan PLAY meaning P for Play, L for Lead, A for Act, and Y for You. Various facilities are available including area for experience programs, accommodations, restaurants and more. Experience programs for individuals and groups are available as well as special programs for people with disabilities and elderlies.


Yukrimgogae was the street that connected Yurim Theater (now closed) and Chuncheon Jungang Market in the past, becoming an unofficial downtown during 1980s to the 1990s. After the new city project, the stores relocated to the new downtown, leaving the area empty. In 2015, the street was rejuvenated with Makgeolli Street and Youth Mall. The street is full of restaurants and stores that was renovated providing an analog-feel combined with a trendy style.


d.forest is the largest dog park in Korea at approximately 99,173 ㎡. It has various attractions to enjoy, together with visitor's pet dog, including museum, walking trails, playground and more. The museum focuses on the theme of human and dogs living in harmony. The museum provides pet waiting room for owners to enjoy the exhibition without distraction. Various walking trail courses are available with age and physical condition of the dog in mind. A large and small playground where dogs can play without leashes are available as well as a cafe with drinks for dogs, market and more.


Nari Farm has the largest globe amaranth colony in the nation. From September to October, visitors can see various autumn flowers bloom providing peace and calmness.


Cheongna Hill is the place where Christian missionaries resided during the early 20 century, planting many ivies along the site. It is also called Dongsan Cheongna Hill for being on the eastern side of Daegu's center. There are many attractions in this beautiful garden including Chamness’ House, Switzer’s House, Blair’s House, 90 stairs, Daegu 3.1 Independence Movement Road, Daegu's first western apple tree, a memorial stone inscribed with the song "Thinking of My Friend” , and the cemetery of the missionaries and their family. Cheongna Hill is also the starting point of Daegu's Street Tour Course 2 as well as a popular drama film location.

Incheon(Yeonsu-gu) , Songdo International Business District

  Songdo Convensia A global-standard convention center Songdo Convensia is a state-of-the-art convention center with five spacious floors. It is capable of hosting 450 exhibition booths, various exhibition events, and performances. Meeting rooms are equipped with advanced technology such as wireless internet, voice-operated cameras, and LCD projectors. The convention center can hold over 2,000 visitors and provides excellent services and amenities for various banquets, family events, weddings, and more. Songdo Convensia is approximately 15 minutes away by car from Incheon International Airport and an hour from Seoul, making it a pleasant and convenient venue for business as well as for touring the Seoul metropolitan area. The center is surrounded by six outstanding hotels, a department store, and a number of shopping malls. In addition to an array of convenient amenities, it also boasts exquisite exterior and interior designs, reminiscent of the luxurious Sydney Opera House. Naturally, it has become a popular venue for television programs, performances, and fashion shows. [Subway] Incheon Univ. Station (Incheon Subway Line 1), Exit 5. Songdo Convensia is located ahead, next to Sheraton Incheon Hotel. [Bus] Get off at Convensia, Songdo Convensia Sheraton Hotel or Songdo Sheraton Hotel Bus Stop. Blue Bus 6-1, 8, 9, 16, 82, 780-1 Green Bus 91, 92 Red Bus 1301, 3002, M6724 Airport Bus 6707B [Incheon City Tour Bus] A convenient and enjoyable trip to Incheon! Incheon City Tour operates a circular route through Ocean Line and Open Port Line and provides safe and convenient travel throughout the stops around Incheon’s representative tourist attractions. Tour line : Sea Line(Songdo~Incheon Bridge~Youngjong) Boarding Spots : International Passenger Terminal 1: In front of Gate 13B, 3F / International Passenger Terminal 2: Taxi Stand No.8, 3F Drop-off Spot : Songdo Convensia (East Boathouse) Travel Time : International Passenger Terminal 1: 86 minutes / International Passenger Terminal 2: 44 minutes Fare (KRW) : Adults 5,000 won Children 3,000 won (3~12 years old) [Taxi] ※Travel time: Approx. 30 minutes from the airport to Songdo Convensia ※ Express tolls may be added to the fare. ※ Taxis information: +82-032-120 ※ Your taxi driver may not be able to speak English. In that case, please show the following message to the driver. SMART MICE LOUNGE  •Location : Commercial Facilities 1F  •Operating Hours : 09:00-18:00 (Open all year round except for New Year’s Day and Chuseok)  •Instruction Language : Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese •Inquiry : +82-32-210-1080 •Fees : Free Smart MICE Lounge located on the first floor of Songdo ConvensiA is a space enabling users to take a rest, meet with others and share experiences. Come and experience the advanced smart MICE contents of Songdo ConvensiA based on leading ICT technology.     Lounge' means a space for comfort and meeting. Let's meet a variety of smart contents such as interactive media walls, VR/AR, games, holograms and holographic, as well as relaxation and meeting. Songdo Convensia's hot place! Smart Mice Lounge is open to all ages! ★Experience Zone Convensia VR Tour  ▲Experience in advance the spaces at Songdo ConvensiA using VR.  Catch MICE VR  ▲Play VR games to find hidden M.I.C.E words. GAME  ▲Visitors may enjoy playing a simple mini-game in the Smart MICE Lounge.  HOLOGRAM  ▲Take an Incheon city tour bus and the city’s tourist attractions through a holographic screen. Touch Smart MICE  ▲Visitors may experience in advance customized services by organizer, participating company, and visitor by touching the screen for information on MICE.  ★Operation Zone  ▲Analysis on facilities and floating population Collects information on the current state of visitors to Songdo ConvensiA on a real-time basis, the  travel paths and flows taken by MICE tourists. Check on the amount of inflow and outflow between tourist attractions and Songdo ConvensiA.  ▲Find facilities  Find a facility located within Songdo ConvensiA.  ▲nformation on Incheon tourist attractions and city tour buses  Obtain of information on tourist attractions and real-time location information on city tour buses  ▲Rest Zone  It offers spaces not only for comfortable rest but also business meetings. Today, the Smart MICE Lounge serves as a meeting place in Songdo ConvensiA!  ONE-STOP SERVICE CENTER  Location  Convenient Facilities 1F Operating Hours: 09:00-18:00 / Open all year round except for New Year's Day and Chuseok Holiday. Instruction Language Korean Inquiry about rental : +82-32-210-1111(Inquiry about rental) / +82-32-210-1112(Technical support)          How to use the center  •A support center for organizers of exhibitions/conventions  •Provision of integrated consultations and services on rental/ technical support/banquet/parking/communications  •Provision of storage/small-scale meeting rooms(Supported by organizers)   The Autonomous Robot 'Romi' Ask for various information from 'Romi', the first autonomous robot of a local convention center! Songdo Convensia is a fun and informative space with a distinctive interior and exterior design. •Instruction Language : Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese       Amenities •Diverse and convenient supporting facilities for the best exhibition and conventions. •Facilities for various events, including ConvensiA lounge and outdoor lawn •Supporting facilities for smooth hosting of events, including multi-use room, swing space, and pantry •Various amenities such as restaurants and stationery stores Tourism Translation Information Center : Translation services provided in Japanese and English about tourist attractions around Incheon   VR Experience Hall : Incheon VR Tourism Experience Mirror zone : Sightseeing photo synthesis ▲VR Experience Center It is beyond your imagination! Experience an amazing and marvellous harmony between real and imaginary worlds in Songdo Convensia, Incheon!   Coffee shop, group event, refreshment catering Convenience store A rest restaurant   INCHEON “STAMP TOUR,” A FUN WAY TO LOOK AROUND THE CITY WITH SPECIAL REWARDS! Experience Smart Mice's stamp tour, where the fun of collecting one by one is great! Leave your foot prints all over Incheon! ▶Android market   ▶ios app store   Songdo, Incheon Travel Guide Incheon information are listed ▶  『 COPYRIGHTS ©SONGDO CONVENSIA. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 』 『 COPYRIGHTS ©INCHEON SMART MICE. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 』 『 COPYRIGHTS ©Incheon Tourism Organization. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 』 『 COPYRIGHTS ©Incheon Convention Bureau. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED』


You can see, feel and experience the various tourist spots in Incheon where the past and future of Incheon, tradition and present coexist. Incheon is a maritime city, which embraces the beauty of nature, a history city, which contains the history of Korea and a futuristic city that will lead a brilliant future. To you who want pleasure, Wolmido and Yeongjongdo Island will give you joy, to you who want relaxation, islands of Incheon will give you a relaxing and fulfilled feel of one afternoon and to you who want to know the modern and contemporary period of Korea, open port area and Chinatown will become your time machine. If you want the city's modernity and comfort, come to the Songdo international city Everything you can see, hear, talk, and feel in Incheon is a pleasant memory We invite you to the charm of Incheon!         The Top Things To See And Do In Incheon, South Korea   Incheon City Tour Line   Tourist Guide Book  Are you visiting Incheon? You can experience a warm welcome from a  Incheon  Greeter. Let someone who holds the city dear guide you through all the treasures that Incheon has to offer and experience  Incheon  just as a local would! Absolutely free and guaranteed to enrich your stay! Incheon Greeters are volunteers who will share their love for the city with you in an enthusiastic and hospitable manner. For families, friends or people travelling solo – a truly enriching experience!    Incheon Greeters ‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎Free Personal Walking Tour with a Local Discover Incheon on a free walking tour with a local We gladly invite you to the charm of Incheon! A maritime city, Incheon embraces the beauty of nature, contains the history of Korea, and a futuristic city that will lead a brilliant future. Ganghwado Island and Wolmido will give you joy, and the islands of Incheon will give you relaxation.  Discover the modern and contemporary period of Korea at the open port area, and Chinatown will become your time machine. In the Songdo international city you can experience the city’s modernity and comfort.  Come as a guest, leave as a friend! Let Greeters take you on a free walk through his home city for 2-3 hours: Greeters are a worldwide non profit organisation. Destinations around the world offer personal, private walks with locals through cities for visitors. Our city walks – called Greeters – are totally free, no tipping Greets are offered for single tourists and small groups up to six people. Greeters want to be a friendly face for those visiting a city. Incheon Tourism Organization Tel.+82-32-899-7300 ​   FAQ for guests 1. How can I find a destination? You can use the top menu (Find a Greeter) or simply follow this link. 2. How do I request a Greeter? Go to the local Greeter website and complete their request form with as much information as possible. 3. What happens after I submit my request? As soon as the Greeter destination receives your request you should receive a first confirmation. Long enough before you go there they will try to match you with an available Greeter. They’ll then be in touch with you as quickly as possible by email to organize details well in advance of your trip. If you think that you got stuck in this procedure please let us know by email to We will try to help you. 4. How can I change or cancel my request? Please send an email to the Greeter destination as soon as possible if you need to change your plans. They’ll do their best to accommodate your changes. 5. What does it cost to meet a Greeter? All Greets are completely free and always will be. We do not expect any kind of tipping. This is our spirit. 6. How can I support a Greeter organization? Greeters organizations are administered in different ways. In many cases it is possible to make a donation, but again, we stress that all Greets are free and you are under no obligation at all to make a donation. 7. How many people can take part in a Greet? Greets are for small groups of a maximum of six people. They’re private walks, so they’re not aimed at tour groups. For larger groups we strongly recommend organising a professional tour guide (Greeters are not professional tour guides!) 8. Will my walk take place if the weather is bad? Oh yes, so bring your umbrella. Whatever the weather, we will greet you and as far as conditions allow, we’ll try to show you the best side of our city. But we’ll be there at the arranged time. 9. Are Greeters professional tour guides? No, we’re not professional tour guides. Greeters are local individuals who enjoy showing new friends their city. If you’d prefer an organised tour with an official guide, have a look at the website of the local tourism board for more details. 10. Why is it free? Greets are free because our aim is simply to bring people together, get to know new people and show off our beautiful home cities. Greeters offer a free service based on the concept of participatory tourism (where tourism is a source of multicultural exchanges and enrichment for visitors and residents alike) relying on residents’ willingness to volunteer and their enthusiasm. 『 COPYRIGHTS © International Greeter Association AISBL. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 』 『 COPYRIGHTS © incheon Tourism Organization. All Rights Reserved.』


Taejongdae Cliffed Coast was formed by many layers of rock being forced together beneath a lake during the Cretaceous period, and then worn away over time by the sea. The coast features many geological formations, including sea caves and uniquely shaped rocks. Visitors can enjoy walking on the forested paths, or take the train course to easily access Taejongdae Observatory and Yeongdo Coastal Culture Space. Current Status Scenic Site No.17 (Designated on November 1, 2005) Restricted Mountain Areas [Forest Fire Prevention Period] February 1 - May 15 / November 1 - December 15 * Subject to change depending on weather conditions. Operating Hours 04:00-24:00 Parking Facilities Available Parking Lots Entrance parking lot (buses only): 26 spaces No. 7 parking lot (sedans only): 402 spaces No. 7-2 parking lot (sedans only): 411 spaces Jayu Land parking lot: 114 spaces Admission Fees Free Available Facilities Danubi Train, observatory rest area (fast food restaurants, Korean restaurant, sovenir shops, cafeteria), Taejongsa Temple, Gumyeongsa Temple, cruise, sports park * Bicycles and motorcycles prohibited. * Cooking prohibited, use the picnic tables. * Fishing only allowed at Jagal Madang. Facility Utilization Fees [Danubi Train] - Ticket office hours: 09:00-17:30 - Operating hours: 09:20 - 17:30 - Admission: Adults 3,000 won / Teenagers 2,000 won / Children 1,500 won * Closed in the case of adverse weather * Ticketing may end 2-3 hours before closing time Restrooms Available

Gyeonggi-do(Pyeongtaek-si) , Pyeongtaek

Baramsae Village Picnic Garden in Pyeongtaek is a special eco-park where visitors can enjoy a picnic in a natural setting. The park features wooden walking paths around ponds and marshes, as well as a sand playground, and is decorated throughout with sotdae (wooden bird poles). The mirror pond is particularly beautiful, reflecting the sky, reeds, and birds overhead.

Jeju-do(Seogwipo-si) , Seogwipo

The Gosalli Forest Trail runs along a stream in Harye 2-ri, Namwon-eup on the southern part of Jeju Island. The area was recognized by the Ministry of Environment in 2013 for their outstanding efforts in preserving and protecting the local ecology. The forest trail passes through one of Jeju's beautiful forested areas, and is perfect for peaceful leisure walks, being less known among tourists. To limit the amount of damage to the natural environment, the trails are unrefined, so guests are reminded to tread carefully.