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Reservation Rule

Reservation service means a sense of local tours, performances, cultural experiences, aesthetic, rail tickets, rental mobile Wi-Fi service in the optional tour Korea, anyone can easily take advantage of such.
If you sign up, anyone can access the reservation service.

1. Application method and the formation of contracts

"Real-time reservation" means that immediately after the reservation is made without separate authorization Reservation
"reservation confirmed" means that after the reservation is made by optional tours offered from the company after the completion of approval.
(1) After filling out the particulars of information on the reservation page, be a payment application and make a reservation
(2) An applicant will not be taken by means of communication other than reservations page such as phone / mail / FAX etc.
(We accept reservations only group counseling.)
(3) If a reservation for real-time reservation, immediately issue voucher, output and the contract is established at the same time.
(4) If a reservation for reservation confirmed, approval of optional tour provider as soon as the voucher is issued and the contract at the same time. (If the contract is impossible due to the provider of the optional tours, refund of fees within 1 day without ‘treatment or can cancel the card.)
(5) Even though "reservation confirmation (voucher)" is issued in such circumstances by user's traffic problems, computer failure etc, even if it is not allowed to check on computers, we got a contract is formed.

2. Brink of reservations

Some options Tours offers a reservation service after one day or 2-3.
In the case of the brink of reservations, if you cancel after the scheduled completion, cancellation may be charged a fee by the policy.

3. Payment

Payment is only possible card payment, there are available card payment as follows.
In addition to the amounts shown in the reservation system is not a separate card fees. Card fees will be borne by us. Available only from abroad, you can pay using the card. (Besides payment cards if the issuing country in its own currency, the exchange fee may be charged by the credit card companies.)

4. Reservation changes or cancellations

(1) Users can ask to cancel or change all or part of the reservation. Request changes or cancellations are possible only with access "Manage Reservations page". But only urgent cases, you can register by phone.
(In the case of non-contractual changes or cancellations, it can not be changed or canceled.)
(2) After the contract is established, if you change all or part of the contract, depending on the user's assessment may be charged a cancellation fee + penalty fee. The cancellation policy depends on the optional tour, and When booking, you can check the cancellation policy in the booking page and management pages.
(3) In case of some optional tours, in some cases, that can not be changed or canceled after the reservation is made. If this is the case, you are able to check the cancellation policy in the optional tour page.
(4) Request cancellation of business hours

5. Our responsibility and exemption from liability

(1) If the damage caused by our negligence have given to the user that is responsible for the damages, we will reimburse travel within total payment. It will accept only if the damages have informed us since the day within 30 days.
(2) For information transferred from the user such as information input the incorrect, phenomenon mojibake, Unless the damage caused by us, we do not take any responsibility.
(3) Except only 5-(2), we are not liable for damage that occurred between the user and the organized by company.
(4) Because organized by company reasons that can not be managed, Traveling information may be changed or suspended.
It is not responsible for the following damages (unexpected accident, government and command of public bodies, political change, strike, war, riot, epidemic, Isolation, Customs Regulations etc) caused by loss(Rescheduling, theft, fraud, violence, disease, injury, organized by company not responsible for a loss, Damages the user fails to observe the law etc.)
(5) Tour information, campaigns, etc. are subject to change without notice on our homepage. Although efforts but does not guarantee the content of information and advertising.
(6) Tour price are subject to change without notice on our homepage. This gave rates that apply to your reservation in case. Even if the price changes after reservation confirmation, the remaining amount will not be refunded.