The Sunchon Bay Echo Village youth hostel faces Suncheon Bay National Garden with Suncheon Dongcheon in between. Surrounded by nature, it is the first traditional Korean-style youth hostel in the country. It feels like a folk village as there are many hanoks in the area, all built properly according to the traditional Korean style of architecture. At night, you can see the night sky full of stars. The guest room consists of Echo 1dong with three rooms and three bathrooms; Echo 2dong with a room, a bathroom, and an open veranda; Echo 3dong, a type of a house with four rooms and a large floor and 3 bathrooms; and Echo4dong with seven rooms, a floor, a bathroom, a yard and a pavilion in a large hanok house. In addition, there are 2 eco-buildings, one which is used as a group restaurant, and the other which serves as a lecture room. Suncheon Bay Echo Village youth hostel can accommodate travelers of various sizes from 2 people and families, to those taking small group and school trips. Compared to its size and the facilities it provides, it offers a very good value on money. In fact, the accommodation rates are so low that it is difficult to make reservations on weekends or peak seasons. It operates a variety of programs such as the Hyodo massage program, sightseeing spot experience program, health tour, city tour, and folk play experience. It takes about 5 minutes to Suncheon Bay National Garden East Gate, 7 minutes to Sunchon Station, and 10 minutes to Sunchon General Bus Terminal.


Gangneung Station Guest House is the nearest guest house to Gangneung Station. As it is located in the city center and almost all buses pass nearby, it is the optimal place to stay for tourists in Gangneung. First, it is situated around the Jeongdongjin shuttle bus stop and the bus stop to to Gangneung from which tourists can take a ferry to get to Ulleungdo Island. Guests can also easily reach the nearby bus stop for various bus services to Gangneung’s main tourist attractions including Gyeongpodae Pavilion and Sogeumgang Valley. Moreover, the free shuttle bus stop to Yongpyong Resort and Phoenix Pyeongchang, two of the venues of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games, is also adjacent to the guest house. Offering guests relaxation amid a quiet and pleasant atmosphere, Gangneung Station Guest House is the ideal place to enjoy peaceful music with tea and coffee. It also offers a breakfast of hot rice and soup.


Situated beneath a low mountain in the southern area of Uiyang-ri, Chunyang-myeon, the east-facing The Old House of Mansan consists of a long haengrangchae (servants’ quarters, measuring 9-kan), a tall gate, a large courtyard, and a square-shaped bonchae (main building measuring 5 kan at the front and seven kan at the sides) in which the sarangchae (men’s quarters) and the anchae (women’s quarters) are connected. Unusually, the sarangchae faces east (it typically faces south), while the anbang (main living room) faces south. Consequently, the Jungmun Gate, the entrance to the anchae, faces north so as not to expose the anchae to exterior elements including cold winds. The sarangchae consists of a daecheong (main floored room) and a sarangbang room as well as a toetgan, a gamsil, a marubang (floored room), and a golbang (small room). The anchae, which surrounds the inner courtyard, comprises an anbang facing south, a witbang (upper room), and a ggumim marubang (floored room), which links to a warehouse, a kitchen, and a junggangbang (middle room). This wealthy house was built with high-quality wood and construction materials.