Amourex Hotel is for both business travelers and tourists. It takes 20 minutes by car to Seoul’s major attractions such as Dongdaemun market, Myeongdong, and the Seoul City Hall. It is also close to Wangsimni Subway Station (line 1). The hotel offers comfortable guestrooms and services. The hotel’s Japanese Restaurant provides an upscale atmosphere for successful business meetings.


Dubbed as the “palace of the Jade Emperor,” Jamigung is a “hanok” homestay located in Wondang-dong, Incheon. The earthly, wooden building was finished with the master touches of the Daemokjang (master of traditional carpentry) and built with wood that is dried and carved for a year and six months, while the interior was constructed with bamboo trees from Damyang and Korean paper. Likewise, its fence was finished with a masterful touch, topped with roof tiles sourced from Goryeong, which are also used to restore cultural properties in Korea. There are 6 rooms in total, including Gaon, Mireu, Raon, Dasom, and Hanul, varying in size ranging from a capacity of double occupancy to 15 people. All rooms are furnished with an antique, classical interior consisting of traditional doors with “changhoji” paper, traditional furniture, celadon, and paintings. Earthenware pots lining the courtyard, the vegetable garden, and the trees and wildflowers of the season complete the aesthetic of the hanok. Facilities within the complex include a shared bathroom, seminar room, shared PC, and communal refrigerator. The guesthouse offers English and Chinese services and provides complimentary breakfast in the morning. For pets, the guesthouse only alall dogs on the premises.

Seoul(Mapo-gu) , Yeouido・Yeongdeungpo・Mapo

Located near Hongik University in Seoul, Most Stay is famous for its trendy and vibrant interior design and excellent services. Although the hotel is situated in a quiet residential area, it is close to popular places in Seoul like the Hongik University Station (transfer station for Seoul Subway Line 2, Gyeongui-Jungang Line, and AREX), Yeonnam-dong, and Mangwon-dong, which make it a great base camp for exploring the city. There are nine rooms in total, including a Double, Twin, Deluxe Twin, Deluxe Triple, Deluxe Family, and a ladies-only Bunker Bedroom. The Bunker Bedroom has three dormitory-style bunk beds, with white-tone furniture and large windows that give the room a spacious and comfortable feel. Private lockers offer safe storage of one’s personal belongings, and there is also a separate powder room in the shared bathroom. The Deluxe Twin, Deluxe Triple, and Deluxe Family have kitchenettes equipped with microwave ovens and sinks. All rooms have refrigerators, electric kettles, nightstands, dressing tables, hangers, toiletries, and hairdryers, which are kept clean and fresh through a daily cleaning service. Moreover, Most Stay offers pickup services for up to six people when requested during the reservation process, as well as baggage storage, concierge, and English and Chinese services. A free breakfast, which consists of toast, cereal, and beverages, is laid out on the second floor every morning.


Located in Deogyusan National Park in Muju, North Jeolla Province, Dasup Pension is the best place to experience the clear air and beautiful nature of Deogyusan Mountain. Its front is dominated by the Gucheondong Valley, while the back is surrounded by the changing faces of Deogyusan Mountain across the seasons. The warm reception of the owners makes the stay much more comfortable. There are a total of 20 rooms ranging from double to triple occupancy to 12-person pension rooms. Guests can choose between traditional Korean floor bedding rooms and bedrooms. All rooms are equipped with a TV, refrigerator, dressing table, hairdryer, and toiletries. Pension rooms allow for cooking within the unit, making it an ideal choice for family travelers. The wooden finish of the rooms is a unique attraction in the pension as well. Dasup Pension also contains a shared kitchen and an outdoor barbeque area for guests, and amenities, such as a ski shop and a soccer field, which make the pension a great place for group trips. Guests can rent skis, snowboards, and other equipment in the ski shop during the winter. There is also a shuttle bus to Muju Resort, one of the most well-known winter sports facilities in Korea. Other tourist sites in the region include Bandi Land and Muju Meoru Wine Cave, which are located 30 min away from the pension by car.


The Gimhae Hanok Experience Hall is a “hanok” stay that showcases the beauty and elegance of Korean culture. It has seven buildings in total. Anchae, Sarangchae, Byeolchae, Haengnangchae, Bakkatchae, Heotganchae, and Sadang contains 13 rooms that can house around 2–3 or 4–5 people. Rooms in Anchae, Sarangchae, and Byeolchae have different characteristics and can be chosen according to one’s preferences. The eight Anchae rooms are decorated with antique furniture, seat cushions, traditional letter holders, and lamps, recreating the daily lives of Koreans in the past. The wide “daecheongmaru” raised floor can be used as a meeting room as well. Sarangchae is smaller and more unassuming than the Anchae, but the “numaru” raised floor with a sofa and a table offers a great place to rest and enjoy the scenery. Meanwhile, the Wolpa and Hamheo rooms of Byeolchae offer the most authentic sight in the complex with a large screen and “boryo” (thick quilt laid out on the floor as a seat), which is similar to a scene out of historical dramas. Even though the rooms follow traditional construction to a T, they are all equipped with modern amenities like TVs, refrigerators, air-conditioning, and restrooms for convenience. The management also offers traditional cultural programs often and provides services in English and Japanese for foreign visitors.


Saengbiwon is a traditional hanok pension located 400 m above sea level on Gayasan Mountain, Goryeong, North Gyeongsang Province. Its picturesque front garden, full of clay pots and wildflowers, and the dried persimmon hanging on the porch come fall give the pension a comfortable, idyllic atmosphere. Clear water from the Sangbiri Valley flow near the pension and a footpath along the reservoir offer great opportunities to enjoy the nature of Gayasan Mountain. Opening the window brings one face-to-face with the four seasons of the mountain, while the pavilion in the garden emanates a cool, slow-paced enjoyment of nature. All water used in the pension is drawn from a natural mineral spring 150 m below the land, giving the water a crisp and refreshing taste. The seven rooms of the pension, including the Dongbaek, Maehwa, Mongnyeon, Moran, and Hwangtobang are furnished with red clay and Cheongsong hanji (Korean traditional paper) interior, giving them a characteristic hanok look. Wooden wardrobes and thick cotton quilts bring in mind the image of a grandmother’s warm house. Two of the rooms are heated with traditional gudeul floor heating, which is a blessing in the biting heat of winter. All rooms have access to Wi-Fi, equipped with modern bathrooms, electric kettle, pressure rice cooker, and simple cooking utensils. Only the Hwangtobang room allows cooking within the room, and guests in other rooms must use the communal kitchen and barbeque areas. There is also an annex, which hosts exclusively group visitors and can be used as a seminar room and a training site. . Saengbiwon’s other pride is the traditional sauces, made in house for four generations. Visitors can reserve an elegant Korean breakfast, served in brass tableware, made with Saengbiwon’s handmade sauce from Korean soybeans. Saengbiwon also offers programs like sauce-making, Korean malt candy-making, tofu-making, Korean sweets-making, and tea ceremony.


Located in Jeonju Hanok Village, Hanok Hyeyum offers a traditional “hanok” (traditional Korean house) experience to its guests. The Korean term “hyeyum” means “thought,” and the hostel’s name pertains to the owners’ wishes of providing new feelings and thoughts to visitors. Its design faithfully brings the feel of the grain on the timber, which was possible with the participation of Daemokjang and Somokjang artisans specializing in hanok construction. The hanging sign at the entrance is carved by a Mokjogakjang, an artisan carpenter and holder of Intangible Cultural Property, and the same spirit of dedication and passion can be found throughout the building. There are six rooms in total, all Korean-style with exposed rafters, handwritten calligraphy, dainty furniture, and masterful teacups. Guests can also find a surprise welcome package of face mask packs. All rooms have modern and sleek bathrooms, while some rooms come with small attic spaces. Hanok Hyeyum also offers pickup services to solo female travelers from the Jeonju Bus Terminal or Jeonju Station, and a complimentary breakfast with a seasonal menu, including items like rice cakes, egg, sweet potato, fruits, and coffee.

Incheon(Jung-gu) , Incheon Center

GL City Hotel is a premium business hotel located on Yeongjongdo Island in Incheon. Situated 10 min away from Incheon International Airport and a 5 min walk from the Incheon Airport Railroad Express (AREX) Unseo Station, the hotel offers highly accessible accommodations for global business travelers. Tourist sites, such as Eurwangni and Masian Beaches, can also be reached in a 10 min drive. There are a total of 144 rooms that come in four types, namely the Deluxe Double, Deluxe Double Terrace, Family Twin, and Family Twin Terrace. Furnished with a trendy and calm monotone interior and comfortable pocket spring beds, all rooms are equipped with environmentally friendly linen bedding and cosmetics supplies made with natural ingredients. Family guests can also place requests for baby safety guards and toilet seats, air purifiers, and humidifiers in advance. All rooms are also equipped with drum washing machines, drying racks, and an induction stove (payment required, rental upon request), making the hotel an ideal place for travelers to stay long-term. The hotel also includes a business center equipped with shared PCs and printers and a convenience store (all hotel facilities are under construction as of March 2020). Free airport drop-off services are available upon reservation.


Gokseong Gangbit Town Pension’s charm lies in its exotic scenery. A mountain ridge with a dense pine forest screens the back of the pension complex, while a tranquil sight of a river flowing leisurely can be seen at the front. The interiors of the pension’s two-story European-style buildings are styled in wooden “hanok,” bringing the best of both worlds. There are 84 rooms in total, ranging from studio types optimal for 2 people to 5–6 two-room units for families, and 100 m2 detached pension houses. The rooms are divided into two areas, namely cooking and noncooking, with the former supplied with an induction stove, pots, bowls, and cooking utensils for simple cuisines. On-site facilities include an outdoor barbeque site, a convenience store, ping pong table, coffee shop, culture hall with sound systems, and a training hall with a capacity of 200 people. An inflatable children’s pool opens every summer for family travelers. Guests can make a reservation at least two days in advance for a homemade Korean breakfast table prepared by the people of the village. The pension is also close to Gokseong’s major tourist sites. Amnok Recreation Area, Taeansa Temple, and Seomjingang Observatory are all located about a 10–20 min drive away, while Seomjingang Train Village is 25 min from the pension by car. The pension offers a free pickup service to the Jukgok-myeon area that is about a kilometer away from the pension. Moreover, National Road No. 17, which the guests traverse on their way to the pension, is famous for its great scenery.


Sunset (Ilmol) Hanok is located in Waon Village in Suncheon, South Jeolla Province. Its proximity to Waon Beach, a famous site for sunset watching, and the unspoiled tidelands of Suncheonman Bay make the pension a great healing place. An hour-long mountain trail winds through the hills surrounding Waon Village, and a four kilometer-paved road network offers opportunities for jogging or biking. The Sunset Hanok takes the form of a ㄷ-shaped “hanok” with a grass lawn at the center. Stepping into the courtyard brings one to a view of the expansive tideland beyond the tiled clay fence and the mountains surrounding the village. There are three Korean-style floor bedding rooms and a bedroom in the house. Nangman and Haengbok, with traditional “gudeul” floor heating, offer a great view of the scenery and the sunset from the comforts of the rooms. The Sarang and Hwamok rooms use wood-fired heating, which offers great warmth during the winter season. Hwamok, in particular, is spread out between the main building and the “anchae” (inner chamber), combining a bedroom and a wide floor-heated Korean-style room suitable for large groups. All rooms in Sunset Hanok are equipped with a kitchen sink, induction stove, refrigerator, and cooking utensils, and there is also an outdoor barbeque area for guests. These features make the pension highly popular for family travelers.