Hinokijam is a two-story traditional Japanese wooden house accommodation located on Modern Culture and History Street of Gunsan. The guesthouse is unique in that you can experience the modern cultural and history as well as the quiet and still atmosphere of Japan in South Korea. As it is located on Modern Culture and History Street, most guests staying at the guesthouse are travelers without a car. It also offers affordable room rates. There is a total of seven guest rooms in Hinokijam. Since the guest rooms have slightly different structures, you should check the details before confirming the booking. The Kkotnimbang and Sarangbang rooms are big enough for two guests and the Dalnimbang room is big enough for three guests. All of the guest rooms are ondol rooms. Only the Kkotnimbang room has a bathroom outside. The Sarangbang and Dalnimbang rooms have bathrooms inside. The Gureumbang and Byeolnimbang rooms, and the Haneulbang room on the second floor can accommodate four guests. The Haetnimbang room, which is the largest room, can accommodate from four to eight guests. The guest rooms for four people or more have beds and bathrooms. Apart from the Haetnimbang room, all guest rooms have basic room rates for one guest. In the morning, the guesthouse provides simple breakfast with toast and beverages. Gunsan Modern History Museum, Jinpo Marine Park, Dongguksa Temple, Gunsan History Museum, and Teddy Bear Museum are within walking distance from the guesthouse. On Modern Culture and History Street, you can find Leesungdang, the oldest bakery in South Korea, and Jjambbong Street.


Jeong Gwan Ru is the only accommodation on Nami Island, a popular tourist attraction in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do Province. A special treat that you can get in this place is a view of starry night sky and wet fog surrounding the island early in the morning, which you can enjoy in peace after all the day time visitors have left the island. The highlight of this place that many guests enjoy is an early morning walk in the quiet and peaceful Nami Island. Since the hotel is located inside an island, you have to park the car in Gapyeongnaru Parking Lot before you make the way to the accommodation. Once you get off the ferry at Nami Island Wharf, you can arrive conveniently via the shuttle bus waiting at the wharf. Jeong Gwan Ru is largely divided into the main and annex condos. The annex condo stretches along the west riverside of Nami Island. It is a condominium that can accommodate a group of two to ten guests. Unlike the guest rooms in the main area, the guest rooms are self-contained with a kitchen and cooking utensils. Jeong Gwan Ru has a clean zone system that follows strict COVID-19 protocols to ensure safe and pleasant stays for the guests.


Merrymud Hotel is a newly built 2-star hotel with clean facilities. It is right across the street from Daecheon Beach. It is the best accommodation where summer holiday makers visiting Daecheon Beach can enjoy hotel-grade services. All guest rooms come with a private terrace where you can enjoy the sea view from the comfort of your room. There is a total of 44 guest rooms in Merrymud Hotel. There is a wide range of guest rooms to choose from including Superior Double, Superior Twin, Deluxe Twin, Family Suite, and Penthouse. The guest rooms have modern interior designs that feel comfortable. The Family and Suite rooms have a separate living room and a bedroom. The Penthouse room has two bed rooms, two bathrooms, and a living room. All guest rooms are facing the sea, which create a sense of great openness. There also private terraces. Convenience facilities include a cafeteria where they serve breakfast buffet, lunch, dessert and light alcoholic drinks, a cafe where coffee and teas are served and a bakery with freshly baked goods. In addition, there is a rooftop garden where you can hold a banquet and enjoy glow of the setting sun and night sky. As the hotel is new, all the facilities are clean and neat. According to the government guideline on the vaccine pass, the facilities are only open to those who have been fully vaccinated or have a negative PCR test result. The hotel is paying close attention to disinfection and anti-virus measures.

Jeju-do(Seogwipo-si) , Seogwipo

Coogee Holiday is a newly built private pool villa pension located between mandarin fields near Cape Seopjikoji, Seongsan-eup, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do. The pension provides the entire facilities including five guest rooms and an outdoor swimming pool to one team at a time. You can enjoy true privacy here. There are five types of guest rooms in Coogee Holiday. Coogee A Type uses the entire two-story building of Coogee Holiday (250 m2). There is an ondol room and a bathroom on the first floor. On the second floor, there is a bedroom with two queen beds, and two bedrooms with a queen bed and a super single bed each, a living room, and three bathrooms. The basic rate is for eight people, but can accommodate up to 14 guests. Coogee B Type is using the entire second floor of the building. The basic rate is for six guests, but up to seven people can stay. Coogee C Type and Coogee D Type are using a part of the second floor. Coogee E Type is using the entire space on the first floor. A different number of guests can stay depending on the space you book. Inside the guest rooms, there is a shelf full of comic books, PlayStation, a VR console, a washing machine, and a fully-equipped kitchen. The pension also has a variety of facilities that guests can use. Breakfast is served in a cafe-style 80-square-meter space. There is an outdoor swimming pool with supplies such as children’s life vests, water guns, ands swimming tubes. A mini heated pool for young children is also available with an additional fee. A barbecue area and karaoke machines are also available. In the morning, the pension serves breakfast such as seaweed soup, dried pollack soup, toast and salad (the menu changes everyday). You can also participate in a mandarin picking program in the farm owned by the pension, or go fishing on a boat that belongs to the pension. Tourist spots near the pension include Seongsan Ilchulbong Tuff Cone, Honinji Pond, Ilchulland, Cape Seopjikoji, Seongeup Historic Village, and Pyoseon Beach.


Stay Gajin is a pension located on Gajinhaebyeon-gil in Goseong-gun, Gangwon-do, facing the East Sea. Nestled between Gajin Port and Gonghyeonjin 2(i)-ri Beach, all of the nine guest rooms at Stay Gajin are ocean view rooms. A noticeable feature that captures the attention as soon as one walks into the guest room is the full wall window that reveals an open view of the East Sea. Since there are no entertainment facilities or other accommodation facilities around Stay Gajin, you can fall asleep peacefully while listening to the soothing sound of waves. In the morning, you can enjoy the luxury of waking up to the glorious sunrise in the East Sea. There is one guest room on the first floor, and it can accommodate up to four guests. On the second floor, there are four guest rooms, all of which are for two guests only. The fours guest rooms on the third floor which are the most popular guest rooms in Stay Gajin, are two-story rooms. The kitchen and living room are on the first floor, and the second floor is decorated as the bedroom area. The room is basically for two people, but it is big enough for up to four guests. Every guest room has its own kitchen where guests can cook, and a bathtub where they can enjoy lower-body bathing with a view of the sea. There is also a rooftop area reserved for guests and a cafe on the premises for food and beverages. Guests have great access to the nearby beach across the street from Stay Gajin. It is not a popular beach, so it does not attract many visitors; guests can enjoy a quiet outing like a private beach.


Village 736 is a pension hotel located in Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do with six private guest buildings. With Geumhaksan Mountain in the back and the Hongcheongang River in the front, Village 736 boasts a great view with a glimpse of Soeppulbong Peak of Maebongsan Mountain over the Hongcheongang River. There is also an outdoor swimming pool at the center of the premises, which creates an open atmosphere. The private guest buildings are located around the outdoor swimming pool, and the accommodation has wooden decks that create an overall well-organized vibe. Apart from the family guest building, all guest buildings are three-story buildings with a unique design. Upon opening the front door, guests can see a kitchen where they can cook. The buildings have private outdoor decks where guests can relax in the sun by opening the folding door. The living room is on the second floor. Guests can also enjoy hot baths during their stay inside a Hinoki cypress bathtub by the window. Lastly, the bedroom space is on the third floor. It has a great view overlooking the Hongcheongang River. At night, guests can also enjoy stars glistening in the night sky. The family guest building is a one-story building that can accommodate up to 6 guests. It also has a massage chair for relaxation. Each guest building has a private barbecue area. Guests can also order a barbecue set from the hotelier. Village 736 offers complementary brunch, including sandwiches, fruits, salad and coffee, in the cafe building.


Cheongdo Good Spa Kids Pool Villa is an accommodation that features private indoor playgrounds for children and indoor swimming pools. It is a pension type accommodation that offers 27 guest rooms in two three-story buildings. Buildings A and B stand on each side of the entrance. All the guest rooms have a two-story structure with a bathroom and a kitchen. They are designed to accommodate three guests, and even up to six or seven guests. All of the guest rooms except for rooms 302 to 305 in Building A and rooms 305 and 306 in Building B have an indoor jungle gym for kids. The jungle gyms are installed in the living room in front of large windows. Each room also has a spacious swimming pool filled with natural spring water. Only room 302 in Building A has a whirlpool bathtub where you can enjoy home spa instead of a swimming pool. Guests can also enjoy a grill in the private terrace. The self-contained kitchens are fully equipped with kitchen appliances including a refrigerator and a microwave. The pension also offers hotel-quality bedding to make sure the guests rest comfortably. Management also pays a lot of attention to disinfecting and sterilizing the facilities. Common areas shared by all guests include two swimming pools, a rest area, and a cafe, which are all located on the first floor of Building A. The common swimming pool also uses natural spring water, which means you can enjoy a swim comfortably even on cold days. Nearby tourist attractions include Cheongdo Luge, Cheongdo Provence, and Cheongdo Wine Tunnel.


Located at the foot of Kalbongsan Mountain in Gapyeong, BROOK5 is a large-scale pension that offers 20 guest rooms of various types. It is gaining popularity with an outstanding surrounding landscape, modern interior design, and high-end facilities. BROOK5 offers pool villas and kid-friendly rooms as well as standard guest rooms. The guest rooms are available for two guests and four guests, which are ideal for couples and families. There are five pool villas which have private indoor swimming pools, and two kid-friendly rooms equipped with indoor jungle gyms for kids, baby bathtubs, kids tableware, milk bottle sterilizers, and toilet seats for kids. The rest of the guest rooms are standard guest rooms. Some rooms have whirlpool bathtubs where you can enjoy home spa, and some rooms don’t. So make sure to check the details before you finalize your booking. The guest rooms have self-contained kitchens with full kitchenware. Each guest room has a private barbecue room for a greater convenience. The biggest pride of BROOK5 is a heated water pool available all year round. The large 30 by 7 meter swimming pool is open to all guests. There are separate swimming pools for adults and children. Only the swimming pool for adults is available in winter seasons. Next to the swimming pools, there is a two-story cafe that guests can use while having fun in the swimming pools. There is a self-service coffee machine that guests can use. Right next to the swimming pool is the Dumilcheon Stream, which is a great place to swim in summer.


Hanok 1957 is a traditional hanok house repaired and renovated into a guesthouse. The guesthouse boasts the beauty of traditional hanok built with red pine, red clay and straw walls topped with roof tiles. Hanok 1957 has a U-shaped layout that is comprised of nine sections including a main hall (Anchae) and separate quarters (Haengrangchae). There is a total of five guest rooms. All of the rooms are ondol type rooms with a standard guest number of two to three. However, up to four guests can stay in Daemunchae, three guests in Geonneobang, six guests in Sarangbang and six guests in Anbang. Inside the guest rooms, you can feel the beauty of the traditional architecture from the rafters, beams and cabinets inlaid with mother-of-pearl. Each guest room has a private bathroom inside for greater convenience. Although it is not possible to cook inside the guest rooms, the common kitchen is equipped with kitchen appliances such as a refrigerator, a water purifier, a microwave and cooking utensils. The guesthouse is also very accessible as it is located in the city. Seomun Market Station is a 12-minute walk and Daegu Station is a 16-minute walk from the guesthouse. Since it is a guesthouse, the room rates are also very affordable. Nearby attractions include Gyesan Catholic Cathedral, Dalseong Park, Seomun Market, Daegu World Cup Stadium, and Donghwasa Temple. Other popular places include Kim Kwangseok Street, Gukchaebosang Memorial Park, and Duryu Park.

Jeju-do(Jeju-si) , SinJeju

Tilda House is a European-style pension comprised of pretty buildings with orange roofs and stone walls located in Hangyeong-myeon, Jeju-si, Jeju Island. It is a great place to stay with children as the pension has a kids’ cafe and a sand playground. The view of orange-roofed buildings under the blue sky of Jeju seems unusual and new. There is a total of six guest rooms. There are four rooms for up to three guests (four if you have a child), and one room for three guests (four if you have a child). Rooms T4 and T5 can be joined by opening the connecting doors on both sides. It would be a good place to stay for large families. The room has a living room, a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen. In the bedroom, two double beds are placed in parallel, creating enough space for kids as well. The guest room is equipped with a refrigerator, and a washing machine for greater convenience. The room also has kitchen facilities and cooking utensils. The single-family house is large enough for four to five people to stay. It has a living room, two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen. You can enjoy a private barbecue in the front yard. Children can play safely in the indoor kids’ room where there are toys and books, a sand playground, and a grassy field. Because of this, the pension is popular among families with young children. Every morning, breakfast buffet is served in the cafe that only the pension guests can use. The host prepares steamed rice, soup, and fresh side dishes for breakfast. An outdoor barbecue area is available with prior reservation. Places to see near the pension include Jeju Aerospace Museum, Osulloc Tea Museum, Jeju Glass Castle, Spirited Garden, Jungmun Resort. Geumneung Beach and Hyeopjae Beach are 15 minutes away by car.