Bogeumjari is an antique hanok accommodation located in Gangjin Hanok Village. When she was about to retire after 40 years of career, the owner had a dream to return to her hometown and build a house with a large garden. She finished her living at an apartment, prepared the ground, set the frame with woods, and put up the tiled roof. She named the house Bogeumjari (nest) as she wished her daughter who led a busy life in a city with her children can visit the house to take a rest, as well as the travelers who visit Gangjin. The C-shaped hanok has to rooms. One is a floor-heated room that has walls made of cypress, and the heating system is operated by burning woods in the furnace. Another has a separate door that leads to an outdoor upper floor and a pavilion. Sitting on the pavilion in the middle of the garden, you can see the ridge of Wolchulsan Mountain and the greenness green tea field at a glance. On the first day of your visit, you will be served simple tea and fruits. Free breakfast cooked with vegetables from the family garden tastes the flavor of Jeollanam-do.


Gwonjinsadaek House is an accommodation located in Chunyang-myeon, Bonghwa-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, where you can enjoy the quaint atmosphere of an old hanok house. Gwonjinsadaek House is also known as Seongam Historic House named after Seongam Gwon Cheolyeon’s pen name, a scholar of the Joseon dynasty who built the house. The 130-year-old building was originally built in another nearby village, but it was moved to the current location in 1880. Built with Korean red pine (Pinus densiflora), this old hanok house has a grand scale with three indoor spaces: 56-kan main residence (bonchae), 3-kan byeolchae (annex), and 9-kan daemunchae (gatehouse). If you walk inside past the tall gate, the first thing that comes to the eyes is the wide sarangchae (study hall). To the left is a small study room built for students, but it is now called saesarangbang (new study room). There are four guest rooms available at Gwonjinsadaek House. There are two large rooms for five guests each, a medium sized room for four guests, and a small room for two guests. Apart from the largest room, all guest rooms are ondol (floor heated) rooms. Since it is an old hanok house, there are no showers and bathrooms inside the rooms, except in the newly renovated room which has a bathroom inside. No cooking inside guest rooms. Breakfast is available for an extra charge. However, the breakfast service has to be booked in advanced. Nearby are many things to see, including a historic site, old hanok houses, and a fifth-day market. It is also close to East and West Three-story Stone Pagodas in Seodong-ri, Bonghwa (National Treasure), House of Mansan (Important Folklore Cultural Heritage), Samijeong Falls, Gakhwasan Mountain, Guma Valley, and so on. Chunyangjang Market is held on every 4th and 9th of the month.


Koner Residence Hotel is a 8-minute walk from Wando Bus Terminal and a 5-minute drive from Wando Port. The advantage of this accommodation is that the guest rooms are equipped with almost all necessary facilities. The rooms are equipped with an induction cooktop and a microwave that avail simple cooking as well as a washing machine and an air purifier, making guests feel like at home. There are six studio-type rooms that include a bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom: Standard General and Multiple Layer, Deluxe General and Multiple Layer, Suite Multiple Layer and Royal Multiple Layer. The sizes and layout differ by type, but they are all nicely designed with white walls and wooden furniture. Standard General room #206 comes with a super single bunk bed, while the rest of the rooms are equipped with a double bed. The Suite Multiple Layer and Royal Multiple Layer rooms have a soft bean bag in the living room. Koner 179 Cafe & Dessert on the hotel lobby is a coffee shop that serves premium coffee and sweet dessert.


Ramada by Wyndham Gumi is a luxury hotel operated by Wyndham Hotels & Resorts located in downtown Indong-dong, Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do. It is the only hotel in Gumi operated by a global hotel business, and has 213 guest rooms, the largest available in Gumi-si. It is a business hotel frequently used by business travelers for it is close to Gumi National Industrial Complex and KTX Gumi Station. It is also a popular staycation destination for visitors or residents in Gumi as it offers reasonable rates for high-quality services. There are also various promotions available throughout the year. Ramada by Wyndham Gumi has a 14-story building with a parking lot in the basement. It offers 213 guest rooms including 36 suite rooms. The different room types include Standard, Hollywood, Family, Deluxe, Corner Suite, and Business Suite. On the second floor is The Seasons, a restaurant with 80 seats, and four conference rooms which can host business meetings, seminars, and parties. A fitness center and a coin laundromat are located on the third floor. In the lobby on the first floor are a business center, a cafe, and a convenience store. Located on the 14th floor is The Lounge Urban where guests can enjoy cocktails with a view. Ramada by Wyndham Gumi checks visiting guests' body temperature at the hotel entrance and provides hand sanitizers throughout the hotel premises to prevent the spread of COVID-19. In addition, the hotel disinfects and sanitizes all facilities on a regular basis.


Byulgung is a hanok pension complex facing the sea at the northeastern edge of the Taean Peninsula in Chungcheongnam-do. The long row of tiled roofs of the hanok house that has 12 guest rooms looks like a royal palace or a filming site of Korean dramas. Byulgung is a traditional hanok built in the old way by building frames such as rafters, pillars, girders, beams, and floors, and then making walls, roofs, and floors inside the house with a mixture of red clay and straw. Lying on the ondol room would make you feel like you are traveling back in time to the Joseon dynasty. Byulgung has a total of 12 hanok rooms. There are eight two-people rooms, three four-people rooms, and one seven-people room. While most rooms are ondol rooms, the Bobyeonggung and Cheonchinggung rooms have beds. The Geumugung, Cheonheolgung and Inmagung rooms have two-story structures with bed rooms upstairs. The Cheonchinggung, Cheonheolgung, Inmagung and Magalgung rooms have private terraces. Byulgung also offers convenience with indoor bathrooms and self-contained kitchens While preserving the beauty of traditional architecture. The kitchens are equipped with electric rice cookers, refrigerators, and cooking appliances. There is a good range of convenience facilities as well. You can enjoy a cup of tea in Modamjeong, which is a pavilion built inside the pension. The beachside walking trail is also always refreshing to walk on. The outdoor swimming pool right in front of the open sea is a plus. You can also enjoy the stunning view of the sea in the outdoor barbecue area. The beach in front of the pension is s private beach that can be only accessed by guests of Byulgung. You can catch clam and conch on the mudflat revealed at low tide. The pension provides tools for mudflat activities. Nearby tourist spots include Kkujinamugol Beach, which is 3 minutes away by car, and the long sandy Mallipo Beach, which 30 minutes away. Mandaehang Port where there is seafood street is also nearby. Farm Kamille Herb Garden that is famous for herbal teas is also worth a visit.


Stay Hwangryong is a tranquil hanok accommodation where the Hwangryonggang River flows in front. The hanok surrounded by a low stone wall is divided into two sections: Sarangchae and Anchae. The broad yard with flowering trees add more beauty to the landscape. The guest rooms of Stay Hwangryong include Hwangryong, good for six guests, Sarangchae 1 and 2 that are both good for two travelers, and a Maru that is the equivalent of a living room. The modern hanok retains the traditional beauty, while having added the convenience of modern facilities. Bright lightings on the ceiling and glass windows dressed in white curtains that replaced hanji give a more trendy look. Individual heating system per room, WiFi, and air conditioning are provided. The kitchen is equipped with a rice cooker, induction cooktop, and other kitchenware for those who wish to cook during the stay. Each room has a barbecue grill for guests to enjoy. The yard with plentiful sunlight is good for small gatherings, such as family gatherings and birthday parties.


Hotel Kenny Yeosu is a large hotel located a 7-minute drive from Yeosu Expo Station and a 7-minute walk from Yeosu Ferry Terminal. There are various facilities in the hotel, and the top among them is the Share Lounge. It has coin washing machines and dryers deep inside, and low bookshelves and bean bags inside the space. Travelers can have a quiet time of contemplation while reading. Lounge K is a resting area where you can eat takeout foods from good restaurants in Yeosu or converse with your companions. There are as many as 11 types of rooms: Standard Single, Family Twin Ocean, Suite Room and more. All rooms are equipped with the Ace bed, goose down bedding and pillows, which makes guests have a tight sleep in an unfamiliar environment. Standard Single and Standard Single City for one guest are popular among those who travel along or are on a business trip. Outside the window of Standard Twin Ocean and Family Twin Ocean, the lively landscape of Yeosu Port is seen.


Yeonhee Hanok Pension is a hanok accommodation located in Gunseo-myeon, which is surrounded by Wolchulsan National Park like a folding screen. In this guesthouse, you can enjoy the quiet and peaceful atmosphere of hanok. Waking up to the sound of birds chirping, appreciating the sunset in the evening on toenmaru (veranda), and watching the Milky Way on the night sky are special perks that you can enjoy in Yeongam Yeonhee Hanok Pension. There is a total of five guest rooms that boast the beauty of traditional hanok architecture. The ondol studio room where two guests can stay comes with a self-contained kitchen where guests can cook. Although it does not offer much space, it has a bathroom inside the studio for greater convenience. The guest rooms are neat and clean inside. An independent unit that is separate from other guest rooms is large enough for six guests. It has a living room, a bed room, and a bathroom. Like other guest rooms, there is an indoor kitchen, but it is segregated. It was deliberately designed in this way so the smell of food does not get into the living area. Grilling must be done in the outdoor barbecue area. In front of the guest rooms, there sit a green front lawn and a garden. which create a picturesque view together with the hanok house. You can also stay with your pet through a prior consultation with the host. Nearby are Wolchulsan National Park, Dogapsa Temple in Wolchulsan Mountain, Wang In Historic Site, Wolchulsan Gichan Land, Gichanmoet-gil Trail, and Seongyang Reservoir. The accommodation serves as a perfect starting point to explore nearby tourist sites.


Pungsongjae is a hanok accommodation located in New Hanok Village of Gyeongsangbuk-do Provincial Government Complex in Andong, Gyeongsangbuk-do. The owner built the hanok house using Korean red pine from Bonghwa-gun to highlight the beauty of hanok architecture. You can really feel a master craftsmanship in every part of the house, including the double eaves, lofty gate and pillars. Designed with the beauty of traditional hanok architecture in mind, the accommodation also provides convenience with private bathrooms inside the guest rooms. As the hanok house was newly built in 2018, all facilities are clean and pleasant. A wide-open grass lawn greets guests past the front gate, revealing a sightly scene of hanok architecture and a pine grove in the background. As soon as you step inside, you will feel like you are traveling back in time to the Joseon dynasty. There are three guest rooms available at Pungsongjae. Pungsil and Sarangbang are ideal for two people, but the accommodation accepts bookings for a family of four or less. Songsil is a cute little room that is ideal for couples. Pungsil is equipped with an induction stove, a microwave, a rice cooker, an electric kettle and tableware, so the guest can cook inside the room. Cooking is not allowed inside Songsil and Sarangbang. The most noticeable place in Pungsongjae is the quaint attic-like numaru space. The name Pungsongjae was inspired by the space as a house with a spectacular view of a lush pine grove. When you lie down, you can enjoy a picturesque view of the pine grove outside. Pungsongjae is 10 minutes from Hahoe Village, and 15 minutes from Byeongsanseowon Confucian Academy.

Seoul(Jongno-gu) , Insadong・Jongnon

Roomin Bukchon is a hanok accommodation located in a residential area near Bukchon Hanok Village in Gahoe-dong, Seoul. Entering the front gate of the guesthouse, guests are greeted by a hanok house with a small garden in the middle of the front yard and a hanok-style front porch (toenmaru). As Roomin Bukchon is located in a residential area, it is a perfect place for travelers looking for a quiet place to stay and tourists who want to experience life in hanok. Guests can enjoy the entire building to themselves, including the kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom. The 20-square-meter room is cozy enough for two guests. The guesthouse has a self-contained kitchen fully equipped with a Balmuda toaster, an induction stove, kitchenware, basic seasonings, tableware, wine glasses, a refrigerator, and a microwave. There is also a bathroom where guests can shower, and a bedroom installed with a beam projector. Everything in the guesthouse is well thought out for the guests’ convenience. The high-quality mattress and bedding show how much the host cares about the guest experience. Heated eye masks and earplugs are available for deep sleep. Amenities from an aroma therapy brand, a Bluetooth speaker, and drip coffee bags from a popular brand are also provided. In addition, there are washing machine, iron, and foldable outdoor table that guests can use. Around the guesthouse there are many places to visit including Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace, Changgyeonggung Palace, National Folk Museum of Korea, National Palace Museum of Korea, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, and World Jewellery Museum. Many guests take a stroll in Insa-dong Antique Street filled with foodie places and cafes as well as Bukchon Hanok Village.