The Return of the Heavenly Sword A leading cultural performance held by the Korea Tourism Organization at Gimhae International Airport Great fun while waiting for the plane’s departure! Event period: Every Friday in July and August Time of performance: 1:30 pm / 3:30 pm Venue: 2nd floor of the domestic flight terminal I believemany of you are going on a vacation these days with the coming of the vacation season. Many Koreans nowadays travel to a different country or to Jeju Island for their summer vacation. This is why airports are crowded.       I went to Gimhae International Airport last week. While there, I enjoyedCulture is Here!, a cultural event held by the Korea Tourism Organization ^^         Culture is Herewas held at Gimhae International Airport as a culture port event, aiming to provide enjoyment to airport users and local residents. It included an experiential event and a good performance. Most people arrive at the airport earlier than the departure time and wait. This cultural event is held to provide fun and enjoyment so that people who are waiting don’t get bored. It was a great experience for me.       The Return of the Heavenly Sword performance that was held at Gimhae International Airport is based on the motif, Cloud-Splitting Sword, which was used to guard the king during the Joseon Era. The Cloud-Splitting Sword was reborn as the Heavenly Sword, used to ensure safety at the airport. This leading performance of the Korea Tourism Organization is a martial arts performance.          The Return of the Heavenly Sword performance begins with a court dance.     Military officers from across the nation fight in front of the king. The best military officer is presented with the Heavenly Sword, which is used to promote safety in the skies and to protect passengers.      The brilliant martial arts performance by the military officers was interesting to watch. Above all, I believe this was a good performance because its uniquely Korean aspects enhanced understanding of Korea among Koreans as well as foreign visitors at Gimhae International Airport.         The long-anticipated martial arts fight began!             The military officers fought, aiming to be chosen as the best. The performance looked real as if it were an action movie!     The Heavenly Sword is presented to the best military officer who won the fight!    Another reason why this performance was good is that it reflected Gimhae International Airport’s determination to ensure safe flights by promoting safety in the skies and protecting passengers.         airport were more than happy to take pictures with the performance team of the Return of the Heavenly Sword, which is the Korea Airports Corporation’s leading performance. They looked like they were very much enjoying their experience of capturing memories even before their journeybegan ^^       An experiential event was held nearby that invited visitors to try on Joseon Dynasty clothing and accessories. Visitors wore traditional Korean clothing and took pictures with the performance team. The cultural program certainly included diverse elements.      Some visitors were so excited about taking pictures with the performance team that they left their baggage unattended!!     Culture is Here, a cultural event held by the Korea Airports Corporation, takes place at 12 airports across thenation, including Gimhae International Airport. The event provides enjoyment and special memories to airport users! We can now enjoy cultural experiences at airports and be free of boredom while waiting for departure~     After the Return of the Heavenly Sword, a leading performance of the Korea Airports Corporation, the performance team went to the first floor and welcomed people who arrived at the airport.     People enjoyed the event as they arrived :-)  They must have felt like they were given a warm reception.     A foreign visitor who just arrived took pictures of the performance team, and also with the team.     This unique cultural event provides airport users with a fun, enjoyable experience. It is extremely good in that it prevents airport users from becoming bored while waiting for departure and increases their understanding of Korean culture. I believe many people will go to airports as their first stop to their vacation’s destination. I recommend that they check the schedule for the Return of the Heavenly Sword, a leading performance of the Korea Airports Corporation, so that they enjoy a wonderful performance that will remain in their memories and begin their journey in a delightful mood.     Source : http://blog.naver.com/alwayspurelu/220771574012   Korea Airports Corporation​ www.airport.co.kr


  Culture is Here at Gimhae International Airport I saw a cocktail performance, an August event held by the Korea Airports Corporation as a seasonal festival! ≪Cool CoolCocktail Festa≫ Culture is Here is a seasonal festival held by the Korea Airports Corporation at 12 airports across the nation. It is held on a different theme every month. Last month, I watched the Return of the Heavenly Sword performance at Gimhae International Airport and shared my experience with you ^^     In August, a cocktail show was held as a cultural event in Gimhae International Airport’s Domestic Flights Waiting Room on the second floor. It was on the theme, Cool Cool Cocktail Festa!   Twelve airports across the nation use their respective region’s indigenous products to feature a cocktail performance at the airport as well as a non-alcoholic cocktail sampling event that embodies the respective airport’s unique taste.   [Dates on which the event is held at airports around the nation]     Lively music signaled the beginning of the cocktail performance, a seasonal festival held by the Korea Airports Corporation!! I didn’t have high expectations since the event was held at Gimhae International Airport. The two bartenders gave a wonderful performance that exceeded my expectations.     The bartenders gave a cocktail show, moving to the rhythm of exciting music. It was very fun to watch, so much so that I couldn’t move my eyes away from it. It is not easy to watch a cocktail show unless you go to a bar. It was great to enjoy cultural life while waiting for my plane’s departure at the airport!!     I took a video of that exciting moment.   It is a video of the cocktail performance that was held as the Korea Airports Corporation’s seasonal festival. Take a look at the video!! :-) The performers are great!!     The atmosphere was gaining momentum and the bartenders were heading towards the show’s highlight, moving to the rhythm of Psy’s song!!      Many travelers who were waiting for their flight clapped their hands and cheered the bartenders.  Adults and children alike truly enjoyed the cocktail show.     Once the exciting cocktail show came to an end, the bartenders began making a non-alcoholic cocktail drink using an indigenous product from the region!!      Gimhae is well known for raspberry, and this is why the bartenders prepared a raspberry cocktail drink.         The bartender demonstrated more acrobatic movements as the event progressed. The cocktail show almost seemed like a magic show, making it all the more exciting.         The bartender juggled three cocktail bottles. I felt giddy from the show, which was also amazing and great fun. I was fully entranced by the show.     This was the most amazing part of the cocktail show, which was quite like a magic show. I don’t know how the bartender did it!! During the entire time I watched the show, I was amazed by the high-quality performance that was given at the Culture is Here!event organized by the Korea Airports Corporation at GimhaeInternational Airport!  It wasn’t just an ordinary performance~~ It was truly a high-quality performance that travelers fully enjoyed while waiting for their flight!!       While I was engrossed in the show, the bartender completed the non-alcoholic raspberry cocktail drink!!     Enough cocktail was prepared for all travelers there to enjoy. A great number of people enjoyed the beverage.     Travelers watched the cocktail performance at Gimhae International Airport that was held as the Culture is Here!seasonal festival, and gathered to taste the beverage!! You could see there were many travelers.     The cocktail was a non-alcoholic drink that could be enjoyed by adults as well as children. Travelers of various age groups enjoyed the non-alcoholic cocktail drink!!     I also stood in line for a glass^^   Made of raspberry, an indigenous product of Gimhae, the cocktail drink was sweet and delicious! Its color is also pretty, isn’t it?^^ The cocktail performance was held as theAugust seasonal festival of Culture is Here! The Korea Airports Corporation holds Culture is Here!at airports for travelers to enjoy a cultural experience. The performance is great to watch while you are waiting for your flight.  Refer to the schedule table above for a convenient time. Your sense of excitement will double before you go on your journey :-)     Source : http://blog.naver.com/alwayspurelu/220783872652    Korea Airports Corporation www.airport.co.kr

Seoul(Gangseo-gu) , The Western Part of the Seoul

I think there was a lot of waiting time at the airport ~! It is boring and tiring while waiting at the airport even if having excitement for going on a trip, but It was good and helpful spending the waiting time with the variety of cultural events such as performances and experiences at the national airports which are provided by Korea Airport Corporation. The event called "Culture Outing" will be held at 12 different airports nationwide including Kimpo, Gimhae, Jeju, Daegu so on, I went to Gimpo International Airport!           I was searching on online to get some information for the events and I found there was “Cool Cool cocktail show”, “an airport marble”, “a prizewinning event”, and it seems to be showing experiences and performances on a regular basis!         The performance team I met last Friday was a female four-string electronic group called "T.L" that combines beauty and skill. I remember saw the vocals on TV show called “Immortal Songs @불후의 명곡”!  It was amazing that they played the instrument and even dancing lightly while they singing. It was a rare show where I really went !!         I was surprised and proud because there are many foreigners could enjoy their show at the international airport, I think that it is very good to be able to get close to daily cultural life these days. I had time to listen to an electronic keyboard and an electronic violin. It was amazing to hear an a cappella sound from an electronic keyboard.            I also had a passionate performance and then had experience making of a pouch and an eco bag ! I had lots of fun while making them.       The experience of making by hand is very popular in Korea, but I really enjoyed it personally because I like making stuff. And I watched one of girl among steps who draws a picture very well. I knew it she’s a student who majoring art!! She said she can’t draw it well but she has a skill! I think it will be useful when I travel.                   I saw a pamphlet, and there was a curling of the carrier at Gimhae Airport, and I thought it might be a fun and interesting to be a part of one. Instead, Gimpo Airport has a golfing experience. There are several obstacles, but it is easy for children as well as adults. Most children feel boring and having a hard time waiting at airport so the golfing experience would helpful not to be bored when they are waiting.      And the most impressive martial art performance, "Return of the Thousand Swords" It was a traditional but brilliant martial art performance because I only can watch it when I go to Gwanghwamun. How many people have imagined to get into such an amazing performance at the airport?     People who did not expect to see the performances will be think they have a gift ~ It is not easy to see a scene of the historical drama in front of you, but I have experienced a rare experience !!         Everyone applauded and cheered whenever they showed the tumbling. There was also a hanbok experience and photo time after finishing the performance, but there were too many foreign tourists are in line.       The online promotions are being held on different topics every month regarding on Korea Airport Corporation's culture. This month have a hash tag event, It’s about airport fashion. Topic of maple leaves. A nice and beautiful MC kindly explained to me that I can find out the events on the official blog of Korea Airport Corporation. I’m planning on to travel in December, and I hope I can enjoy the performance and all different kind of experience again at the airport!.   Source : http://blog.naver.com/apffhs12?Redirect=Log&logNo=220841437614 Korea Airports Corporation​ www.airport.co.kr


I would like to introduce you to the "Culture Out" event that I got into at Gimhae airport a few days ago :) I was surprised at the rehearsal, but when I saw the actual performance, I was surprised by the culture. There was an electronic string "Raffine" performance.                 It was beautiful harmony of the electronic musical instrument with the string instrument. It is the second time that I have seen the event of “culture out”at Korea Airport Corporation. Actually, when I looked at the brochure, There are offering special continuous events for our customers not only at Gimhae airport but also at various airports !! I would have liked to see it when I was traveling to Japan a while ago. Next time I want to let foreign friends come to Korea and experience it ^ ^           At the airport there were many times when I was tired and bored waiting flight time, but there is no time to get bored cause of the various experiences and performances are offered from the Airport.     I think it will be a great gift for those who have gone on a trip or have come out! It was like a little concert that the audience applauded, followed up and enjoyed together. Also It was more fun because that both everyone could related from singing to singing. I have a special concert with electronic string which is all the audience could enjoy together. +_+            Many people took pictures and left the comments of performances today on their SNS ~ +_+  Today 's performance to be remembered by many people ~ It would be great to see "Culture Out" at other airports!     On the pamphlet, many fun experiences are managed for carrier curling, DIY eco bag, and making pouch at Gimhae International Airport. Besides, there are various kinds of experiences such as throwing darts, large jenga, stack junior at all of Airport in Korea! In addition, all these performances and experiences are free of charge! Do you even want to come to the airport when you get bored?       After the performance, I went to the backstage I was able to see children enjoying making pouches.   +_+           I also painted a picture of giraffe and made a pretty pouch. :) And a special experience that you can only enjoy at the airport! It's "carrier curling"! The waiting line was also really long, but it was the most popular experience.           It is a special game that utilizes carriers that are common in airports. I was a little shy when I came out alone because everyone with their friends and family doing all together, but I couldn’t wait to play it because I saw people pushing carriers and it seems very fun to me!. If you go inside the red circle, you will be given a lot of prizes too! So you definitely should try!         There was also good looking guide who from the event of the Korea Airport Corporation. Every time the children did it, you can see his kindness.  It is a play that everyone can enjoy!     Many people were enjoying carrier curling and making eco-back pouches. + _ + He said he was going to hold a various events this August, September, November and December In December, we will be enjoying prizes events and mime performances in the month of customer appreciation! I look forward to more.   Source : http://blog.naver.com/yourh0use_?Redirect=Log&logNo=220801041725 Korea Airports Corporation​ www.airport.co.kr


The major gateway to the Honam area, Gwangju Airport is located about 5.8 kilometers to the west of Gwangju City Hall. The Gwangju Airfield was built in Hak-dong, Gwangju on November 16, 1948, and the first private aircraft (a DC-3) was operated there on February 10, 1949. The airport was moved to its current location on January 10, 1964, after which passenger services like the passenger terminal and taxiway were constructed. Since the 1990s, the airport has been operated by the Korea Airports Corporation and now consists of a passenger terminal, a freight terminal, a runway, a taxiway, a parking ramp, and parking facilities with space for up to 933 cars.