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Korea Airport Corporation, “The culture has met!” from Gimpo International Airport, 한국공항공사 김포국제공항에서 만난 문화가떴다

38, Haneul-gil, Gangseo-gu, Seoul (서울특별시 강서구 하늘길 38)

I think there was a lot of waiting time at the airport ~!
It is boring and tiring while waiting at the airport even if having excitement for going on a trip, but It was good and helpful spending the waiting time with the variety of cultural events such as performances and experiences at the national airports which are provided by Korea Airport Corporation.

The event called "Culture Outing" will be held at 12 different airports nationwide including Kimpo, Gimhae, Jeju, Daegu so on,
I went to Gimpo International Airport!






I was searching on online to get some information for the events and I found there was “Cool Cool cocktail show”, “an airport marble”, “a prizewinning event”, and it seems to be showing experiences and performances on a regular basis!





The performance team I met last Friday was a female four-string electronic group called "T.L" that combines beauty and skill.

I remember saw the vocals on TV show called “Immortal Songs @불후의 명곡”! 
It was amazing that they played the instrument and even dancing lightly while they singing.
It was a rare show where I really went !!





I was surprised and proud because there are many foreigners could enjoy their show at the international airport, I think that it is very good to be able to get close to daily cultural life these days.

I had time to listen to an electronic keyboard and an electronic violin. It was amazing to hear an a cappella sound from an electronic keyboard. 





I also had a passionate performance and then had experience making of a pouch and an eco bag ! I had lots of fun while making them.




The experience of making by hand is very popular in Korea, but I really enjoyed it personally because I like making stuff.

And I watched one of girl among steps who draws a picture very well. I knew it she’s a student who majoring art!! She said she can’t draw it well but she has a skill!

I think it will be useful when I travel.









I saw a pamphlet, and there was a curling of the carrier at Gimhae Airport, and I thought it might be a fun and interesting to be a part of one.

Instead, Gimpo Airport has a golfing experience. There are several obstacles, but it is easy for children as well as adults.
Most children feel boring and having a hard time waiting at airport so the golfing experience would helpful not to be bored when they are waiting. 



And the most impressive martial art performance, "Return of the Thousand Swords" It was a traditional but brilliant martial art performance because I only can watch it when I go to Gwanghwamun. How many people have imagined to get into such an amazing performance at the airport?



People who did not expect to see the performances will be think they have a gift ~

It is not easy to see a scene of the historical drama in front of you, but I have experienced a rare experience !!




Everyone applauded and cheered whenever they showed the tumbling.

There was also a hanbok experience and photo time after finishing the performance, but there were too many foreign tourists are in line.



The online promotions are being held on different topics every month regarding on Korea Airport Corporation's culture. This month have a hash tag event, It’s about airport fashion. Topic of maple leaves.

A nice and beautiful MC kindly explained to me that I can find out the events on the official blog of Korea Airport Corporation. I’m planning on to travel in December, and I hope I can enjoy the performance and all different kind of experience again at the airport!.


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Korea Airports Corporation​

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38, Haneul-gil, Gangseo-gu, Seoul

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  • Subway Line 9 Gimpo Int'l Airport (김포공항)- 434.2m
  • Subway Line A Gimpo Int'l Airport (김포공항)- 434.2m
  • Subway Line 5 Gimpo Int'l Airport (김포공항)- 434.2m


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