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Seoul(Jung-gu) , Myeongdong

Shinsegae Duty Free Myeong-DongMake shopping a highlight of your exciting tour of Seoul Standing at the heart of Korea’s fashion capital and located near popular tourist destinations as Namdaemun Market and N Seoul Tower, the Myeong-Dong branch of Shinsegae Duty Free offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy some shopping and tourism at the same time. Opened in May 2016, the Shinsegae Duty Free Store in Myeong-dong offers culture, tourism, and shopping on the 8-12 floors of the main branch of Shinsegae Department Store. The shops sell famous international brands as well as top Korean brands for a global shopping experience. The store is located nearby popular tourist attractions N Seoul Tower and Namdaemun Traditional Market, making it easy to enjoy tourism and shopping in one location.


Missha's products are made with natural plant extracts that have passed a rigorous control procedure. Extracts of Pleuropterus multflorus, Portulaca oleracea, and Morus alba L. will keep your skin smooth and moisturized for a long time due to their superior purification and moisturizing effects. The quality of Missha's products is proven via allergy tests and strict product evaluations conducted by cosmetic enthusiasts having professional knowledge of cosmetics.

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Seoul(Jung-gu) , Myeongdong

Etude House has five branch stores in Myeong-dong. It focuses on trendy cosmetic products. Its first floor boasts over 760 individual items while the second floor consists of the Dollhouse Gallery and the attic in which the entertainment star, Song Hye Gyo shot a commercial. The third floor offers a gallery full of creative works by artists. Etude House is a favorite store among international tourists. 

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Incheon(Namdong-gu) , Incheon Center

Entas Duty Free opened as Incheon’s representative duty free shop, starting from the Incheon Port Brand in July 2014. The duty free shop offers shopping, culture, and food at one spot to serve tourists with special services and a convenient duty free shopping environment, opening another branch in Incheon Airport on September 1, 2014. Various promotional events and sales are held throughout the year to give more joy to visitors' shopping time. Description of Products Offered  Watches, jewelry, cosmetics, perfume, fashion items, sunglasses, Korean brands (bags, cosmetics, etc.), alcohol, cigarettes, etc. Operating Hours  10:00-20:00 Closed  N/A (Open all year round) Store Information  15F COSMETICS & PERFUME 14F K-COSMETICS / K-BAGS / LIQUOR & TOBACCO 13F WATCHES & JEWELERY / ACCESSORIES 12F FASHION & SUNGLASSES / JEWELERY 11F K-PRODUCTS  Parking Facilities  Available Available Brands  * Refer to the official website. Restrooms  Available Assistance for Foreigners  Chinese Credit Cards  Accepted Baby Stroller Rental Services  Available

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Seoul(Jung-gu) , Myeongdong

Sogong-dong Underground Shopping Center #65 'Sujengsa' makes accessories through natural crystal which is called 'jasujeong' or 'chimsujeong'. It was mentioned in more than ten Japanese magazines and gained a lot of popularity among Japanese people. The accessories are picked and made individually to match with customers personalities and taste.       Popular Items                              

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Seoul(Jung-gu) , Myeongdong

TONYMOLY means “a place to put style into packaging,” and is a beauty product brand. Located in a crowded shopping district, the Myeong-dong No.1 branch is frequently visited by local and foreign customers. English, Japanese and Chinese services are available.

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Seoul(Mapo-gu) , Hongik-University-Area

KT&G Sangsangmadang Design Square is an all-purpose cultural space that hosts movies, performances, exhibitions, special classes, and various other programs.Located on the 1st floor of the KT&G Sangsangmadang Building Design Square is a sales and exhibition area offering a range of unusual and creative items that are as much pieces of art as they are products. Recently, the Design Square has become a popular souvenir shop among international visitors. Pencils, business card holders, diaries and notebooks are some of the top selling items.

Seoul(Jongno-gu) , Insadong・Jongnon

The National Souvenir Center is a duty free shopping complex that sells Korean souvenirs, including crafts, pottery, lacquerware inlaid with mother-of-pearl, traditional food items, and Korean celebrity memorabilia. Visitors can expect to find items that are made by renowned local artists as well as of cultural and historical significance.

Seoul(Jung-gu) , Myeongdong

The main branch of Shinsegae Department Store currently stands where Korea's first department store, the Japanese Misreukkosi Department Store, used to be in the 1930s. After undergoing remodeling in 2007, it reopened as a luxury hall, featuring diverse brands ranging from the top three international luxury brands to new designer brands. Meanwhile, Trinity Garden and the art gallery at the department store provide a cultural space that promotes a new lifestyle combining shopping and arts. In addition, its location in central Seoul offers plentiful sightseeing opportunities with easy access to such tourist attractions as Namsan Mountain and Namdaemun Market.       The flagship store in Myeong-dong is the pride of Shinsegae. Located in the heart of Seoul, where tradition meets modernity, the Main Store is a luxurious premium shopping venue. The Main Store consists of the ‘main building’, which is a premium and the very first department store of Korea, and the ‘new building’, an urban style department store. *For purchases of KRW 30,000 or more you can have the VAT tax refunded which typically amounts to 7%-8% (some fresh food items excluded). *English/ Japanese/ Chinese interpretation services available       SHINSEGAE FAQ *How do I get a tax refund? When you make a purchase over KRW 30,000, you can get approx. 3 ~ 9% of the tax refunded at your departure from the country. For details, see the (Tax Refund Info.). *I have a Shinsegae Coupon for foreigners. How do I use this? Take your coupon to the concierge or information desk of your nearest Shinsegae store to receive the benefits of the coupon. *Are products of famous premium brands sold in department stores the same as those in duty free shops? Some are the same. Department stores mostly focus on the new arrivals. So, some of the new products can only be found in department stores. *I heard that if I buy jewelry in a department store, I can get a bigger tax refund. How much would it be? For purchases over KRW 2,200,001, you can get at least 8% to as much as 24.8% of the tax refunded. Please inquire at the brand shop for details. *Where can I use the Shinsegae gift cards? In addition to Shinsegae stores, you can use Shinsegae gift cards as cash in E-mart, Starbucks, Westin Chosun Hotel and Chelsea Outlet. For making payments, you can use Shinsegae gift cards together with credit card or cash. When 60% or more of the face value of the gift card (80% or more for KRW 10,000 card) is used, the balance is returned to you in Korean won. *Where should I go when I have questions while in the store? Please go to the information desk or concierge or call the 023101601/1004 for assistance in English, Japanese or Chinese Language. *When I don’t like a purchase afterwards, can I have it exchanged or refunded? An exchange or refund is possible within 7 days from the date of purchase except some brands. Bring the product and receipt to the store of purchase for an exchange or refund. Please note that an exchange or refund is not possible for repaired or damaged products. *When are the stores closed? What are the service hours? Each Shinsegae Department Store is closed once a month. The closing day varies from store to store and is different each month. Also, service hours may vary depending upon the store. In general, stores are open during weekdays from 10:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, open hours are from 10:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. For details, please check the shopping hours per store.


Shinsegae Duty Free is located in the Annex of Paradise Hotel - Haeundae Branch. Its spacious shopping facilities carry overseas designer brands and domestic products. The shop also offers a wide array of events such as special discount events and free gifts with purchase for tourists.