Seoul(Jung-gu) , Myeongdong

Opened in November 2003, Lotte Young Plaza was the first shopping mall in Korea devoted to casual wear for young people. The mall offers diverse brands as well as a variety of items from accessories to youth casual wear and women's casual wear. Its unique interior designs, convenient location, and top-notch services make this mall a popular shopping destination among both Koreans and international visitors.

Seoul(Yongsan-gu) , Namdaemun・Seoul-Station

Lotte Outlet - Seoul Station Branch offers more than 140 famous brands at reasonable prices. Connected to Seoul's major transportation hub - Seoul Station, the outlet provides a convenient shopping experience in the heart of Seoul.  

Seoul(Gangnam-gu) , Sinsadong・Garosu-gil

Gentle Monster is Korea’s eyewear brand, which has been a viral sensation through collaborations with K-Wave celebrities. Gentle Monster’s flagship store, which is located in Sinsa District’s boulevard. The store has a white-tone exterior, which gives it a clean look/feel. It has a fairly large size entrance. Its first floor has a wide/open space, which looks quite captivating from outside. The concept of the store is, “house and healing,” and show rooms on each floors are designed to feel comfortable and is full of individuality/personality. The first and the second floors displays different varieties of eyeglasses collections, the third floor is a  showroom that is designed to feel like you are in a luxurious bathroom. 4th and 5th floors are designed to be spaces for café/lounge, where people can take off after lounging/resting. In a recent collaboration with the actress, Gong Hyo-jin, the company presented the, “TYPE,” sunglasses. The actress then wore the, “TYPE,” sunglasses herself, in the Korean drama that starred her, called, <Jealousy Incarnate>.  

Seoul(Gangnam-gu) , Gangnam・Samseongdong(COEX)

Art Box is a popular Korean stationery brand with over 120 branches in Korea and more than 40 branches overseas. It offers a fascinating array of character and gift items with unique designs. It is a wildly popular shop among international visitors to the COEX Mall.


A-LAND offers unique, creative products by young designers. Each of its floors consist of diverse products ranging from vintage style clothing to shoes, accessories, and daily use items. The fourth floor is notable for a wide variety of used products.  

Seoul(Yeongdeungpo-gu) , Yeouido・Yeongdeungpo・Mapo

The E-Mart at Yeongdeungpo is the 124th E-mart in Korea and the largest E-mart in the southwest area of Seoul. This spacious store offers high-quality services as well as a large, spacious parking lot. The E-mart at Yeongdeungpo also houses the sports brand shop, The Sports Bigten (over 1,650㎡), offering consultation services on golf, tennis, bikes, and other sports items. E-Mart is organized in themed sections for wines (one of the largest wine shops in Korea), health supplements, imported utensils, DSLR cameras and more. Located in Times Square (one of the largest shopping malls in Korea), E-Mart is close to shopping and entertainment hotspots such as CGV (Movie), Kyobo Bookstore, Fitness Center, Theme Cultural Space, Shinsegae Department Store, and a variety of chic restaurants.

Incheon(Namdong-gu) , Incheon Center

Entas Duty Free opened as Incheon’s representative duty free shop, starting from the Incheon Port Brand in July 2014. The duty free shop offers shopping, culture, and food at one spot to serve tourists with special services and a convenient duty free shopping environment, opening another branch in Incheon Airport on September 1, 2014. Various promotional events and sales are held throughout the year to give more joy to visitors' shopping time. Description of Products Offered  Watches, jewelry, cosmetics, perfume, fashion items, sunglasses, Korean brands (bags, cosmetics, etc.), alcohol, cigarettes, etc. Operating Hours  10:00-20:00 Closed  N/A (Open all year round) Store Information  15F COSMETICS & PERFUME 14F K-COSMETICS / K-BAGS / LIQUOR & TOBACCO 13F WATCHES & JEWELERY / ACCESSORIES 12F FASHION & SUNGLASSES / JEWELERY 11F K-PRODUCTS  Parking Facilities  Available Available Brands  * Refer to the official website. Restrooms  Available Assistance for Foreigners  Chinese Credit Cards  Accepted Baby Stroller Rental Services  Available

Seoul(Jongno-gu) , Insadong・Jongnon

There is an enormous selection of wholesalers and retail jewelry stores in this district, spread throughout Jongno 3(sam)-ga and 4(sa)-ga. The glittering showcases here are especially popular amongst couples and foreign tourists looking to find fine jewelry at affordable prices. Stores in the jewelry district have a selection of designs that are extraordinarily diverse and prices that are 30 to 40% lower than at other jewelry outlets in Korea. - A fabulous selection at wholesale prices The Jongno 3(sam)-ga Jewelry District is located in Jongno, with shops flooding the alleyways all along the main street and stretching for a length of one kilometer. The area holds a total of over 1,000 jewelry stores, some 300 design and manufacturing stores, and 20 licensed evaluators. The Jongno 3(sam)-ga Jewelry District originated in Yeji-dong of Jongno 4(sa)-ga, then expanded to include Bongik-dong near the Danseongsa Theater at Jongno 3(sam)-ga. As the district grew, retail jewelry stores both large and small populated both sides of the main street from Jonggak to Jongno 5(oh)-ga. Most of the stores in Yeji-dong deal in watches and gemstones, giving the area the name Watch Alley. The back alleys of Bongik-dong and Yeji-dong are mostly filled with wholesalers whose clients consist of brokers and jewelers from around the country. Retail sales are possible at these shops, but some of them might hesitate to deal in small quantities. The larger stores along Jong-ro literally glitter with dozens of flashy showcases presenting a great selection of jewelry and other precious metals. Prices are already discounted to begin with, but you may be able to bargain even further. Stores in this district are affiliated with setting factories, so if you have a special design in mind, you can probably get it custom ordered. Thus, if you go in with a brand name jewelry brochure, they will most likely be able to make a similar looking item or even customize it to your preferences. In addition to its grand variety of diamonds, rubies, domestic amethysts, and almost any precious stone you can imagine, gold is also available in 14k, 18k and 24k yellow or white, as well as in platinum. Watches are often discounted at 50-60% off the retail price, and of course this is the very best place to buy fancy wedding jewelry at amazingly low prices. We suggest, however, that you take your time and look around, because prices, not to mention their inventory, will vary significantly from shop to shop. As soon as a new brochure is published by an international brand such as Cartier, TIFFANY or BVLGARI, near-identical designs appear in these stores almost immediately. Furthermore, this area has recently become the home of accessories for famous Korean entertainers. Companies in the district will consult with coordinators, then design and manufacture items, and lend them to stars for them to wear. When entertainers wear this jewelry on television, the coverage serves to promote these designs. Examples of designs that have attracted a lot of attention previously, include Lee Seung-yeon’s earrings, Jeon Ji-hyeon’s necklace, Moon Hee-jun’s necklace, Lee Yeong-ae’s earrings, and much more. Nowadays, many foreign tourists, especially Japanese tourists, make the trip to the Jongno 3(sam)-ga Jewelry District, as prices here are much cheaper than in their home countries. The Jewelry District is conveniently located at the center of Seoul’s major palaces and near the downtown areas. Of these, the closest tourist areas include Myeong-dong, downtown Jong-ro, Dongdaemun Market, and Namdaeumun Market.

Seoul(Jung-gu) , Myeongdong

The Face Shop offers quality roducts with reasonable prices. Products are tailored to the needs of diverse age groups. In particular, its branch in Myeong-dong sells products that fit international tourists. Foreign language services are also available.

Seoul(Gangnam-gu) , Gangnam・Samseongdong(COEX)

E-mart is a discount supermarket operated by Shinsegae, a department store franchise. E-mart Yeoksam, located in a quiet, upscale residential area of Gangnam-gu, sells a wide variety of high quality products on two basement levels. There also separate stores such as a florist, a photo studio, an optician, and a coffee shop that provide varied commodities to make one-stop shopping possible and more pleasant. Moreover, E-mart Yeoksam is situated within minutes of Seolleung, a Joseon Dynasty royal tomb that has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage, as well as Bongeunsa Temple.