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SeoulLand Amusement Park Daily Pass Discount Ticket


  • +82-2-504-0011~6
  • 4.8/5
181, Gwangmyeong-ro, Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do (경기도 과천시 광명로 181 서울랜드)

Min 17USD ~
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SeoulLand is Korea’s first theme park, with a beautiful scenery surrounded by Mt. Cheonggyesan. SeoulLand has an area called 'World Square' where one can glimpse traditional architecture and folk items from all over the world. You can view the traditional Korea at Samcheonri Hill, the western frontier at Model Land, and Fantasy Land. There are five theme based areas that make up Seoul Land. Seoul Land has up to 40 rollercoasters such as Space Cruise, Black Hole 2000, Galaxy Train, Rapid Current Ride, Magic Carpet, as well as Adventure Theater, Movie Theater, Story Land, and many more.




The pride of SeoulLand is its wide selection of seasonal festivals and the unique Laser Show held during the evening. Seoul Grand Park is situated on a very large field and holds various festivals for each season of the year. The Tulip Festival is held from April to May; the Starlight Rose Festival from July to August; the Chrysanthemum Festival from September to October; and the Snow Light Festival from December to February.

SeoulLand is a popular destination as it also contains Seoul Grand Park, Forest Bath Resort, National Modern Art Center and other great attractions nearby, it is a popular destination.







Reenactment of sudden Attack, the best on-line shooting game!


* Available for everyone

* Operating hours: 15 minutes per a game for maximum 12 people (6 people * 2 teams)/ \ 5,000


King Viking [Available for children over 110cm]

An adventure on a giant pirate shipinformation

* Only available for children under 80 ~ 130 cm.


Flume Ride [Available for children over 80cm]

The thni of the steep slope and fun as we experience passing thru fals and vibrant watersinformation

* Facility does not operate during the wintertime

* Children under 80~110cm must be accompanied by a guardian.


Kartrider Bumper [Available for children over 100cm]

Drive yourself buggy as you bump into others-thrilling-battle to the bestinformation

* Children under 100~130 cm must be accompanied by a guardian.


Larva Twister [Available for children over 100cm]

A windy trapeze sails through the airinformation

* Children under 100~110cm must be accompanied by a guardian.


Black Hole 2000 [Available for children over 120cm]

Tumble, twist and turn on this exciting ride.

This coaster is one crazy invention sure to delightinformation

* Available for people taller than 120cm


Sky X [Available for children over 120cm]

A 50m free fall from a cable!information

* Available for people above 120cm

* Price: ₩ 15,000 /1 person, ₩20,000/ 2 persons, ₩ 25,000/ 3 persons



Cafe with delicious waffle


* Menu: coffee, tea, juice, bingsu, waffle, and etc 


Lotteria 2

Fast food


* Menu: hamburger, fried chicken, ice cream, coffee, drinks, etc 


Dunkin Donuts

Cafe with various coffee and donut menus


*Menu: various donuts, coffee, hot chocolate, juice, and etc 



Garden Delicious meals enjoyed outdoors! Barbeque, bibimbap, noodles and more!!


* Menu: barbeque, Bibimbob, and etc 


Kids Palace

Family style restaurant where kids also like


* Menu : Tonkatsu, udon, Jajangmyeon noodles, Ddeokgalbi, Ddokbokki and etc  


Rose Hill restaurant

An authentic Korea food resaturant featuring high class korean cuisine


* Menu : Kalbi, Sirloin barbeque, shabu-shabu, naengmyeon (cold noodles), Kalbi soup, and etc  



Korean restaurant in a traditional Korean house


* Menu: gukbap, seafood and vegetable jeon, janchi noodles, traditional alcohol, and etc



The East Gate Information Center / Group Guidance Office

All information and inquiries for group visitors

Location :  Front of Seoulland East Gate






Utilization information

・Maximum Occupancy : 50,000 guests per day

・Information : • 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-2-509-6000 (Korean, English, Japanese)

・Parking Facilities : The east gate parking lot
(Follow the road along the entrance to Seoul Land and the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art)

・Operating Hours : Varies depending on the season, please check to confirm the hours fromt he official website before your visit.

Admission Fees

- Day-time
Adult 20,000 won / Youth 17,000 won / Children 15,000 won
- Night-time
Adult 18,000 won / Youth 15,000 won / Children 13,000 won
※ Free admission is allowed to infants under 36 months. Please bring a valid ID or valid documents for verification.

[One day pass]
- Day-time
Adult 36,000 won / Youth 32,000 won / Children 29,000 won
- Night-time
Adult 30,000 won / Youth 26,000 won / Children 23,000 won
※ Admission + unlimited free use of all attractions (except experiential facilities/coin facilities/special exhibitions/ special performances)

[One-day pass after purchasing admission]
- Day-time
Adult 16,000 won / Youth 15,000 won / Children 14,000 won
- Night-time
Adult 12,000 won / Youth 11,000 won / Children 10,000 won
※ After admission to Seoulland, purchase the ticket at a ticket booth inside of Seoulland.
※ Available facilities: unlimited free use of all attractions (admission fee is not included.)

- Adult (ages 19-64), Youth (ages 13-18), Children (ages 3-12)
- Children's fare is applicable to adults over 65. Please present a valid ID.
- Free admission is allowed to infants under 36 months. Please bring a valid ID.
- Fares for experiential facilities, coin facilities, special exhibitions, performances and seasonal facilities include a seperate fee
- Night-time fare is applicable after 16:00.
- Listed information here is subject to change without notice, please find details at the official website before making visit.
- The fees are subject to change depending on the season, please check the official website to confirm.

Facilities for the Handicapped

Free wheelchair rentals (Inside the building opposite the central information center/In the basement of the Black Hole 2000 building)

Available Facilities

Rides, outdoor swimming pool (summer), snow sledding (winter)
* Other facilities: Consulting room for group visitors and one-year memberships, main information center, first aid room, nurseries, baby stroller rental, storage lockers, restaurants, ATM, children’s rest area

Facility Utilization Fees

Elephant Train (코끼리열차) circulates through Seoul Land,
Seoul Grand Park and National Museum of Contemporary Art.
Operating hours: 09:00 until Seoul Land closing times
Fees: Adult 800 won / Youth 600 won / Children 500 won

* Note
- The hours and fees are subject to change depending on the season, please check the official website to confirm. 


Product Normal Price Trippse Price
Seoulland One Day Pass Tickets 38 USD 17 USD
Seoulland One Day Pass Tickets(Including sled area) 38 USD 17 USD

Min17USD~ Book Now



Seoul Grand Park Station (Seoul Subway Line 4), Exit 2.
For more detailed view on the map, click here.

181, Gwangmyeong-ro, Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do


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