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21th DongGang International Photo Festival 2023 제21회 동강국제사진제

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1909-10, Yeongwol-ro, Yeongwol-gun, Gangwon-do (강원도 영월군 영월읍 영월로 1909-10)

21th DongGang International Photo Festival 2023 

The Magical Unknowns

We cordially invite you to submit your creative work to the prestigious 21st DongGang International Photo Festival, taking place from July 21st to September 24th, 2023, in the picturesque Yeongwol, Korea.

▲ DongGang International Photo Festival 2022

Curiosity, the desire to explore the unknown, is an inherent human need. The unknown may encompass not only what is completely unfamiliar but also what is presently disregarded or avoided. Often, uncharted territories have had the most profound impact on human history, whether previously unknown, unimagined, or simply neglected.
The unknown need not be solely enigmatic or sacred. Whatever it may be, it holds its own irreplaceable magic. Those who are receptive to the unknown have the privilege of unlocking its mysteries and experiencing its wonder. Venturing into the unknown can be an extremely liberating and world-changing experience. What stories and secrets do the countless mysteries of the world hold? How will these magnificent narratives unfold? The sheer thrill of the hidden secrets and magic within the seemingly mundane and trivial can be utterly exhilarating!

Individuals and collectives are welcome to apply;
individuals should submit between 8 - 12 photographs from a particular series or body of work.

Selected 15 - 20 artists including ‘Artist of the year’ (individual artist or 1 team of winner) will benefit from:
A-year-long exhibition that exposures at the DIPF Festival - inclusion in art magazine, any related press (long term festival representation and promotion on official website, publications, catalog that being seen by a substantial number of visual arts professionals and the media) where the works viewed by an international panel of influential experts in the field of photography

* 'Artist of the year' - solo exhibition at DIPF (production - printing, framing or related presentation material will be provided) and eligible for travel and accommodation to attend the opening.


Objectives DongGang International Photo Festival aims to feature a quality selection of photography projects from around the world. DIPF’s open call is devoted to offering a platform and supporting photography, showcasing photography and related media from emerging and established artists.

The selected photographs will be presented to DongGang International Photo Festival in DongGang in main exhibition space, outdoor space and screening at the opening ceremony.

The Main Program of 21th DongGang International Photo Festival will be held from Jul. 21st to Sep. 24th, 2023

Eligibility_Submission to DongGang International Photo Festival 2023 is open to artist from around the world.

Entry Deadline_Submissions must be made before May 29th, 2023, 23.59 hrs. There is no entry fee for submissions.



   : Submissions must Include below
   Photography works : 8 - 12 images, 4000 pixel (on the longside), jpeg file or tiff file
   Name (full name)
   Mobile/Phone Number
   Email Address
   Postal Address
   A concise one-page CV or a short biography
   Artist’s Statement (a short write up about the body of work)
: How to Enter
   Email : or
   Any incomplete submissions will be rejected.
* Receipt Confirmation_Upon receipt, an email confirmation will be sent to the email specified in the submission.



Selection_All submissions will be reviewed and evaluated by the curatorial team of the Festival.
Status Notification_All selected artists will be notified by email of their submission status by 2nd, June 2023
Exhibition_21th DongGang International Photo Festival will collect the digital files from selected artists and the production will be provided for the exhibitions.
Publicity_The selected projects will be presented on the Festival’s website and be part of the Festival’s promotional campaign in print and online media, increase awareness of the selected works in the photography community.

* Schedule is subject to change with prior notice.

▲ Donggang River Photography Museum

Utilization information

・Admission Fees : Admission/Participation Fees Individuals: Adults 3,000 won / Teenagers 1,500 won / Children 1,000 won Groups (20 people or more): Adults 2,000 won / Teenagers 1,000 won / Children 800 won * Free admission: Preschoolers, senior citizens (ages 65 & older)

・Operating Hours : 2023.07.21 - 2023.09.24 / 09:00-18:00


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