Haha & Kim Jong-guk's 401 BBQ Restaurant

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Alright, 'Running Man' buffs and culinary adventurers! Nestled in the vibrant heart of Hongdae lies a unique dining gem: the '401 BBQ Restaurant'. A collaborative venture between Haha and Kim Jong Kook, two towering figures from the legendary show 'Running Man', this spot has rapidly ascended as not just one of Hongdae's must-visit eateries, but a pulsating hub of the Korean entertainment world. One glance at the throng of eager diners queuing outside, and you'll know this isn't just any BBQ joint.

Upon stepping inside, you're immediately immersed in a world that feels part restaurant, part Hall of Fame. The walls come alive with a tapestry of photographs, spotlighting cherished moments from 'Running Man', candid captures of Haha and Kim Jong Kook, and—here's the show-stealer—snaps of a myriad of South Korean celebrities and idols. Indeed, it's become somewhat of an open secret in the entertainment circuit: the '401 BBQ Restaurant' is the place to be. From rising K-pop stars to established actors, many have graced this venue, adding to its allure.

But let's not forget the main event: the food. The signature BBQ set is a masterclass in meat. Curated cuts like the sumptuous ohgyupsal, hearty moksal, and luxurious hangjeongsal take center stage, and diners can tailor their orders to match their party size. Elevate the experience by pairing the succulent grilled meats with the in-house fermented anchovy sauce and a special blend, creating a symphony of flavors. And for a harmonious endnote, the Chadol soybean soup is an absolute must.

In essence, the '401 BBQ Restaurant' offers an experience like no other: a tantalizing blend of top-tier Korean BBQ, a brush with the glitz and glamour of the South Korean entertainment scene, and the warm embrace of 'Running Man's charm. Whether you're a die-hard fan of the series, a food aficionado, or simply eager to rub shoulders with celebrities and idols, this establishment rolls out the red carpet for all. Dive deep into a fusion of gourmet delight and star-studded enchantment! Don't just hear about it—be part of the story. >>>> MORE<<<<

  • ADDRESS: 23 Jandan-ri, Mapo-gu, Seoul Map
  • HOMEPAGE: www.401restaurant.com
  • MENU: Samgyeopsal
    Dwaejigalbigui(Grilled Spareribs)
    Pork Shoulder Butt
    Pork Cheek Meat
  • OPERATING_HOURS: Daily 16:00 - 02:00
    Friday 16:00 - 04:00
    Saturday 16:00 - 04:00
  • SNS: www.instagram.com/401_restaurant
  • TELEPHONE: +82-2-325-0805

Photo / 写真 / 照片(instagram) @401_restaurant

Photo / 写真 / 照片(instagram) @401_restaurant

Photo / 写真 / 照片(instagram) @401_restaurant