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【Instant confirmation】Exclusive VIP Ticket Package for 2024 MBC Show! Music Core in Japan 2024 MBC 쇼! 음악중심 일본 투어패키지

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(2135 Kamiyamaguchi, Tokorozawa, Saitama 359-1153, Japan)

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Get the ultimate K-Pop experience with our exclusive VIP tickets!
Enjoy the best seats in the house and see your favorite Hallyu stars up close at the
2024 MBC Show! Music Core in Japan. Don't miss out—buy your tickets now!

Experience the Spectacle: 2024 MBC Music Core in Japan
Get ready for an unforgettable K-pop experience as SHINee’s Minho and NMIXX’s Sullyoon host the highly anticipated Show! Music Core concerts in Japan. The star-studded lineup, already revealed, has fans buzzing with excitement. Don't miss the chance to see your favorite artists live!

Official Ticket Sales at
Secure your tickets now at, the official seller for this spectacular event. Due to the high demand for this popular concert, tickets are expected to sell out quickly. If you plan to attend, we highly recommend purchasing your tickets as soon as possible!

K-POP Fever Takes Over Saitama: MBC's Music Core Mid-Year Special
Join us at Japan’s Belluna Dome on June 29 and 30 for a two-day midyear special that will wrap up the first half of 2024 with a bang! With a capacity of over 30,000, the Belluna Dome will host a magnificent concert that celebrates the best of K-pop from the first half of the year.

A Star-Studded Lineup
The lineup for this event includes top K-pop groups such as ATEEZ, ENHYPEN, Stray Kids, RIIZE, NCT WISH, &TEAM, FANTASY BOYS, P1Harmony, n.SSign, and SHINee’s Taemin. Female groups ILLIT, (G)I-DLE, NMIXX, and NiziU will also be performing, along with the virtual K-pop boy band PLAVE.

A Fan’s Dream Come True
The announcement of the lineup has generated explosive reactions from fans, with MBC's social media posts gaining over 2 million views and topping real-time trend rankings. Additional lineup announcements are eagerly anticipated.

What is Show! Music Core?
Show! Music Core is a music show created by MBC, showcasing popular K-pop artists every week. Fans can vote for their favorite song and K-pop group of the week, with the winning act performing an encore live on stage. This unique feature makes the show a must-watch for K-pop enthusiasts.

Don't Miss Out - Buy Your Tickets Now!
Tickets for this event are in high demand and are expected to sell out quickly. Purchase your tickets from, the official seller, to ensure you don't miss this incredible K-pop event. Plan ahead and secure your spot at the 2024 MBC Music Core in Japan!

Event Details
Dates: June 29 (Saturday) and June 30 (Sunday) / Time : 17:30~21:00(Japan local time)
Location: Belluna Dome, Saitama, Japan(2135 Kamiyamaguchi, Tokorozawa, Saitama 359-1153, Japan) ◀◁ HERE (Google Map)!
Experience the best of K-pop live in Japan – get your tickets today!

 Line-up  ※ The guests are subject to change.
June 29, 2024: RIIZE(라이즈)ZEROBASEONE(ZB1 · 제로베이스원 · ゼロベースワン)ENHYPEN(엔하이픈 · エンハイプン)FANTASY BOYS(판타지보이즈)ILLIT(아일릿 · アイリット)NiziU(니쥬 · ニジュー)NMIXX(엔믹스 · エンミックス)P1Harmony(피원하모니)SHINee(샤이니, テミン)

June 30, 2024:  Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈 · ストレイキッズ)&TEAM(앤팀|エンティーム)ATEEZ(에이티즈)(G)I-DLE (여자)아이들NEXZ(넥스지 · ネクスジ)ILLIT(아일릿 · アイリット)NCT WISH(엔시티 위시)NMIXX(엔믹스 · エンミックス)n.SSign(엔싸인)PLAVE(플레이브 · プレイブ)

※Lineup Subject to change / ※ 出演者は変更になる可能性がございます。予めご了承ください。/ ※ 根据主办方或出演ARTIST的情况,演出时间可能发生变更。 / ※ 根據主辦方或出演ARTIST的情況,演出時間可能發生變更。  



How to Receive and Enter with Your Ticket

 Event Outline ※ The above schedule is subject to change due to various circumstances.
Schedule: 2024 "MBC Show! Music Core in Japan" / June 29 (Saturday), June 30 (Sunday), Time: 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM (JST)
Venue: Saitama Belluna Dome (Japan Belluna Dome) ◀◁ HERE (Google Map)!

*Ticket Booth Hours: 15:30 - 17:30 (Local Time) ▶▷▶ 'Ticket Booth: GoTour X'
*Entrance Time:
17:30 (Local Time)

*LATECOMERS: Should it prove impossible to seat latecomers because all side seats are occupied, they will, unfortunately, not be admitted to the concert, and their ticket price will not be refunded.

Entry begins at 3:30 PM, with admission according to your queue number.

【Ticket Booth Only for Foreigners】
*You can check and change your ticket at the vendor site with the X-banner logo ( ◀◁ HERE (Google Map)!
*Change your ticket at the designated foreigner exclusive ticket booth without fail.
※ We will notify of any changes in advance.
★This ticket is sold as a set, and individual items within the set are not sold separately.
★No cancellation or amendments after booking confirmation.

*How to Receive: Ticket exchange is not available with presentation of reservation email alone. Please present your mobile reservation confirmation voucher along with identification (passport or ID card) for ticket issuance.

*Note: Entry to the concert is not possible after the closing time, so please observe the ticket collection times and arrive in advance to avoid any disruption to your seating.

※ Cancellation Policy: Non-refundable.

【Instant confirmation】 Package_1 (KOREA TOUR CARD)

<June 29 Show>VIP Seat Ticket + KOREA TOUR CARD

<June 30 Show>VIP Seats Ticket + KOREA TOUR CARD

The Korea Tour Card is a transportation and tourism card designed for foreign visitors. In addition to its transportation function, it offers numerous discounts ranging from 10% to 50% on shopping, sightseeing, and performances. Enjoy a variety of benefits at over 180 tourist attractions, theaters, restaurants, and shops nationwide.                   


【Instant confirmation】 Package_2 (Hotel)

<June 29 Show>VIP Ticket + 1 Night Hotel Stay (Single Occupancy)

<June 30 Show>VIP Ticket + 1 Night Hotel Stay (Single Occupancy)

The designated hotel is yet to be determined.


※ Advance tickets for foreigners will be collected at the ticketing counter You need to bring your ID card (passport, alien registration card, copy of passport + at least one ID card issued by your country) Please bring it with you. If there is no such document, ticket exchange is not possible.             
※ If you lost or damaged your ticket, it is your fault. The ticket will not be reissued and you cannot enter the concert without a ticket.
※ The concert will be broadcast live, so many cameras will be there. Because of cameras, your view could be blocked. 
※ After the concert starts, you could be not permitted to enter.
※ For safety and security, any food and drink except water will be prohibited in the concert venue. 
※ If you disrupt others’ view with a tripod or a large camera, you could be restricted by the staff.
※On-site first-come-first-served basis (no designated seats)
※Check your voucher and ID before boarding the vehicle. (Mobile, printed voucher available)
※ Be sure to present your voucher. You cannot present reservation mail.
※ By reserving a ticket, minors are considered to have obtained parental permission.
★This ticket is to be sold as a set and no item will be sold seperately.
★No cancellation & amendment after booking confirmed​
※ If you book a ticket illegally or if you are a Korean, your booking will be automatically cancelled and you cannot get refund on your ticket fare.
※ Please note that tickets for this event are non-refundable and cannot be canceled for any reason. We do not accept inquiries regarding refunds.
※본 티켓은 외국인 전용 예매 티켓입니다. 여권 또는 외국인등록증을 통해 본인 확인 후 티켓이 발권됩니다.(한국인 티켓 수령불가)
※부정 예매나 해당 대상이 아닌 경우(내국인), 예매는 강제 취소되며, 환불 또한 불가능합니다.
※Cancellation policy: non-refundable   ​
※Emergency contact number: +82-10-6787-1516(Contact available on the day of the performance only / 仅在演出当天可联系 / 公演当日のみ連絡可能)

Utilization information


Product Normal Price Trippse Price
【Instant confirmation】 Package_1 (KOREA TOUR CARD) June 29th VIP Ticket + KOREA TOUR CARD 637 USD 434 USD
【Instant confirmation】 Package_1 (KOREA TOUR CARD) June 30th VIP Ticket + KOREA TOUR CARD 637 USD 434 USD
【Instant confirmation】 Package_2 (Hotel) June 29th VIP Ticket + 1 night hotel (1 room for 1 people) 716 USD 579 USD
【Instant confirmation】 Package_2 (Hotel) June 30th VIP Ticket + 1 night hotel (1 room for 1 people) 716 USD 579 USD

Min434USD~ Book Now


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