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【Instant confirmation】2024 Seoul Music Awards in Bangkok - SMA 33rd Ticket 2024 서울가요대상 방콕

(286 Soi Ramkhamhaeng 24 Yaek 18, Hua Mak, Bang Kapi District, Bangkok)

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▲ SEOUL MUSIC AWARDS 2023 | Official Spot

Ignite Your Passion for K-Pop: Grab Your Ticket to the Seoul Music Awards – Where Stars Align!

Seize the Moment: Experience K-Pop's Finest at the Seoul Music Awards in Bangkok!

Feel the Beat of K-Pop Royalty: Join the Celebration at the 33rd Seoul Music Awards!

Witness K-Pop History: Secure Your Spot at the Unforgettable Seoul Music Awards Spectacle!

Experience the pinnacle of K-pop excellence at the 33rd Seoul Music Awards, a grand celebration taking place on January 2, 2024, in Bangkok, Thailand. Organized by the Seoul Music Awards Committee and hosted by Sports Seoul, this event is not just an awards ceremony; it's a historic milestone, being held overseas for the first time ever. This is more than a ceremony – it's a symbol of Korean pop music's soaring global influence and a testament to its ever-growing appeal in Southeast Asia, especially in Thailand.

The Seoul Music Awards is where the heart of K-pop beats the loudest. It's where the best of the best in Korea's music industry converge, engaging in a vibrant contest across various categories to honor the year's most successful and beloved artists. This event isn't just about recognizing achievements; it's a showcase of the dynamic and diverse nature of K-pop.

Adding to the excitement, the event features an impressive lineup of hosts: Lee Seung-gi, marking his 20th year in the industry, and GOT7's BamBam and Youngjae, reuniting for this special occasion. BamBam, with his immense popularity in Thailand, and Youngjae, fresh off his solo venture and known for his charismatic radio hosting, promise to bring a unique energy to the stage.

Tiffany Young from Girls' Generation, the epitome of 2nd generation K-pop royalty, completes this stellar hosting lineup. Her international acclaim and her ability to engage audiences in both English and Korean make her a perfect fit for this global event.

The Seoul Music Awards, a prestigious event since 1990, is more than an awards night; it's a cultural phenomenon that has shaped and propelled K-pop to global heights. This year's event, with its exciting lineup, prestigious awards, and a gathering of the finest in K-pop, is an unmissable occasion for fans worldwide. It's a celebration of Korean music's past, present, and future, a true centerpiece of the Hallyu wave, offering an immersive experience of the vibrancy and charm of K-pop. This is where legends are made, and memories are created – an event that every K-pop fan should aspire to witness.





 33rd Seoul Music Awards Line-up: BAMBAM(뱀뱀), KANG DANIEL(강다니엘), KISS OF LIFE(키스 오브 라이프), STAYC(스테이씨), YOUNGJAE(영재, GOT7), NCT DREAM(엔시티 드림), RIIZE(라이즈), ZEROBASEONE(ZB1 · 제로베이스원 · ゼロベースワン), TIFFANY YOUNG(티파니 영), Sandara Park(산다라박), NMIXX(엔믹스), Additional lineup to be announced

※Lineup Subject to change / ※ 出演者は変更になる可能性がございます。予めご了承ください。/ ※ 根据主办方或出演ARTIST的情况,演出时间可能发生变更。 / ※ 根據主辦方或出演ARTIST的情況,演出時間可能發生變更。

※Only individuals of foreign nationality aged 15 and above are eligible for purchase. Tickets will be released upon verification of your passport or Alien Registration Card (ARC).

2024 Seoul Music Awards in Bangkok (SMA 33rd Ticket)


Thailand Rajamangala National Stadium(태국 라자망칼라 국립경기장)

*Address: 286 Soi Ramkhamhaeng 24 Yaek 18, Hua Mak, Bang Kapi District, Bangkok 10240, Thailand
※Emergency contact number: +82-10-6787-1516(Contact available on the day of the performance only / 仅在演出当天可联系 / 公演当日のみ連絡可能)

※ Regarding ticket collection: If the location of the ticket booth changes, we will notify you on this page. Please ensure to check in advance on the day of your visit. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
※Please look for the ticket booth designated for foreigners with the "" logo attached.

*Ticket booth hours  12:00 - 14:00(Local time)
*Entrance time: 16:00(Local time)

[Ticket booth only for the foreigner]
-you can check change your ticket the each vendor site with X-banner logo( HERE(Google Map)!
-Change your ticket at the designated at the foreigner exclusive ticket booth certainly. 
★This ticket is to be sold as a set and no item will be sold seperately.
★No cancellation & amendment after booking confirmed​

*How to Receive : Please present reservation confirmation mobile voucher after reservation voucher, identification (passport or ID card) and distribution. / Appointment E-mail not available.

*Note : You will not be able to enter the concert after the closing time of the concert, so please observe the ticket receipt time and arrive in advance so that there will be no disruption in your position.
※Cancellation policy: non-refundable​


* Advance tickets for foreigners will be collected at the ticketing counter You need to bring your ID card (passport, alien registration card, copy of passport or at least one ID card issued by your country) Please bring it with you. If there is no such document, ticket exchange is not possible.          
​※ If you lost or damaged your ticket, it is your fault. The ticket will not be reissued and you cannot enter the concert without a ticket.
※ The concert will be broadcast live, so many cameras will be there. Because of cameras, your view could be blocked. 
※ After the concert starts, you could be not permitted to enter.
※ For safety and security, any food and drink except water will be prohibited in the concert venue. 
※ If you disrupt others’ view with a tripod or a large camera, you could be restricted by the staff.
※ When you make a reservation, please leave a contact form to be able to contact you locally.
※On-site first-come-first-served basis (no designated seats)
※Check your voucher and ID before boarding the vehicle. (Mobile, printed voucher available)
※ Be sure to present your voucher. You cannot present reservation mail.
★This ticket is to be sold as a set and no item will be sold seperately.
★No cancellation & amendment after booking confirmed​
※ Please note that tickets for this event are non-refundable and cannot be canceled for any reason. We do not accept inquiries regarding refunds.

※Cancellation policy: non-refundable   ​
※Emergency contact number: +82-10-6787-1516(Contact available on the day of the performance only / 仅在演出当天可联系 / 公演当日のみ連絡可能)

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