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Baekje Cultural Land 백제문화단지

  • +82-41-635-7740
374, Baekjemun-ro, Gyuam-myeon, Buyeo-gun, Chungcheongnam-do

Baekje Cultural Land, built over a period of 17 years, is nestled in Gyuam-myeon, Buyeo-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, providing a home to Baekje’s Cultural Heritages. The complex was used as a filming site for “Running Man”, in the episode starring Jeong Wooseong and Han Hyoju.

The site is spread out over 3,276,000 square meters, filled with the trace of Baekje Culture. Sabigung Palace reproduces the scenery of a royal palace during the Three Kingdoms period, and Neungsa Temple, a royal temple representative of Baekje, has been recreated according to the real size at the historic site in Neungsan-ri, Buyeo-eup. The Five-story Stone Pagoda, prominently seen after passing through Daetongmun Gate and Wiryeseong Fortress during Hanseong Baekje Era, gives a different aspect of Sabigung Palace. To enjoy the entire view of the complex at once, get on the Jehyangnu ferry.

Utilization information

・Age limit : Open to visitors ages 7 and older

・Information : • 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-41-635-7740 (Korean only)

・Parking Facilities : Free

・Closed : Mondays (Tuesday if Monday is a holiday)

・Operating Hours : March-October: 09:00-18:00
November-February: 09:00-17:00
* Last admission: 1 hour before closing.

Tour Course Information

▲ Course 1 (Duration: 1hr)
Baekje History & Culture Museum (3D viewing) → Jeongyangmun → Cheonjeongjeon → Neugsa → Living Culture Village → Jeongyangmun

▲ Course 2 (Duration: 2hrs)
Jeongyangmun → Cheonjeongjeon → Neungsa → Living Culture Village → Wiryeseong Fortress → Jeongyangmun → Baekje History & Culture Museum

▲ Course 3 (Duration: 3hrs)
Jeongyangmun → Cheonjeongjeon → Neungsa → Gobungongwon Park → Jehyangnu → Living Culture Village → Wiryeseong Fortress → Jeongyangmun → Baekje History & Culture Museum

Film Locations

Filming site of ‘Running Man’

Admission Fees

Baekje Cultural Land
Adults (ages 19-64): 4,000 won / Group: 3,000 won
Teenagers (ages 13-18): 3,000 won / Group: 2,000 won
Children (ages 7-12): 2,000 won / Group: 1,000 won

Baekje History & Culture Museum
Adults: 1,500 won / Group: 1,200 won
Teenagers: 1,200 won / Group: 1,000 won
Children: 800 won / Group: 600 won

* Group: 20 or more people

Available Facilities

Museum shop, restaurant, snack bar, rest area, facilities rental service (wheelchair, baby carriage, etc.)

Facilities for the Handicapped

Wheelchair rental services, restrooms, elevator (Baekje History & Culture Museum)

Korean Info. Service

03:30 / 10:30 / 11:00 / 13:30 / 14:30 / 15:30 / 16:30 (Summer Season)

Interpretation Services Offered

Interpretation Services in English, Japanese


From Seoul Nambu Bus Terminal, take an intercity bus to Buyeo (부여).
From Buyeo Intercity Bus Terminal, turn left and go straight for 150m.
Take a bus bound for Buyeo-Sinseong (부여-신성), and get off at the Korea National University of Cultural Heritage (한국전통문화학교) Bus Stop.
Go straight for 100m, and turn left at the sign for the Baekjae Historical Museum (백제역사문화관).
Go straight for 100m to arrive at Baekje Cultural Land.

374, Baekjemun-ro, Gyuam-myeon, Buyeo-gun, Chungcheongnam-do


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Lotte Buyeo Resort is now open in Buyeo (Chungcheongnam-do), the center of the Baekje Dynasty (18 BC – 660 AD). It is a giant resort that combines history, culture, and recreation. The curvilinear façade of the resort is reminiscent of the spirit of the dynasty, boasting both classica


Baekje History & Culture Museum

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Located in Baekje Cultural Land (Buyeo, Chungcheongnam-do), the museum shows the history and culture of the Baekje Period (18 BC- 660 AD). Consisting of three floors (B1F-2F), the museum offers a Regular Exhibition Hall (divided into four areas by time period), a Special Exhibition Hall, a Bakje Exp


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Baek-Je Won is a cultural complex made up of a botanical garden and the Buyeo Museum. The botanical garden has wild plants grown in the Baekje area. It is smaller than most botanical gardens but the plants here are categorized together according to their characteristics. Plants are displayed like


Nakhwaam Rock

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Nakhwaam is a rock cliff towering over Baengmagang River in the northern end of Busosan Mountain. According to the legend, this is where the royal court women of Baekje jumped off to kill themselves when the kingdom of Baekje was defeated during the invasion of Sabiseong Fortress (now Busosanseong F


Goransa Temple

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Goransa Temple is located at the foot of Baengmagang River, surrounded by the cliffs of Nakhwaam. The temple is assumed to have been built toward the end of the Baekje Kingdom. Although there is no historical record of the temple, it has been said it was used as a resting spot for kings of the Baekj


Goransa Ferry (고란사유람선)

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Goransa Ferry is the best way to view Nakhwaam Rock and to understand the history of the Baekje Dynasty. The ferry passes various historical sites while floating atop the still waters of Baengmagang River.


Gudeurae Park

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Located at the western end of Mt. Buso along the Baekma River, the Gudeurae region boasts beautiful scenery and a well-developed sculpture park. The port in the region acted as an entrance to the Sabi Castle during the Baekje Dynasty and today serves as a dock for the cruise ship that travels up and


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Baegmagang River (백마강), which literally means ‘the largest river in the Baekje Kingdom’, refers to the 16km-long Geumgang River.There are many historic sites all along Baegmagang River, which flows around Mt. Busosan, including Cheonjeongdae Altar (천정대), where important national affa


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Gwanbuk-ri Relics and Busosanseong Fortress (Historic Site No. 5) is a mud fortress located on top of Busosan Mountain (alt. 106m) in the northern part of Buyeo. The fortress is estimated by some to have been built around 538 AD (16th year of King Seongwang) to protect Sabi (now Buyeo), which was on


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Baekche Tourist Hotel is located in the center of the city of Buyeo, and has built up a reputation as an excellent hotel. It can accommodate up to 230 guests at once with their facilities, including Western-style rooms, Korean-style rooms, a banquet room, and a wedding hall, making it a perfect plac


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Motel Mirabo located in Buyeo-gun, Chungnam is surrounded by famous spots that you can find in textbooks. Jeonrimsaji in Buyeo is well-known as the national treasure No. 9, and you can feel the breath of Bekje alive from Muryeong Royal Tomb. You can feel the spirit of general Gyebaek from the histor


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The Arirang Motel is located in Buyeo, Chungcheongnam-do where tourists can experience the atmosphere of the Baekje Dynasty. The motel is located within 5 minutes distance of the Jeongnimsaji Museum and is close to the Buyeo Bus Terminal. Pickup service is provided from downtown Buyeo. The rooms are