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House of Lee Jang-woo 이장우 가옥

  • +82-62-607-2332
21, Yangchon-gil, Nam-gu, Gwangju

Designated the ‘No. 1 Gwangju Metropolitan City Folk Material’ on March 20, 1989, the House of Lee Jang-woo is an upper-class, tile-roofed house with a gate, storeroom, servants’ quarters, detached building, and main building. Estimated to have been constructed in 1899, the house was originally owned by Jeong Byeong-ho, but has been primarily known as the House of Lee Jang-woo, the house’s current owner, since 1965.

The L-shaped main hall of the historic building is rather large and consists of (left to right) a wooden verandah, a small room, a hall, the main room, a kitchen, and another small room. Doors that lead to ondol rooms (those heated by traditional Korean floor heating) are double doors with a sliding door on the inside and a hinged door on the outside. The hall has partitions that can be hung up as necessary. Overall, the house is a sturdy example of Korean architecture and remains well-preserved in its original state.

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Culture Complex Station (Gwangju Subway Line 1), Exit 3.
Go straight 500m towards Seonam University Hospital.
Cross the bridge, turn left, and go straight 250m towards Sajik Park.
After passing Yangnim Police Station, you will see a sign for the house on the right.

From Gwangju U-Square Bus Terminal, take the bus marked Cheomdan 09 (첨단 09).
Get off at the Chonnam National University Hospital (전남대병원) Bus Stop.
Walk approx. 900m towards Sajik Park.

21, Yangchon-gil, Nam-gu, Gwangju


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About a kilometer to the right from the main entrance of Hotel Mudeung Park (무등파크호텔), there is the famous Korean hanjeongsik (Korean table d'hote) restaurant called Myeongseonheon. To maintain the freshness of the food, the restaurant runs on specific business hours (12:00-14:00 for


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Located in Dong-gu, Gwangju-si, the Lotte Department Store Gwangju Branch houses the Lotte Cinema, themed restaurants, a cultural center, art gallery, travel agency, and more to complete a lifestyle culture.


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Yangdong Market started in the 1910s as a traditional market held on dates ending in 2 and 7 of every month on the white sand beach under Gwangjugyo Bridge. The market has a long history and local citizens have many sayings referring to the multitude of items available here. During the May 18th Demo


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Lotte Outlets - Gwangju Worldcup Branch is the first Lotte shopping outlet to provide famous local fashion brands at a lower price. It is connected to Lotte Mart - Worldcup Branch, so one can shop for both fashion and groceries at the same time. There are sports facilities near the store, including


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The Shinsegae Department Store, located in Gwangju-si Seo-gu, offers a place of high-class shopping. A large lobby, a gallery and information center illustrate its convenience facilities for customers, while high-quality brand names fill the various shops for a refined shopping culture. Furthermore,


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The Owen Monument and Memorial Hall is located inside the Christian College of Nursing. The monument was erected in 1914 in memory of missionary Clement Owen who, together with Priest Bae Yoo-ji, was the first missionary to come to Jeollanam-do Province. The monument was built using the 4,200 dollar


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Missionary Wilson’s House is a two-story brick building that sits upon the eastern foothills of Yangnimsan Mountain. Known as the oldest surviving Western-style house in Gwangju, the house is an icon of modern culture and architecture in Korea. The house was built by an American missionary named W


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The House of Choi Seung-hyo is a traditional residential building located on the southeastern slopes of Yangrimsan Mountain. Choi Sang-hyeon was an activist who offered his attic as a place of refuge for other activists. Since the building was constructed in the 1920s, it offers a valuable glimpse i


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The Yangnim-dong Missionary Cemetery is the final resting place of 23 missionaries who brought Christianity to Gwangju and led the movement to free the nation from under Japanese colonial rule. Yangnim-dong in Gwangju Metropolitan City was the main area in which Priest Bae Yu-ji and Dr. Clement Owen


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Saji Park is well landscaped with various trees and flower beds. Around April 15th every year, cherry blossoms are in full bloom creating a splendid scene. During this time, the municipality of Gwangju installs lighting in the trees for citizens to enjoy the blossoms late into the night. The park ha


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Yangnim History & Culture Village is located in the area where Western items and ideas first entered Gwangju over 100 years ago. As such, the neighborhood has a unique collection of Western architecture mixed with traditional hanok houses. There are also many houses of Christian missionaries, wh


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Named after the posthumous title of General Kim Deok-ryeong, Chungjang-ro Street was the site of the 1980 Gwangju Democratization Movement. Today, it is Gwangju’s major fashion district, comparable with Myeongdong Street of Seoul. The streets of Chungjang-ro are lined with shopping malls, clothing


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  ACC Performance is a platform for contemporary performing arts in Asia. Serving as a platform for the creation and distribution of performing arts projects focusing on Asia, ACC Performance seeks to establish itself as an international hub bridging Korea, Asia, and the rest of the world


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Stretching from the (former) Jeollanam-do Provincial Government Office to the Geumnam-ro area, this famous plaza is where the landmark May 18th Democratic Uprising took place. In May 1980, the Jeollanam-do Provincial Government office building was the headquarters of the civil resistance movement an


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A Window of Asian Culture Facing the World The Asia Culture Center (ACC) is an international arts and cultural exchange organization that produces new, future-oriented results through the convergence of Asia’s past and present arts and culture with innovative ideas and beliefs. Having the


Ariene Guesthouse (아리네게스트하우스) [한국관광품질인증/Korea Quality]

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Hiddink Continental Tourist Hotel

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Located at the center of Gangju, cultural capital of Korea, Hotel Hiddink Continental was built at the birthplace of the famous musician Jung Yul Sung, one of the 3 greatest Chinese revolutionary music composers. In 2002, the hotel also had the privilege of hosting the Taeguk Warriors, led by Guus H


Palace Tourist Hotel

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Palace Tourist Hotel features 33 Western-style and 9 Korean-style guestrooms, and several convenience, entertainment and dining facilities. It serves as a transportation hub, as a train station, an express bus terminal and an airport are all within a 30-minute drive.


Prado Hotel

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Hotel Prado is located in the center of the new downtown area of Gwangju, where romance and aesthetics prevail. It is an ideal location for guests who wish to experience Namdo’s delicious food culture or visit Gwangju’s historical sites.


Sansu-dong Hanok Experience Hall

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This hanok (traditional Korean house) guesthouse is located in a quiet residential area in Sansu-dong, Dong-gu, Gwangju. There are four rooms in total, all with ondol (under-the-floor heating system). Seoseokdae and Jungmeorijae rooms can accommodate up to 4, while Jangbuljae and Ipseokdae rooms ha


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Providing all the comforts of home, Byulbam Guesthouse welcomes guests seeking a break from their busy routine and travelers on other business. Its owner transformed a small old house into the ideal guesthouse to provide guests with a calm, comfortable, memorable stay. The guesthouse has a large gar


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Located in Gwangju City, the IAM Guesthouse offers a clean and cozy atmosphere that is perfect for guests seeking relaxation. The guesthouse aims to help guests create great memories during their stay and also provides a free breakfast service. As it is situated opposite Gwangju Station, guests can


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Hiddink Motel is just 3 minutes’ walk from Gwangju Station and a stone’s throw from many excellent restaurants, so guests can enjoy sampling Jeollanam-do’s tasty cuisine and get around easily by public transport. Mudeungsan, the great mountain in the southwestern region of Korea, o


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Geumsoojang Tourist Hotel boasts 20 years of tradition in the great location of Dong-gu Gyerim-dong (in front of the former Gyerim-dong City Hall Office), and is known as the best "business hotel with expert Korean cuisine.” It has clean and comfortable guestrooms, other convenient facili


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Situated in Mt. Mudeung, Shin Yang Park Hotel is a destination recommended for those who wish to get away from the city and relax among beautiful natural surroundings. Guests can enjoy a panoramic view of Gwangju City from the hotel and explore Mt. Mudeung by following the hiking trail next to the h