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May 18th National Cemetery 국립 5.18 민주묘지

  • +82-62-268-0518
200, Minju-ro, Buk-gu, Gwangju

The May 18th National Cemetery, located in front of Mt. Mudeungsan, is the symbol of freedom and democracy and is the grave of victims during the contention for democracy in May 1980. Victims were carried and buried by handcarts and garbage trucks in 1980. In 1997 the cemetery was exhumed and reburied at this memorial. May 18th became a national holiday of commemorating our desire for democracy.
To enter The May 18th National Cemetery, pass the Democracy Gate, built in a traditional Korean style. Passing the widely spread Plaza of Democracy, you will reach the Commemoration Passage. Keep walking and you will reach a round figure (4m high) of an enclosing hand. This is the Memorial Tower, which symbolizes the resurrection of new life. Under the tower there is a worship platform with burning incense to show respect. Through the Memorial Tower you will find carvings on both sides. On the right there is an enshrinement where pictures and monetary tablets are placed, and across from it stands the Door of History showing the images in those days. You can understand Korean history by viewing these works.
After viewing this part of Korean history, it will be pleasant to take a walk and enjoy the surroundings of The May 18th National Cemetery.


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