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Silmi (Keunmuri) Beach 실미해수욕장

  • +82-32-752-4466
Muui-dong Jung-gu Incheon

Silmi Beach, also known as Keunmuri Beach, is located on Muuido Island. The clean, sandy beach stretches out beautifully against the backdrop of a lush pine tree forest so dense that it does not let daylight in, even at midday. Facing the beach is Silmido Island, the location for the filming of ‘Silmido’ (2003), a Korean movie based on the tragic story of Korean Special Ops Unit 684. The film set, however, was demolished after the shooting. The pathway to the island, which has no residents, can be shown during low tide. Therefore, visitors should be aware of the tidal times to know when they can cross back to the mainland.

Utilization information

・Information : • 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-32-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-32-752-4466

・Parking Facilities : Available (free parking lot / paid parking lot)

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Admission Fees

2,000 won

Available Facilities

Accommodations, restaurant, shower booth, tent camping site, auto camping site, playground, restaurant, snack bar, drinking facility, etc.

Facility Utilization Fees

Tent camping fee (one day) 5,000 won / (two days one night) 10,000 won



Interpretation Services Offered

Not available

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From Incheon International Airport (Exit 5, 3F), take Bus 222 (interval: 25 minutes, operates between 06:30-18:20) and get off at Muuido Port. Take ferry to Muuido Port (interval: 30 minutes, travel time: 30 minutes, round trip fare: 2,000won)

*Muui Haeun Ferries: +82-32-751-3355 (Korean)

Muui-dong Jung-gu Incheon


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