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Sunchang Gochujang Village 순창전통고추장마을

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5-13, Minsongmaeul-gil, Sunchang-eup, Sunchang-gun, Jeollabuk-do

Gochujang (고추장) is the famous traditional sauce/garnish used in almost every dish in Korea. The one prepared in the Sunchang region, is well-known in Korea for being especially tasty. The Sunchang Gochujang Village (순창 고추장마을) is located at the foot of Mt. Amisan in Sunchang City, Jeollabuk-do. The village has a population of just 149 people who live in 46 Hanoks (traditional Korean style houses). When you first walk into the village you will notice rows of traditional hang-a-ri (large clay jar) all lined up everywhere you go transporting you back into Korea’s past. Actually, it has not been long since Sunchang Gochujang Village was established. Gochujang-making artisans from all over Sunchang-gun (county) in one village came together and started up this village.

Every year in early November the village hosts the Sunchang Gochujang Festival drawing many visitors to the place for the many attractions nearby. The places include the Hoemunsan Natural Forest, a lovely woody area and historical site; Gangcheonsan County Park; Baegyangsa temple, beautifully scenic in the snowy winter; Churyeong Jangseungchon, a village where visitors can see various forms of jangseung (Korean totem poles made of wood); Hyangga Yuwonji, a public park famous for being the place where scholars would come to boat and live a peaceful life in these inspiring surroundings; and Naejangsan, a mountain that turns into a vision of fiery autumnal shades in the fall.


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・Information : Making Sunchang traditional gochujang, making tteokbokki with gochujang, making and eating injeolmi (Korean traditional rice cake made from the glutinous rice and coated with bean flour), making fermented soybean lump

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Sunchang Jangnyu (Fermented Sauce) Experience Center, Sunchang Jangnyu Museum

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From Seoul Central City Bus Terminal, take an express bus to Sunchang.
* Bus Schedule: 09:30, 10:30, 13:30, 14:45, 16:10

From Sunchang Bus Terminal, take a local bus bound for Geumgwa (금과) or a taxi to Sunchang Gochujang Village (순창 고추장 마을).

5-13, Minsongmaeul-gil, Sunchang-eup, Sunchang-gun, Jeollabuk-do


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Nearby information

Sunchang Jangnyu

Jeollabuk-do >

Located in front of the Traditional Gochujang Folk Village in Sunchang, Jeollabuk-do, Sunchang Jangnyu Experience Center offers visitors the opportunity to sample and make tasty dishes using Sunchang Gochujang (red pepper paste). Visitors can make the refined Sunchang Gochujang in the tradition


Sunchang Traditional Paste Museum

Jeollabuk-do >

Sunchang Traditional Paste Museum is located across from the Sunchang Gochujang Village. The 2-story building (1,513㎡ in size) consists of a permanent exhibition hall exhibiting Jangnyu (Fermented Sauces) such as red pepper pastes and soybean pastes, a planned exhibition hall displaying cultural t