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Yangpyeong The Greem: Korean drama and movie shooting locations 양평 더그림

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175, Sanasa-gil, Okcheon-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea (경기 양평군 옥천면 사나사길 175 용천리 564-7)

Nestled in Yangpyeong, The Greem stands as a captivating fusion of nature and artistry. This botanical haven, reminiscent of a master's painting, boasts lush pine forests, elegant European-inspired architecture, and tranquil gazebos nestled near serene valleys.

The Greem showcases over 300 plant species, offering a year-round spectacle: vibrant royal azaleas in spring, verdant landscapes in summer, rich autumn foliage, and a winter's snow blanket. Each season paints a unique tableau, inviting repeated visits.

Dreamt and realized by Mr. Yoon Seok-young, The Greem began as a private retreat where he meticulously crafted each garden corner. But its splendor couldn't remain concealed. As its fame spread, it became a coveted location for TV shoots. Recognizing its broader appeal, Mr. Yoon welcomed the public into his paradise.

Photo / 写真 / 照片(instagram) @thegreem75

Photo / 写真 / 照片(instagram) @thegreem75

Photo / 写真 / 照片(instagram) @fthegreem75

Today, The Greem is a diverse attraction. The Watercolor building houses a cozy café and lifestyle store, the Landscape building entices photographers, and the tranquil Sketch building offers the Healing Zone Café. Each space embodies Mr. Yoon’s vision, often reshaped for visitor satisfaction and functional efficiency.

Having graced over 60 TV shows and listed as a top attraction in Yangpyeong, The Greem's allure is undeniable. Its pristine condition, maintained by Mr. Yoon's diligent daily upkeep, ensures every visitor enjoys a refreshing experience. Complimentary drinks greet guests, and a unique winter greenhouse adds to the allure.

Note: Wine enthusiasts will appreciate The Greem's curated selection from top brands, further elevating its status as a must-visit spot.

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