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Yi Sunsin Plaza (이순신광장) 이순신광장

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74, Jungang-ro, Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do (전라남도 여수시 중앙로 74 (중앙동))

Yi Sunsin Plaza is located in Jungang-dong, Yeosu-si and contains the history and achievements of General Yi Sunsin. The plaza is the starting point for the history culture tourism belt and the surrounding artifacts and in May hosts the Turtle Ship Festival. The main attraction in the plaza is the life-size turtle ship which visitors can not only view from the outside but also the inside. There are also various performances on Saturdays in the plaza. 

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Yeosu Specialty Seafood Market

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Yeosu Specialty Seafood Market is lined with small shops and restaurants serving seafood dishes using fresh fish caught from the southern coast. In order to maintain the freshness of live fish, the aquariums installed at each store use filtered and sterilized seawater, which is drawn off the coast n


Jinnamgwan Hall

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Jinnamgwan Hall (National Treasure No. 304) was the naval base of Jeolla-do Province during the Joseon Dynasty. Admiral Yi Sun-shin used this site as his headquarters, and at that time there was a watchtower called Jinhaeru. The original building burned down during the Jeongyujaeran (the second Japa


Dolsandaegyo Bridge

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At 450m long and 11.7m wide, Dolsandaegyo Bridge is the largest cable-stayed bridge in Korea. Since its construction in 1984, the bridge, which connects Yeosu and Dolsan-do Island, has brought commerce and tourism to the island. Today, the bridge itself has become a popular tourist destination, illu


Yeosu Maritime Cable Car

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Yeosu Maritime Cable Car is the first of its kind in Korea that connects Dolsan island and Jasan mainland over the ocean. Crystal and standard cabins are available for passengers. In particular, crystal cabins allow passengers to observe the ocean below the feet, experience the thrill of being suspe


Dolsan Park

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Dolsan Park, located across from Dolsan Bridge, was created in 1987 on land spanning over 287,000 square meters. A teahouse inside the park was originally a TV drama shooting set. The teahouse offers a fine view of Dolsan Bridge, so visitors often stop by to drink tea while enjoying the view. The vi


Nangman Pocha (낭만포차)

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Nangman Pocha (romance street stalls) offers 18 different resturants that provides various type of food while enjoying the beautiful nightscape of Yeosu and exciting performances.


Hanhwa Aqua Planet Yeosu

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Hanhwa Aqua Planet Yeosu is the second largest aquarium in Korea and is a landmark of the southern province with a record of about 1 million visitors every year. There are approximately 34,000 marine organisms of about 280 species including rare animals such as beluga (white whale) and baikal seal.


Sky Motel

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Sky Motel has clean facilities and is convenient for transportation as it is only 5-10 minutes on foot from Yeosu Ferry Terminal and 10-15 minutes by car from Yeosu Station or Yeosu Bus Terminal. The motel also has a great surrounding environment as it is adjacent to the sea. The motel features t


Dia Motel - Goodstay

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Dia Motel is located within close proximity of Yeosu Port Passenger Ferry Terminal, as well as most of the local tourist attractions including Dolsan Bridge, Hamel Lighthouse, Jasan Park, and Odongdo Island.


Motel T - Goodstay

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Motel T is located in front of the Yeosu Port Passenger Ferry Terminal, which serves as the gateway to numerous islands surrounding the port city. The motel has 19 guestrooms, including 5 Ondol (floor heating system) rooms, and offers laundry service.


Backpackers in Yeosu - Goodstay

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Backpackers in Yeosu strives to provide the very best services so its guests can enjoy a good rest in its clean, comfortable and affordable guest rooms. Customers can also meet people of diverse nationalities here. As Yeosu Expo Station, Intercity Bus Terminal, and the Ferry Terminal are in the vici


BENIKEA Matthieu Yeosu

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‘Matthieu’ means ‘a gift from god’. BENIKEA Matthieu Hotel – Yeosu is located in front of Yeosu-Expo Station and the venue for Yeosu Expo and Odong-do Island. Visitors can also visit nearby tourist attractions, such as Chungminsa Temple, Jinnamgwan Hall, Gosodae, Yi Sun


Harmony Motel - Goodstay

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Harmony Motel located in Yeonsu Jeonnam, consists of seven floors. At a lobby, the toast and coffee are prepared for travelers. It is convenient for transportation, as it is 20-minute ride from Yeosu Terminal, Yeocheon station and Yeosu airport. Travelers can enjoy using the ferry to go to Geomundo,


The MVL Hotel Yeosu

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MVL stands for Most Valuable Life, and signifies offering guests accomodations that allow them to experience the true value of life. The five star hotel is a 26-storey building with 311 rooms located in an extremely beautiful port city, which hosted the 2012 World Expon, and accommodated many V


Bobos Motel - Goodstay

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BOBOS Motel appears when crossing the beautiful Dolsan bridge in Yeosu. It is convenient for transportation, as it is 30-minute ride from Yeosu Terminal, Yeocheon station and Yeosu airport. Travelers can enjoy using the ferry to go to Geomundo, Baedo and Odongdo. There is the mud event only for wome


Opera Motel - Goodstay

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One of the most notable features of Opera Motel is the medieval architectural design on its exterior. The motel has 35 guestrooms equipped with modern amenities, and offers easy access to the famous Dolsan Bridge and Odongdo Island.


Dubai Motel - Goodstay (두바이 모텔)

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Dubai Motel is located in Yeosu Jeonnam, where 2012 Yeosu International Fair was held. It is in front of Yeosu terminal. It is 20-minute ride from Yeocheon station and Yeosu airport. Travelers can go to Geomundo, Travelers can enjoy using the ferry to go to Geomundo, Baedo and Odongdo. There is the