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Mapo Art Center 마포아트센터

  • +82-2-3274-8600
28, Daeheung-ro 20-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul (서울특별시 마포구 대흥로20길 28 (대흥동))

Mapo Art Center is an innovative cultural art space near college campuses including Hongik and Seogang universities. Art Hall Mac, operated by Mapo Art Center is a fascinating performance hall for a wide range of cultural events. The art hall boasts a stunning exterior as well as finely-appointed facilities that allow the audience to enjoy a diverse genre of performances. The art hall consists of two sections of Play Mac (for smaller performances like puppet shows, solo concerts and children’s performances) and Gallery Mac (where visitors engage in interactive programs). The center also has diverse leisure facilities such as a swimming pool, gym, fitness center, golf club as well as a training center.

Other amenities available include a powder room, multi-purpose hall, training room, playpen, and Sky Park.

Utilization information

・Information : - Korea Travel Phone +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
- For more info +82-2-3274-8600 (Korean), 2-3274-8500 (Sports Center)

・Parking Fees : O

・Closed : Closed on every Mondays

・Structure Size : * Art Hall MAC : 1F - 2F / 781 seats
* Play MAC : 180 seats
* Gallery MAC : 200㎡
* Academy MAC : 526,195㎡

Program Information


General Overview


* Subway
- Exit # 2 of Daeheung Station, Subway Line 6 (walk 5 min)
- Exit # 5 of Ewha Womans University, Subway Line 2 (walk 10 min)

28, Daeheung-ro 20-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Traffic information

  • Subway Line 6 Daeheung (Sogang Univ.) (대흥(서강대앞))- 383.5m


Nearby information

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Nearby information

Yukjeon Hoekwan

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Yukjeon Hoekwan has served Bassak bulgogi and Seonji baekban (Korean set menu with blood cake) since 1962, opposite of Yongsan Station. It has kept its original taste through three generations of operations.  


Pho'na Thai

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The owner of Pho'na Thai personally visited Ho Chi Minh City after falling in love with Vietnamese Pho, and began working at a restaurant there. In his spare time, he would visit popular restaurants in the area and noted the unique taste of each dish, then he opened his own restaurant, here in Korea


Mapo Jinjja Wonjo Choedaepo

Seoul > Yeouido・Yeongdeungpo・Mapo

This is a pork restaurant with 60 years of history and tradition, most notable in the order by which the set course should be eaten: you start with sweet marinated pork ribs, then salt grilled pork, and finally finish with chewy pig skin. The beverage of the house is soju.  


Palsaek Samgyeopsal(팔색삼겹살)

Seoul > Yeouido・Yeongdeungpo・Mapo

This is a place where you can eat grilled pork belly with 8 special sauces. This Korean dishes restaurant is located in Mapo-gu, Seoul. The representative menu is grilled pork belly.


Gongdeok Jokbal Alley

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Located inside Gongdeok Market, Jokbal Alley is an alley filled with Jokbal stalls and stores. It was first created 30 years ago as more and more people gathered to eat Jokbal and Sundaetguk (Korean Blood Sausage Soup). Many of the stores found in Jokbal Alley has been around for more than 30 years.


Chef’s Noodle

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Chef’s Noodle is a modern, fusion-style restaurant specializing in noodles, jeon (Korean pancake), and rice dishes. Serving quality fare at reasonable prices, the restaurant continues to develop new menu items to appeal to a wider range of customers.


Jeonggwanjang - Edae Branch

Seoul > Sinchon・Ewha Womans University

Jeonggwanjang Hongsam (Edae Branch) exclusively deals with products by Korea Ginseng Corporation. It is the only Jeonggwanjang store in Sinchon. Jeonggwanjang with history over 100 years is a Goryeo hongsam brand that only uses high quality six-year-old ginseng roots through rigorous testing.


Tonymoly - Ewha Womans Univ. Branch

Seoul > Sinchon・Ewha Womans University

Located right around Ewha Womans University, Tonymoly is a nice cosmetic shop remodelled in February 2010. Items in Tonymoly seek natural cosmetics reflecting the beauty of nature. High quality items are offered at inexpensive prices. It is a popular brand among Japanese and Chinsese tourists as wel



Seoul > Yeouido・Yeongdeungpo・Mapo

Saera specializes in women's shoes. Its handmade shoes boast fashionable and meticulous designs appealing to young women. In collaboration with international designers, Saera offers trendy items and introduces European shoe sizes for increasing their accuracy and boosting comfort. Nice interior desi


Heynature - Ewha Univ. Branch

Seoul > Sinchon・Ewha Womans University

Heynature is a cosmetics brand that researches, develops, and produces organic cosmetic products using raw and all-natural ingredients that help return vitality and youth to your skin. No artificial scents or color are added, and all ingredients go through rigorous trials and research development be


Skin Food - Sinchon Branch

Seoul > Sinchon・Ewha Womans University

The main concept of Skin Food is to deliver to customers items with the nutritional values of food. Naturally, it applies the concept of food to various items from fragrance to containers. Visitors can also purchase hanbang (oriental medicine) items. Equipped with diverse items, the store is ideally


Aritaum - Ewhayeodae Branch

Seoul > Sinchon・Ewha Womans University

Aritaum is a large cosmetic store compared to other cosmetic stores. Located in the middle of the shopping area around Ewha Womans University, it was opened just a few months ago. Customers will be exposed to see diverse items in the clean, spacious store. Song Hye-kyo and Hyun Bin are the main mode


Ewha Womans University Fashion Street

Seoul > Sinchon・Ewha Womans University

The area around Ewha Womans University, Korea’s famous women’s university, is commonly called Ewha Womans University Fashion Street. This district features a number of stalls lining the streets selling fashion items, such as clothing, shoes and accessories, for young women. It offers a d



Seoul > Sinchon・Ewha Womans University

Innisfree is the acronym of 'innis' (island) and 'free.' Items in Innisfree use environment-friendly ingredients. Main ingredients include green tea, tangerine, rape flowers, and cactuses along with volcanic spring water. Located right around Ewha Womans University, it is a spacious



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Moirai offers lace clothing matching well with suits, jeans, and leggings. It is a popular store among Japanese tourists preferring lace clothing. It offers outstanding repair/maintenance services to customers. Items in Moirai boast unique designs. Customers can get various tips on how to match acce


Hyundai Department Store - Sinchon Branch

Seoul > Sinchon・Ewha Womans University

The Hyundai Department Store Sinchon Branch stands at the center of the young and vibrant Sinchon area. Several universities are clustered around this area so the products displayed cater to a younger crowd. For added convenience, the Sinchon Subway Station, Line 2 is also directly connected to the


Sogang University

Seoul > Yeouido・Yeongdeungpo・Mapo

Sogang University is a private, coeducational, Jesuit university located in central Seoul. In the spring of 2010, a total of 15,567 students were enrolled at Sogang's 11 graduate and 7 undergraduate departments. Every year, around 400 Sogang students study abroad, and around 2,500 international stud


Eunha Bnc (은하헤어살롱)

Seoul >

Open since 1974, Eunha Bnc is an outstanding hair salon with a loyal customer base, including many international patrons. It is one of the most exquisite hair salons in Seoul, employing only the top stylists who are experienced in a wide variety of salon services. In 2004, the shop stepped up its ef


Ewha Womans University Museum

Seoul > Sinchon・Ewha Womans University

The Ewha Womans University Museum was established in 1935 with the goal of preserving the cultural heritage of Korea. Originally, items related to folk art, traditional woodwork, and pottery were put on display in the hall of the main university to keep them from being confiscated during the Japanes


Ewha Welcome Center

Seoul > Sinchon・Ewha Womans University

Ewha Welcome Center opened in 2013 as the first promotional center and visitor center of its kind on a university campus in Korea, comprising an information desk, an exhibition lounge and a gift shop. The information desk offers useful information to help visitors get the most out of their Ewha c



Seoul > Sinchon・Ewha Womans University

This road takes you from Sinchon Subway Station right to Yonsei University. Like branching tree roots, the numerous side streets diverge off the main road. In 1999 Yonsei College Street was designated as “The Road One Wants to Walk.” Since then this famous street has been improved upon even more


Kim Koo Museum & Library

Seoul > Itaewon・Yongsan

The Kim Koo Museum & Library was built to show and express the life and thoughts of Kim Koo (1876-1949), also known by his pen name Baekbeom, who was a great teacher to the people of Korea. He dedicated his life to establishing an independent, democratic, and unified homeland with an developed c


Night View from Mapo Bridge

Seoul > Yeouido・Yeongdeungpo・Mapo

Mapo Bridge connects Yonggang-dong, Mapo-gu and Yeouido-dong (Yeongdeungpo-gu) and is 1,400m long and 25m wide (6-lane road). The construction of the bridge first started in February of 1968 and was completed in May of 1970. At the time of its completion the bridge was named “Seoul Bridge,&rdq


Geek Live House

Seoul > Hongik-University-Area

Geek Live House is one of the most popular live clubs in the Hongdae (Hongik University) area, the home of clubs in Korea. It was opened by professional musicians in February 2003 as a venue that focuses on music performances as opposed to dance. The club has state-of-the-art stage, lighting, and au


Sanwoolim Theater

Seoul > Yeouido・Yeongdeungpo・Mapo

The Sanwoolim Theater Company is the only drama group in Korea to have its own exclusive theater. The theater company began with the staging of Samuel Beckett’s Nobel Prize winning play “Waiting for Godot” in December 1969. The director Lim Young-woong and the cast performers who h


Lotte City Hotel Mapo

Seoul > Yeouido・Yeongdeungpo・Mapo

Lotte City Hotel Mapo is a premium business hotel that opened on March 10, 2009. Conveniently located near Myeongdong, Seoul Station, Hongdae, and Yeouido, it has easy access to public transportation including the airport railroad to Incheon International Airport and Gimpo Airport. The hotel provide


ICOS guesthouse

Seoul >



Peter Cat Hotel - Goodstay

Seoul >

The Mont Blanc Motel is located in the downtown area next to Sinchon Station. Nearby are shopping malls, restaurants and theaters where guests can experience and enjoy Korean culture. It is also next to the bus terminal for buses heading towards Ganghwa, so it is perfect for guests heading towards I


Echae 3 - Goodstay

Seoul >

Located in Sinchon, Seoul, the Echae motel offers guests a clean atmosphere and stylish interior, each room having a different design. The Echae is the optimal place to create beautiful memories and enjoy the youthful, dynamic atmosphere of Sinchon. Echae 1 and Echae 2 are situated in different area


Baron de Paris - Goodstay

Seoul >

Baron de Paris, located in the heart of Sinchon, a center of youthful energy and change, exudes analogue sensitivity through the pastel color of its lighting system. The hotel features colorful and refined vintage Parisian interior designs and objets d’art inspired by the European capital of a


Sinchon Sisters Hostel [Korea Quality] / 신촌 시스터즈 [한국관광 품질인증/Korea Quality]

Seoul >

This guesthouse is located in Nogosan-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, as a space for young backpackers catered by a fellow lover of traveling. There are 12 rooms in total, including Double (2-person), Triple (3-person), and Quad (4-person) rooms. Guests have a choice of two double beds or two bunk beds for th


Ultari House - Goodstay

Seoul > Yeouido・Yeongdeungpo・Mapo

Ultari House is located in Sinchon which is a representative youth street of Seoul. You can enjoy various kinds of shopping and a variety of cultures in Sinchon. It is the best resting place in Sinchon. You can enjoy BBQ party on the rooftop which is rare in Seoul plus free breakfast service. In Seo


Echae 1 - Goodstay

Seoul > Sinchon・Ewha Womans University

Located in Sinchon, Seoul, the Echae motel offers guests a clean atmosphere and stylish interior, each room having a different design. The Echae is the optimal place to create beautiful memories and enjoy the youthful, dynamic atmosphere of Sinchon. Echae 2 and Echae 3 are situated in different area


Hotel Gaeul - Goodstay

Seoul > Sinchon・Ewha Womans University

Located in Sinchon, Seoul, Hotel Gaeul is equipped with high class facility and service; the best modern and classical mood of Sinchon will capture the tourists’ hearts in a flutter. Hotel Gaeul always tries to make clean and beautiful space for comfortable resting. In the youth street of Sinc


Seoul Garden Hotel

Seoul > Yeouido・Yeongdeungpo・Mapo


ARA Therapy

Seoul > Sinchon・Ewha Womans University

Ara Therapy offers excellent health care services and a cozy ambience at a reasonable price to all kinds of customers such as couples, family, and friends, regardless of age and gender. Services include foot-bathing and a free cup of healthy tea. Visitors can relieve their fatigue, listening to clas


Silloam Fire Pot Sauna

Seoul > Namdaemun・Seoul-Station

Located in Jungnim-ro, Jung-gu, Siloam Sauna has a convenient location to approach. The sauna uses natural Germanuim water from 300m unground that has an excellent water quality. The sauna has various various hot baths, and other subsidiary facilities for visitors.


Hongdae Happy Day Spa

Seoul > Hongik-University-Area

Hongdae Happy Day Spa is located on the ground floor of the three-story Gyusudang Wedding Hall located between Hongik University Station and Hapjeong Station. The ground floor has separate sauna rooms for men and women, spa facilities, and locker rooms. The second and third floors have oak tree, s


Skiny-tae Aesthetic

Seoul > Myeongdong

Skiny-tae Aesthetic is designed to be unique and comfortable. The shop is decorated with cozy seating areas that cater to all five senses.

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Whoo SPA(OHUI SPA) Myeongdong Main Branch / Luxury cosmetic such as O HUI, WHOO use Myeongdong luxury spa

Seoul > Myeongdong

Loved not only by Korean celebrities but also those from Asia! O HUI Spa is especially different. It has a special distinction that draws officials from the Korea Tourism Organization, Gangnam-gu Office, and celebrities from Korea and abroad! Experience differentiated, customized, and safe one-on-