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Incheon K-POP Concert 인천한류관광콘서트(INK Concert)

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618, Maesohol-ro, Nam-gu, Incheon (인천광역시 남구 매소홀로 618 (문학동))



☞ 2023 Incheon INK KPOP Concert / Let's Go Incheon & Enjoy INK Concert​!

2017 INCHEON K-POP CONCERT(인천한류관광콘서트)

INK : Incheon K-POP Concert (INK) is Incheon’s celebrated Korean Wave festival that has continued for 9 years with great success since it began in 2009.

INK, which is hosted by Incheon City and the Incheon Tourism Organization, is a festival attended by people from all over the world. Leading K-POP singers and musicians come together in this festival, whose goal is to market Incheon city as the city of K-POP to attract more foreign tourists and also offer Incheon citizens an opportunity to enjoy K-POP concert.

INK this year is once again attracting high public attention . In particular, INK this year, will collaborate with 2017 Incheon Food Culture Expo, which will be held in Munhak Stadium and Dongmun Square. In addition to the great performance of leading K-POP singers it will offer the audience with even greater opportunities to enjoy the occasion.




Date : September 9, 2017 (Saturday) 19:00 ~ 22:00(Local time)
Location : Incheon Munhak Stadium, Main stadium
Hosted by : Incheon Metropolitan City, Incheon Tourism Organization, SBS Plus
Sponsored by : Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, 
Korea Tourism Organization
Fee : Free (Must apply through official homepage in advance)

Ticket booth 
hours : 10:00 ~ 18:30 (Local time)
Entrance time : 16:00 ~ 19:00 (Local time)

 Concert MAP(Concert layout / Ground zone layout)


☆★☆INK Incheon K-Pop Concert 2018 Shuttle Bus Transfer + 1 Day Incheon Tour

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Utilization information

・Finished : 20170909

・Location : Incheon Munhak Stadium (Main Stadium)

・Beginning : 20170909

・Location : [Subway]
Munhak Sports Complex (Incheon Subway Line 1), and Exit 2.

・Performance Times : 19:00-22:00

・Operating Hours : Free (Advanced online reservation required)


Incheon K-POP Festival is a Korean representative Hallyu Festival and has a successful starting since 2009. The festival is managed by Incheon Metropolitan City and the Incheon Tourism Organization to attract more international visitors, as well as to offer more Korean culture experience through performances by leading Korean K-POP stars.
Great performance and an Incheon Food Culture Exhibition Hall will be held at the plaza in the east gate of Munhak Stadium to boost an even more exciting ambiance for all.


 When using municipal bus
Juan station town bus #515, 522 → Get off at Munhak Stadium or Munhak Information High School Station
Seonhak Station #6, 27, 63, 522 → Get off at Munhak Stadium
Dongmak Station #6, 27 → Get off at Munhak Stadium
Jemulpo Station #6, 63 → Get off at Munhak Stadium
Dong-Incheon Station #4, 6, 27 → Get off at Munhak Stadium
South Juan Station #6, 13-1, 63 → Get off at Munhak Stadium

 When using express bus
Incheon Bus Terminal → Transfer to Incheon Subway at Incheon Bus Terminal → Get off at Munhak Station
Incheon Bus Terminal → Walk (Approx. 10 minutes) → Munhak Station

 From Incheon Int’l Airport
Incheon Airport → Airport Highway → Seoul Ring Expressway → Jangsoo IC → 2nd Gyeongin Expressway → Namdong IC → Munhak Station
Incheon Airport → Airport Highway → Buk-Incheon IC → Gyeongin Expressway Seo-Incheon IC → Gyeongin Highway Terminal Station → 2nd Gyeongin Expressway → Munhak IC → Munhak Station

 Using Highway
Gyeongin Highway : Dohwa IC → Dongyangjang Four way Street → Munhak Station
2nd Gyeongin Highway : Seochang IC → Namdong IC → Munhak IC → Munhak Station
Seohaean Highway : Seochang IC → Namdong IC → Munhak IC → Munhak Station
Seoulg Ring Expressway : Jangsu IC → Suwon direction → Seochang IC → Namdong IC → Munhak IC → Munhak Station

 Important notice before attending concert & information on objects banned from carrying inside the concert stadium

“Please read and understand the following before attending concert”
Important reminders before entering the concert stadium
       1. Security inspection will be performed when you entering the concert stadium according to「Act on Anti-terrorism to Protect Citizens and Ensure public safety.  ​
          We would appreciate your cooperation so that stadium entry may proceed smoothly.
           -  If you are caught carrying banned objects inside the stadium during inspection, you will be asked to store them outside the stadium before entering the stadium. (Priority entry not permitted)
       2. The stadium entry is scheduled to begin 3 hours before the start of concert. (19:00).
          Please follow the instruction of the stadium personnel in orderly fashion.   
       3. You are not allowed to carry medium/big size bag inside the stadium. Please come to the concert without bag, if possible.
         - You are not allowed to carry bags or personal belonging greater than 21cm*29cm in size. Long umbrellas are not permitted (foldable umbrellas are allowed)
         - If you are carrying medium/big size bags, you will have to store them in locker (Paid storage locker  - 5,000 KRW per day)
      4. If you did not arrive by 7:00 pm on the day of concert (September 9), you will lose the right to the seat.
        - If you arrived after 7:00 pm, you will be given the seat by the concert operation staff personnel.
        - Please retain the ticket until the end of concert. (You may permitted reentry after staff checks your ticket).
      5. Children under age of 7 or elderly aged 80 years or above will not be permitted to enter the stadium .
      6. Please check the gate location displayed on your ticket when entering the stadium.
The objects banned from carrying inside the stadium
      1. Medium/big size bag (21cm*29cm or bigger in size)
      2. Sprayer  
      3. Bottle, cans (Exception: PET beverage bottles with 500ml or lower is allowed)
      4. Dangerous objects – knife, scissor, firework, guns, explosives, oil, firework
      5. Pet or personal bicycles (kick board, bicycles, etc.)
      6. All kinds of beverages and foods
      7. Utensils (portable gas range, heating equipment)
      8. Objects that could interfere with concert (drone, laser pen, etc. )
      9. Banners or color papers expressing religious or political opinions. Objects with the name of company or product printed for promotion purpose  
      10. Objects that may be considered not compliant with the concert and marketing regulations may not be allowed. If you do not comply with the inspection, you may not be allowed
           to enter the stadium.

Information on use of public transportation.
        We expect lack of parking space and heavy traffic congestion on the day of concert (September 9). Therefore, please use public transportation if possible. 

618, Maesohol-ro, Nam-gu, Incheon

Traffic information

  • Subway Line I Munhak Sports Complex (문학경기장)- 585.7m


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