About KGS(Korea Grand Sale)

Korea Grand Sale is Korea's representative culture and tourism festival for foreigners,
providing abundant benefits in various areas, including flight, transportation, accommodation, shopping, food and activities!

Special Korea Grand Sale 2021 presents K-contents sought after around the world,
such as "Korean Tourism Product Purchase Promotion" for long-awaited travel to Korea,
"Korea Online Video Program" for local experience of Korea,
and "Online Shopping Promotion" providing special discount benefits of beauty, fashion and goods.

Enjoy the special benefits offered by
Korea Grand Sale 2021!

[Event name] 2021 Korea Grand Sale [Event period] Jan.14(Thu) ~ Feb. 28(Sun), 2021
[Target] Foreigners [Hosted by] Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Visit Korea Committee



Korea Grand Sale all-in-one coupon

This is an all-in-one coupon that can be used at the participating companies of the Korea Grand Sale. You can enjoy discounts anytime, anywhere. However, benefits may vary by each store when using this coupon. Please check the official website or promotion materials to get the details of discount benefits and information.

Online coupon
Customers may use the online Korea Grand Sale coupon below.
※ You can also access the coupon via mobile phones or tablet PCs.


How to use the coupons

Visit a participating store.

Present the coupon before you make your purchase, or if applicable, exchange the coupon for its own "store coupons".

Buy products or get a service at a discounted price (or receive a free gift).

※Additional Information
Coupons are valid only during the Korea Grand Sale period (Jan.14(Thu) ~ Feb. 28(Sun), 2021).
No membership subscription is required to receive a coupon.
All forms of coupons have the same effect (regardless of the form: the online type, the paper type, the combined one, and the store coupon).
Other promotions or credit card offers CANNOT be used together.
The coupons cannot be exchanged to cash

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