The Best Remedy for Fatigue :
Spas near the Incheon International Airport

Feeling fatigued from long-haul flights? Here is the best cure for it. Pay a visit to one of the following spas or sauna to get rid of your exhaustion completely.


 Incheon International Airport 『Spa on Air』

Spa on Air at the Incheon International Airport Usually there is no suitable space at an airport for travelers to take a rest. Did you know the Incheon International Airport has a spa in it? There is an awesome place where you can put all your stress and fatigue to rest with high-end wellbeing spa & massage services.




It is called Spa on Air located inside the Incheon International Airport Spa on Air is equipped with diverse convenience facilities such as shower stalls, baths, saunas, lounges and sleeping rooms, They also provide luggage storage service, so you don't have to worry even if you are carrying many pieces of luggage.





The sleeping rooms are very popular at night that you will have to secure a space early in the evening. It charges KRW15,000 and KRW20,000 for basic (06:00-20:00) and overnight (20:00-06:00) services, respectively. Spa on Air is a blessing for many including travelers exhausted from long-haul flights, those who have to wait at the airport for morning flights, and those who have arrived at the airport early and have a couple of hours for themselves.

※Spa on Air is located on B1F in the East Wing of the Passenger Terminal.
Type : Hot Springs/ Bath Houses/Spas/ Jjimjilbangs
Telephone : +82-32-743-7042
Closed : N/A (open all year round)
Operating Hours : 24 hours

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 Sinseong 24-hour Bulgama Sauna

prices near the Incheon International Airport? Come to Sinseong 24-hour Bulgama (clay kiln) Sauna located near Unseo Station which is within a 10-minute drive from the airport.




You can store your luggage at extra cost. It has hot baths in addition to shower stalls. You can get a massage as well. Free Wi-Fi is also provided. It is equipped with diverse types of saunas, clay kilns, and a concession stand. You can get plenty of rest in a comfortable setting for hours in this sauna.





The fee is KRW7,000 and KRW8,000 for day and night services, respectively. The low prices are quite impressive for all the services you can get there.

**Type : Hot Springs/ Bath Houses/Spas/ Jjimjilbangs
*Address : 100, Yeongjong-daero, Jung-gu, Incheon
*Telephone : +82-32-751-1937
*Closed : N/A (open all year round)
*Operating Hours : 24 hours

Make your air travel even more pleasant through a healthy rest near the Incheon International Airport.

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