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【Instant confirmation】Incheon Airport Sky Festival K-pop Concert 2022(Bus Transfer) 2022 인천공항 스카이페스티벌 케이팝콘서트

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  ▲ Incheon Airport Sky Festival K-pop Concert 2021 

In the spirit of connecting the world both through flights and culture, the iconic Incheon Airport (one of the air flight centers in South Korea) is holding its Incheon Airport SKYFESTIVAL K-Pop Concert in celebration of the Hallyu movement.

The Incheon Airport Sky Festival is one of the annual outdoor K-Pop festivals in Korea which attracts over 30,000 people from all over the world every year. It features the beloved K-pop artists and crossover-genre musicians. 

Go get the greatest K-pop concert at Incheon Airport and spend the wonderful day of October. 

 Event Outline ※ The above schedule is subject to change due to various circumstances.
Schedule : K-POP Concert / 9. 24(Sat), 7:00 pm
Venue : Incheon Airport Grass Square / Ground zone(Random)

 1st Line-up  ※ The guests are subject to change.
THE BOYZ(더보이즈), MAMAMOO(마마무), Kep1er(케플러), VIVIZ(비비즈), URBAN ZAKAPA(어반자카파), Lee Seok-Hoon(이석훈 / 李碩薰), Gaho(가호)

 2st Line-up news coming soon!

※Lineup Subject to change / ※ 出演者は変更になる可能性がございます。予めご了承ください。/ ※ 根据主办方或出演ARTIST的情况,演出时间可能发生变更。 / ※ 根據主辦方或出演ARTIST的情況,演出時間可能發生變更。 

2022 Incheon Airport Sky Festival
K-pop Concert Ticket with Tour

※ Please be sure to board in time, as damage will occur to others after the departure time. Please arrive at 20 minutes in advance.

*15:30  Pick up at Myeongdong Station(Subway Line 4) Exit 3(※ Follow the instructions of the field guide to avoid damaging others. Please be sure to keep your boarding time and assembly time.)  ▶▷HERE!
*17:00   Arrival / Entering the concert hall /  Grass Square
*19:00  Enjoy '2022 Incheon Airport Sky Festival'
*21:30  Return Shttle bus point(※Attention : If not take bus on time, bus will leave directly!!)
*22:30  Myeongdong Station(Subway Line 4) Exit 3

1. Admission tickets
2. Driver tips
3. Fuel / parking fee

*Not included
1. Personal expenses 
2. Travel insurance
3. Meal

★ Amendment & Refund Policy ★

※Please bring your passport with you.
※ If you cannot board on that day, no refund will be given.
※ It is difficult to give another seat for 1 person. Please understand.
※ Follow the instructions of the field guide to avoid damaging others. Please be sure to keep your boarding time and assembly time.
※ You may be held liable if you have a problem with your entire tour due to your personal behavior.
※ The vehicle is insured. However, we are not responsible for accidents during individual activities during the tour.

※ Please be sure to board in time, as damage will occur to others after the departure time. Please arrive at 20 minutes in advance.
※ Vehicles are offered for 12, 25, or 45 passengers depending on the number of passengers.
※ When you make a reservation, please leave a contact form to be able to contact you locally.
※ Vehicle seat On-site first-come-first-served basis (no designated seats)
※ If you have a passenger, please tell us when you board the vehicle.
※ Be sure to present your voucher. You cannot present reservation mail.

※ Advance tickets for foreigners will be collected at the ticketing counter You need to bring your ID card (passport, alien registration card, copy of passport + at least one ID card issued by your country) Please bring it with you. If there is no such document, ticket exchange is not possible.             
※ If you lost or damaged your ticket, it is your fault. The ticket will not be reissued and you cannot enter the concert without a ticket.

※Cancellation policy: non-refundable​
※Emergency contact number: +82-10-6787-1516     

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