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Odong Neighborhood Park 오동근린공원

  • +82-2-901-6924
Beon-dong, Gangbuk-gu, Seoul (서울특별시 강북구 번동 , 미아동 일대)

Odong Neighborhood Park is located in an area across Beon-dong and Mia-dong in Gangbuk-gu and Wolgok-dong in Seongbuk-gu. The park is large in size and has a dense forests with various facilities like a resting area, a community sports center, a lawn, a tennis court, an acupressure trail with red clay, a walking path, and much more. Residents visit the place as a resting area and recreation area due to various facilities.

* Area: 684,366.4㎡ (about 207,021 pyeong)
* Main species
- Pine trees, azaleas, oak trees
- Flowering plant: Iyreflower, bird’s eye, iris, a lily of the valley, etc.

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Utilization information

・Information : • 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-2-901-6926

・Opening date : 1987. 4. 27

・Parking Facilities : Not available (Use the parking lot at Gangbuk-gu Stadium (paid parking lot))

・Closed : N/A (Open all year round)

Admission Fees


Available Facilities

* Features: Small brook, ecological pond, pavilion, etc.
* Recreation facility: Badminton field, soccer field, playground for children, walking path, etc.
* Hands-on zones: Phytoncide experience site, sand site, gaemi amusement park, nature experience venue



Parking Fees


Korean Info. Service

Not available


Wolgok Station (Seoul Subway Line 6), Exit 3.
Take a left at the first corner and walk toward the Post Office of Dongduk Woman’s University.
Continue straight on this road and the the park will be up ahead.

Beon-dong, Gangbuk-gu, Seoul

Traffic information

  • Subway Line 4 Mia (Seoul Cyber Univ.) (미아(서울사이버대학))- 691.3m


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