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Lotte Department Store - Nowon Branch 롯데백화점(노원점)

  • +82-2-950-2500
1414, Dongil-ro, Nowon-gu, Seoul

The Lotte Department Store Nowon Branch provides the area of Gangbuk with incomparably friendly services and a customer friendly business mentality in Nowon-gu, Seoul. The department store offers imported luxury brand goods and famous Korean brands in order to service its customers with a completely refined cultural lifestyle.
Store hours of operation are from 10:30am to 8:00pm with extended hours on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The department store is closed one Monday every month.

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Utilization information

・Information : • 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-2-950-2500 (Korean)

・Opening date : September 3, 2002

・Operating Hours : 10:30~20:00

・Parking Facilities : O

・Closed : One Monday a month (varies every month), New Year day, Chuseok

・Products Offered : Various goods

・Structure Size : B4-11F/33.735.6㎡

・Store Information : 10 Lotte Cinema 9F Restaurants 8F Sport/Multi Casual 7F Home Appliance 6F Children/Golf 5F Men's Wear/Shoes 4F Designer/Underwear 3F Women's Formal/Shoes 2F Women's Casual 1F Miscellaneous Goods/Luxury Goods B1 Food

・Restrooms : Available


Nowon Station (Seoul Subway Line 7), Exit 3.
The subway station is located next to the department store.

1414, Dongil-ro, Nowon-gu, Seoul

Traffic information

  • Subway Line 7 Nowon (노원)- 31.8m
  • Subway Line 4 Nowon (노원)- 31.8m


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