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Airport Railroad Express (AREX) 공항철도 직통열차 티켓 예약(공항철도 에이렉스)

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Express Train is a Premium one that runs nonstop between Incheon Int’l Airport and Seoul Station fastest and most comfortably and provides specialized service and amenities to passengers.

There are several different ways to travel from Incheon International Airport to downtown Seoul. The most popular ways include taking the Airport Railroad Express (AREX), Seoul Metropolitan Subway, airport limousine buses, and taxis. Among these, the Airport Railroad has the benefit of avoiding traffic on the roads, allowing tourists to arrive at their destination at a specific time. The Airport Railroad Express runs directly from Incheon International Airport to Seoul Station, with no stops along the way.

※Ticket Fare : * Discount : KRW 14,800 (regular fare) → KRW 7,500

▶Route Length : Incheon Int’l Airport↔Seoul Station(58 km)



▶Journey Time
Incheon Int'l Airport ~ Seoul Station : 43Minutes

Adult : KRW 14,800

▶Ticketing and boarding location
-Incheon Int’l Airport : Express Train Information Center in 1st basement of Incheon Int’l Transportation Center
-Seoul Station : Express Train Information Center in 2nd basement of Seoul Station

▶Express Train : Premium Trains that goes nonstop between Incheon Int’l Airport and Seoul Station



You can enjoy your travel conveniently with no baggage and no waiting line at Incheon Int’l Airport, owing to getting services like flight check-in and departure procedure of Immigration in City Airport Terminal of Seoul Station.

AREX Seoul Station B2

▶a range of services
Flight Check-in(Boarding and Baggage Consignment) 
Departure procedure of Immigration for international flights departing from Incheon Int’l Airport on the day of departure.

▶Service Hour
Flight Check-in(Boarding and Baggage Consignment) : 05:20~19:00 
Example : If your flight time is 17:00 at Incheon Int’l Airport, you can use the check-in service from 05:20 to 14:00
Departure procedure of immigration : 07:00~19:00



▶Special benefit
Using the designated entrance (for diplomats and flight crews) on the departure hall(3rd floor) in Incheon Int’l Airport


▶Special Benefits
City Airport Terminal of Seoul Station: available for free of City Airport Terminal, use Customer Lounge of Seoul Station/Incheon Int’l Aiport Station, pre-assigned seat system, Cabin Crew Service, Electric Cart Service, Free Wi-Fi Service

[Free Wi-Fi Service in express train]
Passengers travelling on the Express train can conveniently enjoy the Internet Access with free high-speed Wi-Fi.
* Method of use : Searching wireless network in your device > Choosing AREX Free Wi-Fi > Internet Access


▶How to purchase a ticket
Information Center(Seoul Station, Incheon Int’l Airport Station), Travel Center(Incheon Int’l Airport), Information booth of AREX in an entry place of Incheon Int’l Airport
Auto Ticket Machine: Seoul Station, Incheon Int’l Airport Station
▶Where to purchase a ticket
Express Train Information Center

Information Center of Seoul Station(2nd basement)

Information Center of Incheon Int’l Airport(1st basement)


Travel Center(Information Center of 1st basement of Incheon Int’l Airport)

45th Information Booth(Entry Place of Incheon Int’l Airport)


▶How to get the ticket (Auto Ticket Machine)

1. Initial screen : Select the destination and number of people

2. Select the destination and number of people


3. Insert Cash or card

4. Ticket Issuing


5. Issuing Completed



▶Incheon Int’l Airport


▶Seoul Station





Travel Center is the place to find all about Korea with convenience and enjoyment. Our tour managers(English / Japanese / Chinese avaliable) provides one-stop guidance and reservation services about attractions, transportation, hotels and travel in Korea.

Service language : English / Chinese / Japanese

▶Service Hour

Incheon Int'l Airport
-B1F, Transportation Center : 09:00~21:30 / open every day of the year
-1F, 45th booth : 07:00 ~ 21:30 / open every day of the year

Seoul Station
-B2 : 09:00~19:00 / open every day of the year


▶Information service
 - Tour and transportation guide to Korea as a whole
 - Free internet searching service(for passengers of Express Train)

▶Train Ticketing
 - AREX Express train
 - KTX, Saemaeul, Mugunghwa, Nuriro

▶Railroad Travel Service
 - AREX Express Train with Tmoney
 - AREX Express Train with Int’l Taxi

▶Tourist Service
 - Hotel/Tour Reservation
 - Performance Reservation : Miso, Jump, Drawing Show, K-pop + more
 - Seoul City Tour Bus Reservation



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A'REX Express Train Tickets(Incheon International Airport ⇒ Seoul Station) 7 USD 5 USD
A'REX Express Train Tickets(Seoul Station ⇒ Incheon International Airport) 7 USD 5 USD

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