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Sinseon Seolnongtang is a restaurant specializing in Seolnongtang (ox-bone soup). Thanks to its especially rich and sweet broth, the restaurant has gained in popularity, expanding nationwide. The Myeongdong branch in particular has become a must-visit stop for many Japanese tourists after the restaurant was featured in popular Japanese magazines such as VIVI, With, More, and Mine. An average of 50 Japanese visitors dine at the restaurant daily. Besides the seolleongtang, other popular dishes at the restaurant include dumpling soup and rice cake (tteok) soup cooked with ox-bone broth, Suyuk (boiled beef), and Dolpan Sundae Bokkeum (stir-fried Korean black pudding in a hot dish). All menu items are available for take-out.                  Sinseon Seolnongtang-Itaewon Branch  Sinseon Seolnongtang - Myeongdong Branch Sinseon-Seolnongtang-Insa-dong-Branch   Sinseon Seolnongtang-Hongdae Branch

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Seoul(Jung-gu) , Dongdaemun

The popular Korean dairy company 'Binggrae' is opening a new flagship store called the 'Yellow Cafe' in Seoul's Dongdaemun district. Known for its iconic banana-flavored milk, the new concept shop will serve as a tribute to the popular drink. The Yellow Cafe will be located in the Dongdaemun branch of Hyundai Outlet Store and it will serve as the brand's first cafe-integrated store. To pay tribute to the popular drink, the shop will feature a sunny yellow interior and branded tableware. As far as the menu, the shop will sell a selection of food and drinks made with the brand's banana-flavored milk, including lattes, milkshakes, puddings, ice cream and tarts. Additionally, fans will be able to purchase accessories and souvenirs inspired by Binggrae's iconic drink.                      

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Seoul(Jung-gu) , Myeongdong


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Seoul(Jung-gu) , Myeongdong


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Seoul(Jongno-gu) , Insadong・Jongnon

Baengnyeon Samgyetang is a traditional restaurant that specializes in samgye-tang (ginseng chicken soup), and is located at the entrance to Bukchon Hanok Village in Seoul’s Jongno-gu district. Its hanok-style architecture is equipped with seating for 100 on the first floor, 40 on the second floor, and garden seating for 60 people. Baengnyeon Samgyetang only serves naturally raised chicken, and uses about 40 ingredients in the samgye-tang, including ginseng, gingko, jujube, glutinous rice, fruit sauce, and others. Its soups are simmered for a long period to bring out more of the natural flavors and minimize the fat content, giving it a superb light and clean taste. Also, all ingredients used are grown or raised domestically.

Seoul(Jung-gu) , Myeongdong

Gimbap Cheonguk, which translates as “Kimbap Heaven”, is a great way to get to know everyday Korean food, from kimbap to ramyeon, bokkeumbap to donkasu.  A chain of eateries so common that you can often see one whilst standing in the doorway of another, Kimbap Cheonguk (look for the orange sign reading '김밥천국') is delicious, dirt cheap, and probably the single best introduction to Korean food that you can find in Seoul. You'll never spend more than 5000W for a meal, but the menu is packed with favorites like kimchi jjigae (a kimchi and pork stew), kimbap (rice and goodies rolled up in dried seaweed), and donkasu (fried pork cutlet). Kimbap Cheonguk (the name means 'kimbap heaven') is everywhere, and you haven't really been to Seoul until you've eaten in one.    

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Seoul(Jung-gu) , Seoul City Hall・Gwanghwamun

Korean home style food-Hangaram ※Reservation will be confirmed within 24 hours 1.Abalone Bibimbap(전복비빔밥)   KRW 13,000 (1 person) 2.Bori Gulbi Jeongsik(Dried yellow corvina set / 보리굴비정식)    KRW 25,000 (1 person) 3.Bulgogi Jeongsik(Korean-bred beef / 불고기정식)     KRW 30,000(1 person) 4.Ganjang Gejang Jeongsik(picked blue crabs in soy sauce / 간장게장정식)     KRW 30,000(1 person) 5.LA Galbi Jeongsik(Korean BBQ Short Ribs / LA갈비구이) KRW 22,000(1 person) 6.Jangeo & Hwangtae-Tteokgalbi Jeongsik(set menu with eel & Grilled Dried Pollack / 장어황태떡갈비정식)  KRW 43,000(1 person) 7.Abalone SaTaejang Jeongsik(Abalone Soy Bean Paste / 전복사태장정식)     KRW 28,000(1 person) 8.Kimchi stew Jeongsik(묵은지김치찜)     KRW 25,000(1 person) Important booking information ※ You are required to provide full name while making reservation (Match with passport name)  ※ No Refund will be made due to traffic conditions  ※Voucher is only valid for selected dates and time slots ※Meals may be changed owing to the seasons, pictures are only for reference. ※Please notice that this coupon can't be used with other discounts and coupons. ※Show your paper voucher or E- voucher to the staffs. ※There are lot of people during the dinner period, so we recommended you avoid the crowd. ※Depending on the situation, you may need to be waiting on the site. Basically Korean meals consist of bap (rice) and banchan (side dishes) comprising a lot of vegetables, meat, fish and poultry. The hansik tradition, however, is not only about ingredients, but also about the historical, cultural, nutritional, and philosophical background of food. About the Store The water used in Hangaram is a medicine water that brewed ganoderma lucidum and sage plant, which is good for improving fatty liver and cholesterol, strengthens immunity and good for diet and atopy. We offer nutritional rice that combines rice, seasoned thistle and Sibjeonaebotang together with 7 sub dishes and today’s soup.  By using seasonal ingredients without putting in artificial flavors, Hangaram puts the fresh and healthy taste as it’s priority. It is the representative Hanjeongsik restaurant where people regardless of age can visit.  In front of the backgate of Korea Bank, located in the center of Junggu Bukchang-dong, the new style Hanjeongsik restaurant has appeared. Located in the close distance of major tourist spots such as Myeong-dong, Namdaemun and Gwanghwamun, and five minutes by walk from City Hall Line 1·2, our restaurant is popular by providing excellent food and service by using healthy water that can reduce cholesterol, help diet, strengthen immunity and increase anti-cancer effect.  Our medicinal herb cuisines are based on oriental medical treatment by harmonizing sitology, gastronomy, dietetics, dietotherapy and others that helps to prevent diseases and improve personal health.  After the meal, we offer our customers amber sikhye that added the flavor of amber to the plain and delicious sikhye that decorates the last beautifully.  [About of Chef: Bong-Chan Kim]  After majoring in sitology in Myeongji Postgraduate School, our chef Bong-Chan Kim worked at the hotel and restaurants for over 15 years. He has more than 10 certificates related to nutritionist, food manufacturing & processing, Korean · Chinese · Japanese · Western food chef.  He worked as a nutritionist at Sejong Hotel, famous for Hanjeongsik until 2002, and started his own business.  To open the ‘Yaksun Hanjeongsik’ restaurant, he studied oriental medicine for the last four years, and developed natural seasoning and food materials such as soy products.  The cuisine he pursues is based on the Gungangbupin (it’s important to prevent the disease than treating when you’re sick) from the oriental medicine. He emphasized that his well-being cuisines will help to recover the energy of city people who has been weakened.  - Majored in oriental medicine, food recuperation department, industrial post graduate, Myongji University  - Worked as a nutritionist at Sejong Hotel  - Worked as a nutritionist at Ramada Hotel & Suites  - Lecturer of Daegu Shilla Cooking School  - Consigned Institutional Feeding of KOSSDA  - Participated in Canadian & Korean’s food education project with Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs  - Published ‘nutrition workbook’ and ‘workbook for nutrition teacher’  - Appeared on Korean TV program  - CEO of Yakseon Hanjeongsik ‘Hangaram’  - Director of Korea Medicated Diets Association  - Awarded grand prize in <2014 Korea Value Management> Korean Food  Main Items Yaksun Korean Table d'hote, Steamed Rice Wrapped in a Lotus Leaf, Soy Sauce Marinated Crab, Barley Oyster Rice, Seasoned Thistle with Rice, Abalone Soy Bean Paste, Cold Kimchi Broth Ttukbaegi, Broiled Eels, Set Menu with Grilled Pork Belly                        

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Seoul(Mapo-gu) , Hongik-University-Area

With an instant Stir-fried Rice Cake arousing your sensitivity, Beef Brisket full of smoked aroma or crispy well-fried King! Squid to be added. It would be a sniper shooting the young’s appetite with all sorts of sides suited according to one’s taste.                        

Seoul(Jung-gu) , Myeongdong

Chinese Traditional Hot Pot in Korea! Hai Di Lao Hai Di Lao is originally a hot pot franchise restaurant in China that opened a branch in Korea. A plethora of ingredients such as meat, seafood, vegetables, tofu and more are dipped into a boiling soup broth in this Chinese style shabu shabu cuisine. Hai Di Lao implements modern technology into their ordering system. As soon as you sit at a table, you will be given an iPad to place your order. You can choose the soup base, meat, vegetables and any other ingredients you wish to add to your hot pot. The total price of the hot pot depends on the ingredients you choose.  There are four types of soup base to choose from – spicy mala soup with a kick of Chinese spice, mushroom soup, tomato soup, and the meaty samseontang soup broth. Whether to choose just one or to try out multiple broths is completely up to you. Once you have decided on your preferred soup, continue your order by choosing your ingredients from beef, pork, lamb, seafood, dumplings, vegetables, mushrooms, tofu, noodles, and much more.  In addition, with only an additional 3,000 won per person, you can use the sauce bar and create your own special hot pot sauce. Fruits, salad, cakes and other desserts are also available at the bar.  You'll be surprised at Hai Di Lao's customer service as their services are as impressive as their meals. Not only are Chinese-speaking staff always readily available to care for the needs of flocking Chinese tourists, but they also offer shoe cleaning and nail art services for free! ☞ Address: 78, Namdaemun-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul ☞ Operating hours: Open 24 hours ☞ Menu and price: Sauce Bar 3,000 won per person / Broth soup 9,000 won each / Meat 11,000~22,000 won / Mixed dumplings 12,000 won / Mixed mushrooms 10,000 won / Mixed vegetables 10,000 won