Seoul(Mapo-gu) , Hongik-University-Area

Discover "Yeonnam Chuihyang (Yeonnam Flavors)" – Your Go-to Culinary Haven in Seoul's Trendsetting Hongdae District Embark on an exceptional culinary journey at Yeonnam Chuihyang, conveniently located just a five-minute stroll from the vibrant Hongik University Station. More than just a restaurant, Yeonnam Chuihyang is an aesthetic experience, featuring sumptuous interiors, curated décor, and an eclectic menu that never fails to impress. With features in leading media outlets and an ever-growing social media presence, it's no wonder why this gem is a must-visit hotspot in the Hongdae area. Indulge in a Symphony of Flavors: Open every day from 12:30 PM to 9:00 PM without any break time, Yeonnam Chuihyang welcomes you to feast on our highly recommended dishes: artistic pasta creations, succulent sous-vide steak, and mouthwatering risotto. Served on Scandinavian-inspired plates, each culinary masterpiece is as visually stunning as it is delicious. Photo / 写真 / 照片(instagram) @favourite_yeonnam Photo / 写真 / 照片(instagram) @favourite_yeonnam Photo / 写真 / 照片(instagram) @favourite_yeonnam The Wait is Worth the Reward: Yes, there's often a wait. But at Yeonnam Chuihyang, every moment spent waiting is part of the culinary adventure. Our sophisticated ambiance sets the stage for an unforgettable dining experience long before the first delectable bite graces your palate. Your Must-Visit Culinary Stop in Seoul: Planning a trip to Korea? Don't miss the opportunity to dine at Yeonnam Chuihyang. Here, you can savor exceptional flavors, create lasting memories, and even snap that picture-perfect 'foodie' shot for your social media. Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Make your reservation at Yeonnam Chuihyang (Yeonnam Flavors) today and discover dining that transcends mere sustenance—it's a full-blown celebration of taste, atmosphere, and style.

Seoul(Jung-gu) , Myeongdong

Step into Cheongnyeon Gogijangsu in the heart of Myeongdong, Seoul's ultimate tourist destination, for an elevated dining experience that you won't want to miss.  "Discover the Flavors of Korea, One Unforgettable Bite at a Time"  Famous for our 72-hour marinated premium pork belly, or Samgyeopsal, we're the go-to spot for those seeking a culinary adventure. And guess what? We serve this mouthwatering delicacy with our very own specially-crafted sauce. The kicker? Exceptional value for an extraordinary meal. What sets us apart from the typical all-you-can-eat BBQ places is our commitment to variety. We're not just catering to meat lovers; our diverse menu includes a wide array of side dishes, drinks, and desserts. Whether you're a local foodie or an international traveler, we've got something for everyone.   Photo / 写真 / 照片(instagram) @youngmangosu Photo / 写真 / 照片(instagram) @youngmangosu Photo / 写真 / 照片(instagram) @youngmangosu  "Elevate Your Dining Game: Where Luxury Meets Affordability in Seoul's Culinary Scene"  Our newly upgraded restaurant doesn't just offer a feast for the stomach; it's a feast for the eyes too! The modern and elegant interior is perfectly balanced by the restaurant’s captivating exterior. And let's not forget our upgraded buffet offerings, featuring an expansive salad bar for those looking for something on the fresher side.  "Cheongnyeon Gogijangsu: Your Ultimate Korean Dining Destination in Myeongdong"  Planning to tour Myeongdong? Add us to your itinerary for a culinary journey that’s second to none. From the richness of our flavors to the breadth of our offerings, you'll experience Korean dining at its finest. Don't settle for less; book your unforgettable dining experience at Cheongnyeon Gogijangsu Myeongdong Branch today. Trust us, you won’t want to miss this.

Seoul(Mapo-gu) , Hongik-University-Area

"Dive into the Roaring Experience of Korea at Beom Beer: Where the Tiger Roars!" In the heart of Seoul's vibrant Hongik University district, Beom Beer emerges as a symbol of South Korea's dynamic fusion of age-old tradition and fresh innovation. 'Beom', translating to 'tiger' in Korean, encapsulates the essence of this establishment. Imagine walking into a place where the fierce spirit and grace of the Korean tiger reverberate in every corner. A must-visit destination that should be at the top of every traveler's Seoul bucket list.   Photo / 写真 / 照片(instagram) @beombeer_hongdae Photo / 写真 / 照片(instagram) @beombeer_hongdae Photo / 写真 / 照片(instagram) @beombeer_hongdae Feeling tech-forward? Our tables are equipped with user-friendly tablets, providing a seamless and interactive ordering experience. Gone are the days of traditional paper menus; a few taps, and your exquisite meal or drink is on its way. But what truly makes Beom Beer a standout? Apart from its remarkable brews – especially the signature icy concoction – it offers a mesmerizing artistic culinary landscape. With dishes that are a delight both in taste and appearance, it's a paradise for food enthusiasts and Instagram aficionados alike. And for the eyes? The breathtaking media art installations, together with captivating objets d'art, set the mood just right.   Photo / 写真 / 照片(instagram) @beombeer_hongdae Photo / 写真 / 照片(instagram) @beombeer_hongdae The interiors, echoing the powerful presence of the tiger, draped in vibrant lighting, create an immersive experience. Walls adorned with vivid tiger motifs are not only a visual treat but a nod to Korea's rich cultural legacy. As you plan your Korean odyssey, let the call of the 'Beom' draw you in. Step into a realm where history meets the present, where every second promises to etch into memory, and every sip is a deep dive into Korea's soul. For those yearning for a culinary adventure against the backdrop of Seoul's nightlife, Beom Beer awaits. Embark on this journey, embrace the spirit of the 'Beom', and let Beom Beer be the crowning jewel of your Korean tale!  #RoarOfBeom #TasteofKorea #SeoulNightlifeGem

Seoul(Mapo-gu) , Hongik-University-Area

​SULDEUNBAM Hongdae Main Branch: Your Retro Getaway in Seoul's Hippest District! Ever fancied stepping into a time capsule back to the glitz and glamour of Korea's entertainment heyday? Look no further than the heart of Seoul's bustling Hongdae, home to SULDEUNBAM Hongdae Main Branch. Imagine an intimate, chic space, its walls adorned with vintage photographs of Korea's OG K-pop icons and Hallyu trailblazers from the 80s and 90s. This isn’t just another dining spot; it’s a retro escape! Sip on curated cocktails, get swept up by the timeless K-pop hits, and revel in the nostalgia of an era gone by.   Photo / 写真 / 照片(instagram) @sul_bam0521 Photo / 写真 / 照片(instagram) @sul_bam0521 Photo / 写真 / 照片(instagram) @sul_bam0521 And while the ambiance sets the mood, the real star of the show is our mouth-watering menu. Boasting the freshest ingredients from Korea's diverse terrains, every dish is a flavor-packed journey. Dive into our sizzling Gwanja Butter Grilled, relish the hearty Golbaengi Soup, or savor the spicy zest of our Soup Tteokbokki. Here with friends? Don't miss out on our 'Special Hansang' — a signature platter offering a delightful array of our culinary highlights. But a word to the wise — our dishes fly off the shelves thanks to their fresh-as-it-gets ingredients. So, if you’re keen to experience our offerings, arriving early is the way to go.   Photo / 写真 / 照片(instagram) @sul_bam0521 Photo / 写真 / 照片(instagram) @sul_bam0521 Heading to Korea? Put SULDEUNBAM at the top of your foodie bucket list in the vibrant alleys of Hongdae. Dive deep into a cultural and gastronomic experience, rub shoulders with locals, and make memories that'll be the talk of your trip. After all, what's a vacation without a dash of local flair? Catch you in Seoul’s buzzing youth hub! Cheers to good times and great food!

Seoul(Jung-gu) , Myeongdong

"Discover Europe in the Heart of Seoul: Welcome to Molto Italian Espresso Bar!" Step off the bustling streets of Myeongdong and be transported to a picturesque European café terrace. If you're craving that authentic European vibe without leaving the energetic pulse of Seoul, Molto Italian Espresso Bar is your haven. "Sip. Savor. See. – Experience Myeongdong's #1 Café Destination!" Kick off your day with a frothy cappuccino paired with a buttery croissant, and forget you're in the middle of Korea's shopping mecca. And if caffeine isn't your style, Molto's got you covered with an array of beverages - from classic lattes and Americanos to the unique 'Americano Orzo', a decaffeinated delight. But here's a drink that'll pique your curiosity: Aqua Molto. Served in vibrantly colored bottles, it's not only a thirst quencher but a visual treat. "Beyond Espresso – Dive into Italy's Sweet Secrets!" Tantalize your taste buds with Molto's range of Italian desserts and dishes. Whether it's the fluffy Brioche, the crispy Croissant, the savory Cannolini, or the indulgent Tiramisu, there's something for every palate. Don’t miss out on their assorted Bruschetta offerings, a taste of Italy that you can't resist.   Photo / 写真 / 照片(instagram) @molto_espressobar Photo / 写真 / 照片(instagram) @molto_espressobar   "Not Just a Café, It’s Myeongdong’s Must-Visit Instagrammable Spot!" Seeking that perfect snapshot? With views of the iconic Myeongdong Cathedral and N Seoul Tower, Molto's outdoor tables provide a picture-perfect backdrop. And thanks to Seoul's ever-changing sky, the vista you get from Molto is truly captivating, offering a myriad of Insta-worthy moments. "The Vibe, The View, The Variety – Molto is a Must!" Whether you're a tourist chasing the best experiences in Korea or a local exploring Myeongdong, Molto Italian Espresso Bar is the place to be. From beverages to bites and breathtaking views, it's an experience you won't want to miss. Join the wave of global travelers making Molto their top pick and find out why it's hailed as the go-to hotspot on social media! "Experience Europe in Seoul. Only at Molto Italian Espresso Bar."

Seoul() , Myeongdong

Discover the Authentic Taste of Jeju at "Jeju Ilpum Sundubu" in Myeongdong! Hey, food enthusiasts! If you're wandering the bustling streets of Myeongdong and craving a wholesome yet incredibly flavorful meal, we've got the perfect spot for you - Jeju Ilpum Sundubu. Dive into the heart of Korean cuisine with a fusion of tradition and innovation.  Experience Variety Like Never Before! Forget the typical one-flavor-fits-all! At Jeju Ilpum Sundubu, our menu is bursting with choices. Whether it's the classic "Ilpum Sundubu," the tantalizing "Seafood Sundubu," the mixed treat of "Mixed Sundubu," or the unique twist of "Oyster Sundubu" - every spoonful promises an explosion of taste, unique to Jeju’s traditions.   Photo / 写真 / 照片(instagram) @myungdong_jeju Photo / 写真 / 照片(instagram) @myungdong_jeju A Side of Culture with Every Meal But wait, the delights don't stop at the stew. Alongside your bubbling pot of Sundubu, we serve our rice in traditional Korean stone bowls. Once you’ve savored the last grain, pour in some water, and behold – a refreshing sip of “Sungnyung”, a testament to Korea's rich culinary tapestry. Solo Diners to Family Feasts: We've Got You Covered!  Whether you're a solo traveler on a gastronomic adventure or a family making memories, we cater to every palate and party size. Affordable Luxury in Every Bite  Why wait? Embark on a culinary journey of Jeju, right in the heart of Myeongdong. For all the globe-trotters out there searching for the quintessential Korean experience, Jeju Ilpum Sundubu is your foodie passport to delight. Bon appétit or as we say in Korean, 잘 먹겠습니다 (Jal meokgesseumnida)! P.S. Searching for "best Sundubu in Myeongdong" or "authentic Korean dining in Myeongdong"? You've just hit the jackpot!

Seoul(Jung-gu) , Seoul City Hall・Gwanghwamun

Nestled in a renowned food alley near Seoul City Hall, Masanjip has been a culinary landmark for over four decades. This restaurant, steeped in tradition and flavor, is a destination for food lovers and history buffs alike. Among the signature dishes that have placed Masanjip on the gastronomic map are the succulent Soegogi Gukbap, a comforting bowl of beef rice soup, and the tantalizing Modeum Jeon, a delightful assortment of pan-fried pancakes with oysters, seafood, and a variety of other ingredients. Perfectly paired with your favorite beverage, these hearty Korean pancakes take your dining experience to a whole new level. But the unique allure of Masanjip isn't confined to its delectable menu. This is a place that has attracted the likes of Former President Roh Moo-hyun, adding a touch of historical significance to your dining experience. It is also a testament to the passion and consistency of our culinary team that the same chef has been crafting these exquisite meals since the restaurant's inception. Named in honor of its proprietor from Masan, this restaurant is an iconic piece of Seoul's vibrant dining scene. A visit to Masanjip promises more than a meal—it's an unforgettable journey into Korea's rich culinary heritage. Come, savor the legacy of authentic Korean flavors at Masanjip. We look forward to serving you an unforgettable meal that has stood the test of time.

Seoul(Gangnam-gu) , Gangnam・Samseongdong(COEX)

Embark on a culinary journey through the heart of Korea at our restaurant, nestled in the vibrant district of Gangnam, where traditional flavors meet modern elegance. Our star attraction, the much-celebrated bulgogi, transcends the ordinary, transforming premium-grade beef into a tantalizing masterpiece. It's not just food, it's a performance art, where the meat, subtly spiced, sizzles on a traditional Korean brazier, casting an enchanting culinary spell that you cannot resist. Venture further into the richness of Korean cuisine with our signature bossam, an irresistible harmony of succulent pork slices and piquant kimchi. This Korean classic reflects the grandeur of our culinary heritage, juxtaposing savory and spicy notes that will play a delightful symphony on your palate. Don't miss our spicy beef and vegetable salad, a vibrant medley of fresh produce and tender beef infused with our spicy house sauce. It's a festival of flavors and textures, making every bite a unique gustatory adventure. Accentuate your dining experience with our impressive selection of over 50 internationally acclaimed wines, curated to seamlessly complement our diverse menu. Despite their world-class status, these wines are affordably priced, adding another dimension to your dining pleasure. Positioned in the pulsating heart of Gangnam, our restaurant is not just a dining spot, but a destination. We invite both locals and international guests to dive into our immersive culinary narrative, framed by the traditions and innovations of Korean gastronomy. Whether you're a seasoned gourmand or an enthusiastic food explorer, we promise a dining experience filled with authenticity, warmth, and an unforgettable flavor journey. A must-visit on any food lover's itinerary - your taste buds are eagerly awaiting their voyage into Korean cuisine at our restaurant!

Seoul(Seongdong-gu) , The Eastern Part of the Seoul

Immerse yourself in a rich slice of history at the Daerim Warehouse, a beloved landmark nestled in the creative neighborhood of Seongsu-dong. This charming red-brick edifice, brimming with vintage allure, stands as a testament to the city's industrial past as a rice mill in the vibrant 1970s. Carefully restored and transformed into a modern café, the Daerim Warehouse now serves as an enchanting retreat for those seeking a unique and authentic experience. It's where the old world meets the new in the most delightful way. Our dedicated team has painstakingly preserved key elements of the original mill's structure, blending them seamlessly with contemporary aesthetics. This harmonious fusion delivers a distinct ambiance that intrigively draws in and enthralls couples, especially those from the younger generation, yearning for a dash of nostalgia. So why not take a trip back in time? Sip on a cup of our finely brewed coffee while soaking in the café's rustic atmosphere, filled with engaging remnants of the past. Step into a storybook setting and create your own tales in this timeless space, a vibrant tribute to Seongsu-dong's industrial history, and an iconic symbol of the city's metamorphosis. Experience the unmatchable allure of Daerim Warehouse – where tradition meets transformation, history greets the present, and every visit is an intimate rendezvous with the past. It's not just a café, it's a journey through time. Daerim Warehouse, the crowning glory of Seongsu-dong, awaits your discovery.

Jeju-do(Seogwipo-si) , Seogwipo

Experience the alluring charm of Bravo Beach, nestled in the eastern region of Jeju Island, South Korea, near the serene Haemajihaean-ro and the bustling Songnan Port. Your ideal tropical paradise, boasting a unique blend of authentic Korean tradition and exotic ambiance that sets it apart from the rest. Relax and unwind in our innovative beach loungers, ingeniously designed with cozy bed-like chairs, accentuating the beach's vibrant atmosphere. To further amplify your beach getaway, our outdoor dining experience is beautifully set with bamboo shade canopies and elegant rattan furniture. This elegant setup not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also grants a sense of tranquility that takes beachside dining to a whole new level. Ascend to our second floor for an unobstructed, breathtaking view of Jeju's picturesque landscapes. From this vantage point, you can feast your eyes on the majestic Seongsan Ilchulbong Tuff Cone and the enchanting Udo Island, painting a canvas of unforgettable memories. Bravo Beach isn't just about the dazzling landscapes and exotic decor; it's a haven for families and pet lovers alike. With our vast green lawn, children and pets can roam freely, adding joy and laughter to the tranquil sound of the waves. While our human guests indulge in a delightful selection of food and beverages, we don't forget our furry friends - our menu includes pet snacks as well. As a pet-friendly resort, we welcome your four-legged companions provided they're well-behaved and leashed. Remember, pet muzzles and waste bags are necessary to maintain the cleanliness and comfort of all guests. End your day by toasting to the sunset with our selection of bottled wines, a perfect accompaniment to the incredible panoramic views. Discover an unparalleled beach experience at Bravo Beach, where every moment is a treasured memory. Embark on a unique tropical getaway that combines comfort, luxury, and breathtaking views. Experience Bravo Beach. Experience paradise.