Wanna One, comprised of the top eleven of the participants from Produce 101 Season 2, is the hottest new K-pop group at the moment. With the debut album featuring the catchy track "Pick Me," the troupe of talented young musicians has been sweeping music charts in recent weeks. Follow Wanna One to their favorite spots in Seoul!

★ Tour Course
Thisisneverthat – K212 – Jenny House Chungdam Hill – Les Deux Plats


Course 1
Thisisneverthat, The K-Fashion That Wanna One Loves



Thisisneverthat is a Seoul-based fashion label that has been representing Korea’s contemporary youth culture since 2009. The eleven members of Wanna One, who are known for their modern and hip fashion sense, are themselves fans of the label. From the bright neon shirt that Kang Daniel wore on ‘It's Dangerous Beyond The Blankets’ to Park Woo-jin’s hoodie showcased in ‘Produce 101 Season 2,’ many of Wanna One’s favorite fashion items can be found at Thisisneverthat’s showroom located in the Hongdae area. An it-place for all the fanatic followers of the brand, the showroom introduces an eclectic line each season.  

Address : 9-7 Wausan-ro 35-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Phone : +82-70-4842-4281 
Hours : Mon~Sun 13:00~21:00


Course 2
K212, Wanna One’s Favorite Café




Located below Wanna One’s management agency, K212 is known to be the café which Wanna One frequents during their break and after their band practice. The members’ autographs and pictures can be found on the café’s antique-looking walls. K212’s menu features coffee, bingsu (shaved ice), freshly-squeezed juice and cake, while brunch and dinner menus including pizza and pasta are available as well.

Address : 36 Noksapyeong-daero 26-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Phone : +82-2-749-2954
Hours : Mon~Sun 08:00~24:00


Course 3
Jenny House Chungdam Hill, Where Wanna One’s Style is Completed

Fans love Wanna One’s youthful hair and makeup looks. Jenny House Chungdam Hill located in the fancy Chungdam-dong area is where the K-beauty secrets of Kang Daniel, Hwang Min-hyun and Ong Seong-wu can be found. The team of makeup artists and hairdressers at Jenny House work with about 500 Hallyu stars daily. Services offered at the salon feature hair and makeup, nail care and head spa. Also available at Jenny House Chungdam Hill are individual makeover classes. Whether it is finding the perfect shade of lipstick to match one’s skin tone or choosing the right haircut to balance his/her face shape, the salon’s celebrity stylists will offer their expertise that has satisfied numerous Hallyu star clientele over the years. Foreign visitors are able to consult with the makeup artists and hairdressers individually, as English and Chinese interpretation is offered at each individual session.  

 Jenny House Chungdam Hill
Address : 56 Seolleung-ro 146-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Phone : +82-2-541-7788
Schedule : May, 2017 - December 2017. The third Monday of each month, from 17:00 until 19:00.
Website : http://jennyhouse.co.kr/en/


Course 4
Les Deux Plats, The ‘Ong-Niel’ Duo’s Go-To Restaurant 




Kang Daniel and Ong Seong-wu are known to be best friends in the group. Les Deux Plats located in a quiet alley of Itaewon is a restaurant that the two have been frequenting together even before their debut. Terrace seats are located on the first, second and third floor, and are often referred to as the “Ong-Niel seats” as they’re the duo’s favorite spots in the restaurant. True Wanna One fans can try the Ong-Niel Set featuring the ‘Ong-Niel’ duo’s favorite menu items: Spicy Rosé Pasta and Beef Tenderloin paired with Midori Sour and Peach Crush.

 Les deux plats
Address : 6-4 Itaewon-ro 19-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Phone : +82-2-797-2228
Hours :Mon~Thu 11:30 - 02:00, Fri~Sun 11:30 - 06:00 

※※Above information is subject to change at any time.

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