July: For the Swim Season
The Best Beaches in Incheon

In Korea scorching heat starts in July. 
People crave to spend days by the beach. There are plenty of beaches in the country surrounded by the water on its three sides, yet choosing the right one is not always easy. Beaches in Incheon are safe for children in particular as the West Sea has a shallow slope. In addition, they are the closest beaches for the people in the Seoul Capital Area. People can also go clam digging on mudflats. Let’s find out which beaches in Incheon are the best for your summer vacation.

Eurwangni and Wangsan Beaches in Yongyudo Island(for those seeking a beach close to the city center)

Eurwangni Beach

Eurwangni Beach is located in Eurwang-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon. It is relatively close to the city center. It is especially popular as the destination of college students' group meetings (called 'MT' in Korea). The beach is about 700 meters long and the average water depth is 1.5 meters. It is a beautiful beach surrounded by pine trees and flanked by bizarre stones and rocks. Sunset from the beach is recognized as one of the best in the West Sea. Water recedes as long as 200 meters from the beach when an ebb tide reaches its greatest distance from land. The beach has a large lawn on which vacationers can play a variety of sports. It is equipped with plenty of quality accommodation facilities. The beach also has campgrounds and accommodation facilities customized for student groups. You can also rent a boat to go fishing. Fish caught near the beach include gobies, rockfishes, rock trout, pomfrets and Chinese herrings. Eurwangni Beach is an ideal holiday destination for multiple purposes including swimming, sports or fishing.



Wangsan Beach

Wangsan Beach is situated just five minutes away from Eurwangni Beach. Yet the atmosphere is totally different. While Eurwangni Beach is suitable for a lavish vacation of the young, Wangsan Beach is still a quiet fishing village. Slightly away from the beach are several pensions (B&Bs). Camping is a good idea, too as the beach is very large. The view of sunset is one of the Eight Sights of Yongyu. It is also one of the best along the West Sea.

Seopori and Batjireum Beaches in Deokjeokdo Island (for those craving for a quiet scenic beach)



Seopori Beach

Seopori Beach of Deokjeokdo Island boasts a three-kilometer-long white sand beach surrounded by pine trees of older than 100 years. Take a boat at the Incheon Passenger Terminal bound for the island. It is a one-hour voyage. Take a bus at Jinri Port for about 20 minutes to reach Seopo-ri. Given the road traffic jam you have to endure to reach a vacation spot across the country, you had better invest about 90 minutes to arrive at Seopori Beach and have a wonderful time at the prestigious beach. The greatest advantage of the beach is that it is never crowded. You have to take a boat to reach the island, plus the beach is incredibly large. You can go fishing on the rocky shore beside the beach. People say, "Just cast your fishing line. You will catch tons of rockfishes and rock trout." The beach is popular among both swimmers and anglers. Behind the beach is a trail called Seopori Wellbeing Trail going through a forest of large pine trees.

Batjireum Beach

Batjireum Beach is smaller than Seopori Beach. It is ideal for a leisure, comfortable vacation in Deokjeokdo Island. Batjireum Beach is mostly sand, rather than mud, which makes the water look cleaner than many other beaches on the west coast. Accommodation facilities are closer to the water than those in Seopori Beach. You can set up your own tents in the pine tree forest. You can also go short-neck clam digging with your kids. You can go hiking to Bijobong Peak (292 meters) whose entrance is located right next to the beach. Please be sure to see Keunyeo and Jageunyeo, rock fishing spots located to the left of the beach, to enjoy beautiful scenery from an observation deck. You can try to catch conches and crabs near the fishing spots as well. The beach has very gradual slopes with the water depth of around 1.5 meters, making it ideal for family vacationers.


Silmi Beach on an Island Close to Yeongjongdo

Silmi Beach

Silmi Beach is located on Muuido Island which is just five minutes by boat from Jamjindo Quay in Yeongjongdo Island. It is a quiet and clean treasure-like beach. A white beach is spread against the backdrop of ever-green pine trees. You can enjoy the beauty of both the sea and a forest which is so dense that the trees serve as perfect shades during daylight. It is a popular spot for camping. Across from the beach is Silmido Island, an uninhabited island, which was the filming location of the movie 'Silmido' released at the end of 2003. The film was based on a true story about the tragedy involved in Unit 684. The movie sets have now been removed. You can walk to the island during ebb tides along a path which becomes visible only at low tides.

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