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Yehyanghoe Jeongsik 예향회정식

  • +82-61-262-9595
40, Pyeonghwa-ro, Mokpo-si, Jeollanam-do (전남 목포시 평화로 40 예향회정식)

It is a store where you can taste fresh seafood. This Japanese (cuisine) restaurant is located in Mokpo-si, Jeollanam-do. The most famous menu is Sliced Raw Fish Set Menu.

Utilization information

・Specialty Menu : Sliced Raw Fish Set Menu

・Information : •1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-61-262-9595

・Operating Hours : 11:00-22:00

・Parking Facilities : available

・Reservations : available

・Closed : Sunday, On the day of Thank's giving day and Lunar New year

・Smoking / Non-Smoking : Non-smoking

・Menu : Sliced Raw Fish Set Menu / Braised Cutlassfish


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Nearby information

Mujinjang Kkorigomtang

Jeollanam-do >

It has been specializing in gomtang (beef-bone soup) for over 30 years. The best menu at this restaurant is oxtail soup. This Korean dishes restaurant is located in Mokpo-si, Jeollanam-do.


Mihang Hoetjip

Jeollanam-do >


Mokpo Star

Jeollanam-do >

It is a place where you can enjoy soup dishes with various seafood. This Korean dishes restaurant is located in Mokpo-si, Jeollanam-do. The most famous menu is spicy seafood stew.


Wonjo Idong Galbijip (원조이동갈비)

Jeollanam-do >

Wonjo Idong Galbi has been specializing in Idong galbi for 35 years. The restaurant is conveniently located next to E-Mart and has a large parking lot, making it a great place for group dining.


Mokpo Jayu Market (Namjin Night Market) (목포 자유시장 (남진야시장))

Jeollanam-do >

Mokpo Jayu Market is located near Mokpo Station and is started out as a gathering of individual shops opened and operated by local owners. It was official recognized as a market in 1999, quickly growing in size after that; the market currently has over 220 shops. In continuation of the market's grow


Mokpo Specialty Seafood Market

Jeollanam-do >

Mokpo Specialty Seafood Market is a modern seafood market built in the location of the previous Dongmyeong-dong Fish Market. The market has parking for the convenience of shoppers, as well as 125 stalls selling everything from fresh fish for sashimi, dried fish, and fermented fish.


Dancing Sea Fountain (춤추는 바다분수)

Jeollanam-do >

At a length of 150 meter and highest x_height at 70 meters, Dancing Sea Fountain is the biggest sea fountain in the world. With various shows such as music, video, and laser show, visitors can enjoy exciting fountain shows while looking out at the ocean.


Mokpo Gatbawi Rock

Jeollanam-do >

Located on the coast of Yonghae-dong in Mokpo, Gatbawi is a natural sandstone and tafoni formation near the mouth of the Yeongsangang River, where freshwater runs into the sea. Gatbawi is named after its shape, which is said to look like a man wearing a traditional Korean hat called a “gat&rdq


Mokpo Natural History Museum

Jeollanam-do >

Mokpo Natural History Museum is located inside of Gatbawi Neighborhood Park which is one of the major tourism attractions of the southwest coast region in Yonghae-dong, Mokpo-si, Jeollanam-do. The museum consists of a natural history building, local history building and has a total of three floors,


Gatbawi Culture Town (갓바위 문화타운)

Jeollanam-do >

Gatbawi Culture Town is the prime tourist attraction in Mokpo, comprised of Gatbawi Rock, Mokpo Culture & Arts Center, Mokpo Natural History Museum, National Maritime Museum, Namnong Memorial Hall and other culture and art facilities. The park is particularly beautiful at night and is famous as


National Maritime Museum

Jeollanam-do >

The National Maritime Museum is the only domestic marine museum. Opened in 1994, it is a 2-story building with a B1 floor. There are 4 main exhibit halls and one special exhibit hall. At Exhibition 1, "Underwater Cultural Heritage from Wando," about 3,000 Goryeo ceramic relics excavated


Namnong Memorial Hall (남농기념관)

Jeollanam-do >

Namnong Memorial Hall is an art gallery dedicated to the works and memory of Namnong Heo Gun, a famous artist of the traditional Southern School of Painting. The hall was opened as an art gallery by Namnong Heo Gun (1908-1987) himself in 1985. The Southern School of Painting features natural scenes


Mokpo Culture & Arts Center

Jeollanam-do >

Mokpo Culture & Arts Center is in Yonghae-dong, Mokpo-si, Jeollanam-do. The center opened in July 1997 and has two buildings, an exhibition hall, which includes seven exhibition rooms and two special rooms, and performance hall, which has a 698 seat auditorium.


BENIKEA Hotel Fontana

Jeollanam-do >

This first-class hotel features ten stories and an underground level, with 67 guestrooms and plentiful facilities, including a banquet hall, seminar room, business center, sauna, facial spa, and restaurants. All rooms offer a view of the endless ocean and Mokpo’s famous Dancing Water Fountain.


Sunshine Motel - Goodstay

Jeollanam-do >

Sunshine, which commands a fine view of the sea, is located in front of Pyeonghwa Plaza in the new town of Mokpo, Jeollanam-do, which is the center of marine tourism in the southwest coastal region. Mokpo Terminal and Mokpo Station are accessible from the hotel within five minutes by car, and the fe


Venezia Motel - Goodstay

Jeollanam-do >

Located in Mokpo, the city of romance and dream in Namdo, Venezia Hotel provide the clean and well-maintained rooms to travelers. It is the best place for business travelers because it is placed in Sangdong, the compound commercial zone of Mokpo. The motel is close to Gatbawui, the famous tourist sp


Shangria Beach Hotel

Jeollanam-do >


New Evergreen Motel - Goodstay

Jeollanam-do >

New Evergreen Motel located in Mokpo provides the wide rooms for business visitors and travelling visitors' comfortable resting. There are diverse atmosphere of rooms. Musical Fountain-Dancing Sea Fountain is fantastic. This region's special products include skates, octopus and croakers.


Charman Hotel (샤르망호텔)[한국관광품질인증제/ Korea Quality]

Jeollanam-do >


Charmang Hotel - Goodstay

Jeollanam-do >

Charmant Hotel is located in the middle of Mokpo new town, so that is convenient for transportation. The six-story building has been made cleanly in the modern style. Nearby, there are many restaurants and convenient facilities. Rooms are divided into Korea style 'Ondol' room and bed room. T


My Motel - Goodstay

Jeollanam-do >

My Motel, located in Mokpo, Jeollanam-do, is close to Mokpo Terminal and various other attractions including the Mokpo Natural History Museum and Gatbawi Rock. This clean and pleasant motel is ideal for group occasions such as group meetings and family holidays, school or company field trips, and wo


Alex Hotel - Goodstay

Jeollanam-do >

Alex Hotel, located in Mokpo, Jeollanam-do, offers first-class services and modern, elegant interiors. As Jeollanam-do Provincial Government and Mokpo Branch of Gwangju Supreme Prosecutors’ Office are located nearby, the hotel is popular among business travelers as well as tourists. Mokpo Term