Seoul(Jung-gu) , Myeongdong

CJ E&M invests $21 million into their upcoming K-pop project 'Boys24'   The company CJ E&M has just announced the launch of their jumbo-sized K-pop project 'Boys24'. They have invested 25 billion won (nearly $21 million U.S.) into this project, so it really is jumbo-sized to say the least. This will be a new K-pop performance project where 24 specially selected male trainees, after passing an audition and receiving training, will hold live performances for 365 days straight at their permanently established concert venue. 'Liveworks Company', which Shinhwa's Hyesung and Minwoo are in, will take part in management. 'Boys24' will begin their K-pop performances in August at the Popcorn Hall in the Mesa Building in Myeongdong, Seoul. There will be a variety of performances as the showcase performances are said to be joined with 'Cirque de Soleil'. There will be K-pop, musicals, acrobatics and more joined together for all kinds of content, which is predicted to attract foreign tourists. And before the performances begin in August, there will be a broadcast revealing the audition program, featuring the selection process, training and performance preparations. The company explains that this isn't a debut of a new idol group, but a new kind of Hallyu performance.       ​


The Yeouido Spring Flower Festival is held in Yeouiseo-ro (Yunjung-no) in mid-April when the azaleas, forsythia, royal azaleas, and other spring flowers are in full bloom. The celebration is famous for its 1,400~1,600 Korean Cherry trees. Cars have limited access to the road around the National Assembly building during the festival period so that visitors can enjoy the blossoms and festivities freely. At night, the cherry blossoms are lit up with various colored lights and a wide range of street performances and art exhibitions take place.

Seoul(Jung-gu) , Euljiro・Chungmuro・Namsan

Korea House has been a venue for Korean traditional performing arts for more than 20 years, presenting various musical performances, court dances, and folk dances such as Pungmulnori (farmers’ percussion performance), Talchum (mask dance), Pansori (a traditional narrative vocal performance), Sinawi (an ensemble of eight traditional musical instruments including Geomungo, Gayageum, Jing, Ajaeng, Haegeum, Piri, Daegeum, and Janggu).At Korea House, visitors can discover the diverseness and richness of Korean music and art performance. Popular and nationally recognized intangible cultural asset holders such as An Sook Seon, Park Byeong Cheon, and Lee Chun Hui perform on the stage under stage director Jeong Jae Man.

Seoul(Songpa-gu) , Gangnam・Samseongdong(COEX)

Seokchon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival is an annual event held at Seokchon Lake area, Seoul. The event normally takes place during early to mid April, when cherry blossoms are beautifully embroidering the city. In addition, a variety of performances, exhibitions, and hands-on activities will take place during the festival period.

Seoul(Jongno-gu) , Insadong・Jongnon

The top 10 tourist attractions in Korea <TESEUM Jeju & Seoul> welcome to Teseum The world’s first hands-on teddy bear exhibition theme park welcome to Teseum The world's first exhibition theme park with various real life-sized wildlife stuffed animals and teddy bears welcome to Teseum In the arms of the Teddy Bear         At TESEUM, the world’s first hands-on teddy bear exhibition theme park, we produce globally well-known teddy bears to a real life-size so that our visitors can touch and feel the teddy bears. TESEUM first opened in Jeju Island in 2008, gathering more than a million domestic and foreign visitors annually and has become one of the top 10 most visited tourist attractions in Jeju Island.       Now you will be able to meet our teddy bears in Seoul, the center of Korea. We believe that TESEUM’s teddy bears will both warm our visitors’ hearts and provide them with unforgettable memories.   About Teseum Seoul  / Teddy bear’s hug       We gladly invite our visitors to TESEUM’s healing place where our visitors can recollect their memories of childhood and make new memories with their loved ones. At Seoul TESEUM, our visitors will be able to meet the history of our teddy bears and their urban lives in Seoul. ▶CHARGE Ticket Teseum Seoul(won) Mirror Maze Migung(won) Teseum + Migong(won) adult 13,000 7,000 14,500 teenager 10,000 6,000 11,500 Child 8,000 5,000 9,500 ※Free ticket for children under 2 years. ▶OPERATION Season Hours of operation TICKETING January~December 8:30 A.M. ~ 19:00 P.M. 18:00 P.M.        About Teseum Jeju Island / The world’s first real life-sized teddy bear safari         Teddy Bear Safari is the world’s first exhibition theme park with various real life-sized wildlife and marine stuffed animals and teddy bears. Moreover, you will also meet our teddy bears dressed in traditional clothes of countries around the world and as gods from Greek mythology. Lastly, some of our teddy bears will be dressed up as Korean celebrities whom you may be well aware of.  

Seoul(Mapo-gu) , Yeouido・Yeongdeungpo・Mapo

Cast : Kai, hyung-sic Park(ZE:A), Shin Woo (B1A4), Kang Tae-eul, SANDEUL(B1A4)   17th Century France, D’Artagnon comes to Paris to join the Musketeers. Intoxicated by the beauty of Parisian streets, D’Artagnon is pick-pocketed. On his chase after the culprit, he happens to run into the three musketeers: Athos, Aramis and Porthos. The three musketeers make fun of D’Artagnon, who is challenged to a duel by the musketeers. Just when the clock strikes noon and the three musketeers and D’Artganon are starting their duel, men in red cape, the Cardinal’s guards, appear from nowhere.. D’Artagnon joins hands with the three musketeers and fights the guards, and they win victory. Celebrating the victory in a drunken feast, D’Artagnon meets and falls in love with the angel-like woman of his dreams: Constance. Just when the feast is just getting heated up, a sharp scream is heard and Constance is missing. When D’Artagnon and the three musketeers find out that the kidnapper is Milady, an agent of Cardinal Richelieu, they join forces to reveal Cardinal Richelieu’s plot. Meanwhile, the palace is busy with the preparation for the king’s birthday party a week later. However, the king has gone missing, and what awaits D’Artagnon and the three musketeers is unexpected plot and twist...   More Info Csting Schedule TEASER More Info Csting Schedule TEASER


The Seoul Design Festival began in 2002. Since its inception, the festival has aimed at presenting the future of design by showcasing the work of internationally renowned designers and up-and-coming designers from both home and abroad. The Seoul Design Festival venue is located in COEX, which is directly connected to Exit 5 and 6 of Samseong Station (Subway Line 2).


Of the numerous festivals in Korea, it is the Boryeong Mud Festival that probably attracts the largest number of international visitors. During the festival period, tourists flock to the area to experience the beneficial properties of the Boryeong mud, and also to have lots of fun. Fully immersed in the both the mud and the festival’s great atmosphere, visitors enjoy mud wrestling, mud sliding and even swimming in the mud mega tub. Visitors feeling particularly energetic can try the marine mud-training course, whilst those looking for something more chilled can relax in the mud massage zone. In the evening, music and fireworks continue the party on the beach. 


Gwangju, the primate city of Kimchi is to host the festival to boost the sales of one of its famous locally produced specialties - Kimchi. Farmers collaborate with the festival organizers to ensure that fresh fruits and vegetables are supplied for the festival's use. At the festival, visitors may sample a wide range of kimchi varieties, and learn how to make some as well.The one and only Kimchi Presidential prize for the ‘ Kimchi Master Competition’ will be held along with exhibitions, markets, educational and hands-on programs . 


Starlight Village Photo Land is a newly remodeled section in Provence Village, a tourist attraction with a French ambience. With grapes ripening under the sun, and fields full of lavender, a unique culture and art lies in Provence, a southwestern region of France. The entire village is transformed into a dazzling light festival as about a hundred different themed photo zones, cute and charming souvenirs, as well as prettily decorated houses are lighted up in the dark. The highlight of the starlight festival officially begins when the night falls. The festival strives to combine nature and the nation's four seasons to create a spectacular display for its visitors.