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AMORE Spa 아모레퍼시픽 스파

  • +82-2-2118-6221
73, Namdaemun-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul

AmorePacific, a Korean brand, initially gained popularity in New York since its opening of AMORE Beauty Gallery & Spa in Soho, New York. The AMORE Spa is a popular spa and treatment center frequented by many international celebrities.

The AMORE Spa Seoul branch, opened in April 2005, offers approximately 30 different kinds of programs. One of the most popular spa programs is Spa Therapy, which uses a diverse range of natural therapy materials including lotus flower, ginger and bamboo. Another popular program is the Halla Green Tea program, which uses green tea leaves grown in Jeju's Hallasan Mountain. Other programs include Gold & Silver Energy Healing therapy, Mystic Bamboo Forest, facial therapies, body slimming and massages.

Utilization information

・Information : • 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-2-2118-6221

・Parking Facilities : The Avenuel parking lot

・Closed : Same days as when the Avenuel building closes

・Operating Hours : 10:30-20:00

Facility Utilization Fees

Halla Green Tea
HALLA GREEN TEA EXPERIENCE (190min): 500,000 won
Body and facial therapy with green tea bath or green tea body wrap

HALLA GREEN TEA THERAPY (120min): 300,000 won
Facial and back anti-aging and vitamin therapy
(The green tea oil used in therapy includes theanine & EGCG extracted from the best green tea grown on Hallasan Mountain.)

GREEN TEA SEED TREATMENT (80min): 250,000 won
Aroma therapy with green tea seed oil

GREEN TEA SEED THERAPY (120min): 350,000 won
Skin-lift and facial contouring with AmorePacific contour lift extreamRX collection

TIME RESPONSE RENEWAL FACIAL (100min): 230,000 won
Anti-aging therapy with AmorePacific Time Response collection (43 active elements and 4-layer-masks); good for skin rejuvenation

CONTOUR LIFTING FACIAL (100min): 200,000 won
Facial contouring and skin-lifting with AmorePacific contour lift extreme RX collection

Facial whitening treatment with AmorePacific Live White Melatreatment collection

SKIN MOISTURIZING FACIAL (90min): 150,000 won
Facial moisturizing program

BUSINESS SKIN FACIAL (60min): 120,000 won

MYSTIC BAMBOO FOREST THERAPY (120min): 300,000 won
Body and facial therapy with bamboo, including the rain stick ritual that relieves fatigue and stress, bathing, bamboo treatment, bamboo sprout mask, etc.


Body Massage
Body treatment exfoliating and detoxifying skin and boosting metabolism

EARTH ENERGY TREATMENT (100min): 250,000 won
Body treatment enhancing energy circulation using stones

- Deluxe: 2,000,000 won
  • Live White Melatreatment facial therapy
  • Back relaxation
  • Green tea body scrub
  • Bath
    - Suite: 3,000,000 won
  • Time Response Renewal facial
  • Green tea seed therapy
  • Halla green tea
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    Lee's Gimbap, located in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, mainly serves various gimbap dishes, such as vegetable gimbap, tuna gimbap, mushroom and bulgogi gimbap, and others. To keep its freshness, they give a discount for gimbap that has been sitting for over four hours, otherwise they dispose of it.


    Sawore Boribap - Apgujeong Branch

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    This restaurant specializes in boribap (steamed barley). Once a rather humble staple, boribap has been reintroduced as a popular health food. The meal consists of steamed barley and potato, as well as ten types of cooked greens, all mixed with red-pepper paste. Miso soup is also given as a side dish


    Ganga - Apgujeong Branch

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    Chefs with over 20 years’ experience in India personally do the cooking. This restaurant's signature menu is tandoori chicken. This Indian (cuisine) restaurant is located in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.


    Tea Therapy (티 테라피)

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    Turning away from the conventional concept of a tea shop, Tea Therapy offers not only healthy tricks for home-brewed teas but also a relaxing foot bath experience. The shop aired on KBS's "Muhanjidae Q" due to its interior design and unique programs available where visitors can enjoy a tasty cup of


    Hanilkwan - Apgujeong Branch

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    Opened in 1939, Hanilkwan (한일관)'s current location is in Gangnam after moving from its original location at Cheongjindong. With over 70 years of tradition, Hanilkwan is a well-known place where famous people including former presidents such as Lee Seung-man, Park Jeong-hee, and Roh Moo-hyun ha


    Cine de Chef

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    Cine de Chef means "a movie theater with chefs." CGV Cine de Chef is a new style of cinema, which combines both movie theater and restaurant. This luxurious and cozy restaurant has seven exquisite chefs that offer delicious French and Italian food.


    Gaeseong House

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    In this restaurant, an elderly woman from Gaeseong (in North Korea) serves up her native cuisine. The attractive interior of Gaeseong House is filled with customers of all ages, from young to old, who love Gaeseong-style food. Favorites include joraeng-pyeonsu-guk, a rice-cake and dumpling soup cook


    Hyundai Department Store - Apgujeong Branch (Main store)

    Seoul > Apgujeong・Cheongdamdong

    The Hyundai Department Store provides a new cultural way of life, supporting the expression of individualism. Located at the center of luxury goods commerce, the Hyundai Department Store of Apgujeong has played a leading role in high-quality shopping.



    Seoul > Gangnam・Samseongdong(COEX)

    Hansoonrye deals with hanbok and bedding items. It specializes in silk-made clothing items that are customized for visitors. Its hanbok boasts both comfort and simple designs rather than colorful designs. Every item uses high quality handmade silk and visitors can choose either naturally dyed or syn



    Seoul > Apgujeong・Cheongdamdong

    Established by Olivier Baussan, Loccitane has its roots in the French Provincial style. It is a brand focusing on overall "wellbeing": the harmony of sensual pleasure and mental bliss. It is one of the first brands in Korea to use essential oils and natural ingredients in all its product l


    Miraii Optical (미라이안경)

    Seoul > Gangnam・Samseongdong(COEX)

    Located in Apgujeong-ro, Gangnam-gu in Seoul, Miraii Optical was opened in 2006. Long-term preparation had been necessary to secure its position as a store specializing in optical consulting, which included an introduction of comprehensive optometric systems. To ensure comfort and accurate correctio


    Bridge Optical (브릿지안경)

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    Located in Apgujeong-ro, Gangnam-gu in Seoul, Bridge Optical is a specialty eyewear store dealing with leading designer brands and products from Korea and abroad. Bridge Optical first opened in 2005 with the Sinsa Branch but expanded and moved to its current location in 2015 under the new name Bridg


    Platform Place Sinsa Branch (플랫폼 플레이스(신사점))

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    Located in Apgujeong-ro 42-gil in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Platform Place Sinsa Branch is close to Dosan Park. Platform Place is a select shop pursuing a premium lifestyle. With a total of five stores nationwide in operation, each store sells brand products befitting the characteristics of the area. The v



    Seoul >

    I.Posh offers handmade shoes using high quality Italian leather. Its shoes adapt flexibly to the wearer's foot, providing extreme comfort. Shoes can be customized upon request with excellent repair/maintenance services. All items are within a reasonable price range.


    Saint James Boutique Seoul (세인트제임스 서울)

    Seoul > Gangnam・Samseongdong(COEX)

    Saint James Boutique Seoul opened in November 2013 in the area near Garosugil in Gangnam-gu. Decorated with wood, the interior highlights two key colors -- blue and white -- to harmonize the brand's style with the surrounding atmosphere in Garosugil. The spacious, square-shaped store consists of


    3CE Cinema

    Seoul > Gangnam・Samseongdong(COEX)

    3CE opened its flagship store in March 2015 at Lotte Department Store Bundang Branch. The first exclusive shop also opened later at Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil Road. 3CE Cinema is a movie-themed cosmetics store. Make-up booths with colorful lighting and props in cute baby pink colors will make the visitor


    Macos Adamas

    Seoul > Sinsadong・Garosu-gil

    Macos Adamas offers colorful accessories featuring crowns, swords, shields, lilies, and other symbols of Medieval Europe. Famous for items with unique, luxurious designs, it has attracted many Korean celebrity fans including TVXQ and 2PM. The store is popular among locals as well as international to


    Coreana Art & Culture Complex

    Seoul > Seoul City Hall・Gwanghwamun

    The Coreana Art & Culture Complex is the largest museum in Korea that is exclusively for cosmetics and was created to preserve and to promote beauty items and the make-up culture of Korea.Centered around the 53,000 beauty items collected by Dr. Yu Sank-Ok, one of the executive directors of Corea


    Dosan Ahn Chang Ho Memorial Hall

    Seoul > Sinsadong・Garosu-gil

    Dosan Ahn Changho Memorial Hall was established for the purpose of sharing the mind and spirit of Ahn Changho. It opened in November 1998 to mark the 120th anniversary of the patriot’s birth and the 60th anniversary since he lost his life serving his country. On the first floor of the building


    Sinsadong Garosu-gil Road

    Seoul > Apgujeong・Cheongdamdong

    The Gingko tree-lined street (Sinsadong Garosu-gil) that runs from Sinsa Station (Subway Line 3) to Hyeondae High School is a popular, upscale street in Seoul. The street (also known as ‘artists' street’) has an eccentric flair thanks to its variety of charmingly decorated coffee sho


    Dosan Park

    Seoul > Gangnam・Samseongdong(COEX)

    Dosan Park was built up in 1973 to pay tribute to Dosan An Changho’s patriotism. Dosan An Changho’s tomb was moved here from Manguri Public Cemetery as well as his wife, Lee Hyeryen, whose tomb was moved from Los Angeles.The area of the park is 29,974㎡. It has Dosan An Changho Memorial Hall, D


    Horim Art Center(Horim Museum Sinsa)

    Seoul > Apgujeong・Cheongdamdong

    Horim Art Center is located in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu. The Horim Museum at the art center is a branch of the Sungbo Cultural Foundation's Horim Museum. This museum has exhibition halls on the second through fourth floor, a museum shop, and a lounge. The building, themed to look like comb-patter


    Hyundai Motorstudio Seoul

    Seoul > Gangnam・Samseongdong(COEX)

    Hyundai Motorstudio Seoul offers a great opportunity to take a look at every aspect of automobiles. Each floor is designed with different concepts, and visitors can try various experiences regarding automobiles. A children's activity zone, an automobile museum, image walls, and more await visito


    Opera Gallery

    Seoul > Gangnam・Samseongdong(COEX)

    Opera Gallery is a French gallery that has 11 branches worldwide: Paris, London, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Venice, Miami, Seoul, Monaco, Geneva, and Dubai. The gallery features a range of tasteful collections ranging from the works of European masters to the modern artists of Asia. Preparation


    SJ. Kunsthalle

    Seoul >

    SJ. Kunsthalle is an iconic place where culture and art figures meet and discuss hosting cultural events from trendy subculture to classic fine art. It has provided a wide variety of cultural platforms for exhibitions, performances, parties, fashion shows and workshops.Constructed out of 28 recycled


    Café Rainbow - Hannam Bridge Lookout Lounge

    Seoul > Gangnam・Samseongdong(COEX)

    The Café Rainbow is the first of the nine lookout cafés along the Hangang River to be opened to the public. The 76.4㎡ café occupies the third and fourth floor of a four-story building (1st and 2nd floor to be used as a common space for an elevator and stairways). The Café Rainbow consists of a


    Figure Museum W

    Seoul > Gangnam・Samseongdong(COEX)

    Located in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul-si, the Figurine Museum W is a new concept museum that combines figurines, toys, and a theme park all in one. The museum showcases unique figurines for all types of visitors, including children, youth, and adults in order to help visitors enjoy and experi


    Hotel Pop Green

    Seoul > Sinsadong・Garosu-gil

    Pop Green hotel is located in Seoul’s Apgujeong area, a rising center of shopping, tourism, and business. A hotel that combines natural beauty with modern design elements, Pop Green is an all-inclusive accommodation facility with a range of facilities such as a 24-hr business center, wedding h


    Garosugil Homestay (가로수길 홈스테이) [한국관광품질인증/Korea Quality]

    Seoul >

    Garosugil Homestay, located in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, is a domestic-style guest house. The owner, who worked as a Japanese interpreter for 37 years, established the guest house after his/her daughter’s marriage, offering guests the highest level of comfort and an excellent standard of communicat


    Hotel Sunshine

    Seoul > Apgujeong・Cheongdamdong

    Hotel Sunshine is a first-class business hotel situated in the heart of Gangnam, located only 10 minutes away from the bustling business district of Taeheranno, the trendy area of Apgujeong, Central City, and the Korea City Air Terminal, conveniently meeting all of its guests' business accommodation



    Seoul >


    Always Like Home

    Seoul >


    Young Dong Hotel

    Seoul > Apgujeong・Cheongdamdong

    Young Dong Hotel is located in central in Seoul in Nonhyeon dong, Gangnam, a district known as the heart of Korean economy, culture, and transportation. In addition to its 131 clean and simple guestrooms, the hotel boasts a banquet hall, a business center equipped with state-of-art facilities, and o


    Riverside Hotel

    Seoul >

    Located at Jamwondong, the transportation hub of Seoul and the center of the Gangnam business area, Riverside Hotel has outstanding views of the Hangang River and downtown Seoul, and Sinsa Station (Subway Line 3) is a convenient 5-minute walk away. At Riverside Hotel, guests can enjoy dinner, leisur


    Imperial Palace Hotel

    Seoul > Gangnam・Samseongdong(COEX)

    Imperial Palace Hotel first opened on September 18, 1989, starting as a first grade hotel and becoming a superior deluxe hotel after 10 years in June, 1999. The hotel has remained the pride of the Korean hotel industry thanks to its effective management and improving domestic capital. In 2005, it ca


    Hotel Hilltop

    Seoul > Gangnam・Samseongdong(COEX)

    Hotel Hilltop is located in the central area of Seoul in Gangnam-gu, Nonhyeun-dong. In addition to its 57 guestrooms, the hotel offers a variety of subsidiary facilities such as a Turkish sauna, a banquet hall, restaurants, and a coffee shop. The hotel is conveniently located near COEX and Apgujeong


    Hotel Prima

    Seoul > Apgujeong・Cheongdamdong

    Hotel Prima, located in Cheongdam-dong, breaks the conventional idea of 'business hotels', and creates a new culture of hotels as a space for art. The lobby contains Buncheong porcelains and Korean folk painting decorations to give the guests a sense of the traditional Oriental style. Also, the buff


    Hill Spa

    Seoul >

    Hill Spa is a haven in the city, providing clients with a relaxing and comfortable ambience through its classy, fusion-style interior. The spa offers both oriental massage programs (based on oriental medicine) and western-style body analysis to tailor a personalized spa plan perfect for each client.


    BOBORIS SALON & SPA Dosangongwon Park Branch

    Seoul > Gangnam・Samseongdong(COEX)

            BOBORIS SALON & SPA  is a total-beauty salon offering hair, make-up, nail care, foot spa, and wedding consulting services. Based on 20-years of know-how, about 40 artists try to reflect cutting-edge trends and provide suitable hair


    Sulwhasoo SPA Flagship Store

    Seoul > Apgujeong・Cheongdamdong

    Sulwhasoo SPA is a place for experiencing the holistic beauty with Asian wisdom It is a place where Sulwhasoo realizes the holistic beauty with Sulwhasoo products, experienced therapists, Sulwhasoo’s unique rituals with Asian wisdom, and special treatment tools. Korean Herbal Medicin


    A.H.C SPA Gangnam Branch

    Seoul > Gangnam・Samseongdong(COEX)

    A BEAUTY SERVICE PROVIDED TO MEET THE NEEDS OF BUSY MODERN PEOPLE The AHC Play Zone provides a different kind of service by fusing the concepts of a secret ‘play area’ for women and a ‘resting area’ where women can enjoy high-class beauty services.   【TRIPPO


    Culture And Nature

    Seoul > Gangnam・Samseongdong(COEX)

    Culture And Nature is a beauty salon which has been responsible for catering to many different celebrities, such as Son Tae Young, Kong Seung Yeon, Han Sun Wha, Gong Yoo, Kim Nam Kil and many others. A once widely-popular short hairstyle, which has been the trademark hairstyle for the actress, Ko Ju


    Garosu Therapy

    Seoul > Sinsadong・Garosu-gil

    The Massage is a massage parlor, offering a variety of massage programs including sports massages, oil massages, and foot massages. All massage specialists at The Massage boast over 10 years of experience, and are conveniently ready to serve all your massage needs. As a special point of interest, th


    Spa Lei

    Seoul >

    Situated in Seocho-gu Jamwon-dong, is an exclusive women only jjimjilbang and sauna that presents a traditional eastern European atmosphere with high-class facilities and a variety of convenient amenities.


    Marzia Healing Spa - Cheongdam Branch

    Seoul > Gangnam・Samseongdong(COEX)

    Color therapy harmonized with aromatherapy. Indulge in the best relaxation experience at Marzia Healing Spa Cheongdam branch. This traditional Korean practice is combined with top European aromatherapy techniques, delivering excellent results. Facial care, body care, scalp care, and men's care


    SAPDAY - Hannam Main Branch

    Seoul > Itaewon・Yongsan

    Original massage therapy inspired by the Orient and the Occident     Famous for opening spa parties for the high society of Korea and elsewhere, SPADAY first opened in Washington D.C., USA in 1991 as Infinity Plus. By outgrowing the basic western style of techn