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Dream Concert 2019 Standing Zone + Musical Fireman Show Ticket 2019드림콘서트티켓+뮤지컬파이어맨

240, World cup-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul (서울 마포구 월드컵로 240 월드컵주경기장)

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As a representative K-POP performance of Korea, Dream Concert that has been together with the best K-POP singers of the time from 1995 to 2018, is not only the best concert participated by 1.26million cumulative audiences and 464 cumulative singing teams, but also evaluated as the most honorable stage by K-POP stars, which is also working as the gateway for new singers.

Dream Concert 2019 held the upcoming May 18th is also planning plentiful events together with the representative K-POP singers of Korea for their fans. Its differentiated composition and diverse directions will come up to fans' expectation.

On the upcoming May 18th 2019, Dream Concert will have its historical 25th anniversary.
Dream Concert that has been settled down as the best K-POP performance of Korea, representing the past and present for last 25 years, is planning the fancy stage of K-POP stars and also additional events in which domestic & foreign people in diverse age groups could mingle together under the main theme of enjoying together with all generations, based on the abundant representation suitable for the 25th anniversary.



*Performance Name : I love Korea 2019 Dream Concert

*Date & Time : May 18th(Sat.) 2019: 6PM
※ The show time could be a bit changed in accordance with the site condition.

*Place : Seoul World Cup Stadium(Sangam)

*Host : Korea Entertainment Producers' Association

*Sponsor : Hyundai Oilbank Co., Ltd, Hyundai Construction Equipment Co., Ltd, Hyundai Electric & Energy System Co., Ltd

*Special Sponsor : Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea Creative Content Agency

*Supporter : K Star Group Co., Ltd

*Supervising Broadcaster : SBS Plus



It’s world festival in the year. 
Will many korea singer join this super live concert. 
Grasp your golden chance to feel the Korean LIVE show!


TAEMIN, Red Velvet, SEVENTEEN, NCT DREAM, Nam Woo Hyun, Jung Il Hoon, MAMAMOO, HA SUNG WOON, AB6IX, OH MY GIRL, CLC, THE BOYZ, DIA, Golden Child, KIM DONG HAN, N.Flying, JBJ95, (G)I-DLE, TRCNG, 1THE9, Kim Tae Woo, Park Bom, Hong Jin Yeong, Clon, and more!

Yoon Si Yoon / Ser Ina / Cha Eunwoo(ASTRO)

Leeteuk(Super Junior), So Min Jeon, Gongchan(B1A4)


Dream Concert 2019 Standing Zone  + Musical Fireman Show Ticket

★This ticket is to be sold as a set and no item will be sold seperately.
★No cancellation & amendment after booking confirmed

*Seoul World Cup Stadium (서울월드컵경기장)
Address : 240, World cup-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul /서울특별시 마포구 월드컵로 240 (성산동)

World Cup Stadium Station (Seoul Subway Line 6), Exit 1 or 2.

Get off at Seoul World Cup Stadium Bus Stop
Blue Bus 271, 571
Green Bus 6715, 7714, 7715 
Red Bus 9711

*The standing ticket is for the standing zone on the ground floor near the stage.

12:00 - 14:00:'Dream Concert 2019 Standing Zone  + Musical Fireman Show Ticket' voucher redemption
※Ticket redeeption: ①TIPPOSE Ticket box / Ticket Booth
Entry starts at 2:00 pm and for standing seats. Please enter in order by following staffs' guidance. In case when the schedule is changed, it will be notified in the homepage.
※The notice time could be also changed by the site condition.

18:00 - 21:00 Dream Concert 2019


01 Entry starts at 2:00 pm and for standing seats. Please enter in order by following staffs' guidance. In case when the schedule is changed, it will be notified in the homepage. ※The notice time could be also changed by the site condition.

02 This performance is operated in the system of one-seat per person, so that you should be seated on the designated seat.

03 The performance will be lasting about three hours, which could be changed by the site condition.

04 After the admission is completed, the entry/exit to outside or re-entry is not allowed. Please enter the event hall by ten minutes before the performance starts. In case when arriving after the performance has started, the admission could be limited or you may not be able to view the performance from the designated seat.

05 All the items that could disturb the performance viewing like camera, selfie stick, portable chair, and ladder cannot be brought inside. There could be warning or restricting actions by staffs during performance.

06 Based on ⌜The Act on Anti-Terrorism for the Protection of Citizens and Public Security ⌟, a metal detector is scheduled to be installed for a security search. Thank you for your co-operation so that the audience could enter there swiftly.

07 Supply rooms will be available in an event hall. They can be used from noon at the day until 11:00 p. m. The cost for keeping articles is KRW 2,000 and the one for re-keeping article is KRW 1,000.

08 Please avoid behaviors that could interrupt others' viewing. In case when the performance viewing is interrupted excessively, there could be such intensive restrictions/actions like forcible leaving.

09 Except for drinking water, other beverages or food cannot be brought inside of the event hall.

10 Please avoid behaviors that could interrupt others' viewing. In case when the performance viewing is interrupted excessively, there could be such intensive restrictions/actions like forcible leaving.

11 As this event hall is not a specialized theater, there could be safety incidents when moving to the event hall. On top of following staffs' guidance, please be careful not to have any safety incidents while viewing the performance.

12 There is no personal parking space in the event hall. So please use the public transportation.

* Advance tickets for foreigners will be collected at the ticketing counter You need to bring your ID card (passport, alien registration card, copy of passport + at least one ID card issued by your country) Please bring it with you. If there is no such document, ticket exchange is not possible.             
※ If you lost or damaged your ticket, it is your fault. The ticket will not be reissued and you cannot enter the concert without a ticket.
※ The concert will be broadcast live, so many cameras will be there. Because of cameras, your view could be blocked. 
※ After the concert starts, you could be not permitted to enter.
※ For safety and security, any food and drink except water will be prohibited in the concert venue. 
※ If you disrupt others’ view with a tripod or a large camera, you could be restricted by the staff.
※ If you book a ticket illegally or if you are a Korean, your booking will be automatically cancelled and you cannot get refund on your ticket fare.
※본 티켓은 외국인 전용 예매 티켓입니다. 여권 또는 외국인등록증을 통해 본인 확인 후 티켓이 발권됩니다.(한국인 티켓 수령불가)
※부정 예매나 해당 대상이 아닌 경우(내국인), 예매는 강제 취소되며, 환불 또한 불가능합니다.
※Cancellation policy: non-refundable   ​


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240, World cup-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul

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  • Subway Line 6 World Cup Stadium (Seongsan) (월드컵경기장)- 227.5m


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