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Musical FiREMAN 뮤지컬 파이어맨(Musical Fireman)

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Myungbo ArtHall, 47, Mareunnae-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul (서울 중구 마른내로 47 , 명보아트홀 B3 파이어맨 전용관)

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Fire Man is a dramatization of an occupational performance of firefighters.

Character comedy performance To awaken the citizen safety awareness Disaster safety for performance by combining the new keyword 'Yamakasi' To give us a dynamic action and spectacular performances.

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A fire has happened!

This time it is even worse!

When the play starts, your hero will appear.

Comedy Character Performance Firemen

This is a story about how the firemen become heroes through many hardships. It is a story about them maturing.


Firefighters are there, as we have our very own neighbors. Whenever there is a dangerous situation or disaster, fire, or even if the animals escape from the zoo or there are mountain animals then we should call the 119. Nevertheless, their environment, treatment or eyes looking at them are the same and are all cold.. Maybe we do not have any feelings and do not really care for them nor know anything about them? The performance <Fire Man> is about how we do not know much about them and the closest we know is our hero firefighter's day-to-day protection and so we wanted to show the audience and make them want to closely to create and communicate while also being the envy of youths and children.

I wanted to create story of a great firefighter and a future dream destination. Firefighters rescue personnel through the worst of circumstances such as at the scene of a fire scene or disaster but they also extinguish fires. They go beyond just extinguishing fires but they run around the city buildings and I believe parkour can express the best of their heroic movement. Rather than the average firemen we are showing more colorful, flowing parkour performance. <Fire Man> will stand out as a new stage act with firefighters.


Firefighters have tips for greater efforts to prevent accidents. So before any disaster even occurs, prevention of the disaster itself is what their first mission is.

<Fire Man> is about anyone who wishes to be naturally informed through the performance as measures for disaster situations, from first aid to knowing how to prevent it.

In February 2015 we had a two-week basic training which is used for the firefighting entrance test to the school with preliminary firefighters. Their training to become a firefighter was a lot more difficult than we can imagine, living with their emotions for a short period of time gave us a great sense of embracing their mission.






Mental and physical caricature of their daily sacrifice by default was shown by the production department throughout the process of creating a point where the <Fire Man> actors do harm to their sublimity, as an assistant.

Practice went up twice to raise the stage but was overturned by its contents and now, it was equipped with little for its appearance. But we also have a long way to go.

The fun starts now and we will change and work even harder to be able to meet our heroes up close and so we will continue to evolve.

A fire has happened!

This time it is even worse!

When the play starts, your hero will appear.

Comedy Character Performance Firemen

This is a story about how the firemen become heroes through many hardships.

It is a story about them maturing.



It is amazing to watch the Firemen work as they go to life risking locations and complete their duty to help and save others. They are people that have to go to any location no matter the situation.

They go places which have unimaginable terror and they go through even fire to save people. To become heroes, the firemen go through a lot of hardships and the path to become an actual hero is long.

This is the story of how the trainees go through harsh, strenuous training and develop their fighting vigour to become actual Firemen to be prepared for any situation. There may be times where they look magnificent or other times where they are ridiculous this is why we made the play very technical and comical.


Despite the smoke,

The thick smoky fire field,

Through a situation with only gas mask and hard to breathe smoke everywhere,

What would be their choice?


To try and leap again

A dangerous situation that crosses life and death

The given time is just 4 minutes!

The life is in critical condition spent over the Golden Time.

But it can only through CPR can the heart beat again.


Into the blazing heart of the fire

The siren sounds unfold a dire situation.

The crews have oxygen bottles and masks to prepare for mobilization.

What will they look like in front of the fire scene?

Subway Line 1 & Line 2 - City Hall Station Exit 3

(3min) Go right 30metres ; turn left into Sejong-daero 19-gil and follow the street.

The theater is on your right.


Subway Line 5 - Gwanghwamun Station Exit 6

(10min) Take Sejong-daero along where the Koreana Hotel are. The theater will be on your right about 100 metres along, just before the Deoksugung Palace.



Performance Title : Firemen

Booking Period : OPEN RUN

Performance Times : Mon–Fri 20:00PM / Sat 15:00, 18:00PM / Sun, Holiday 15:00PM

Place : Cecil Theatre (City Hall Sta. Gate 3)

Company : Theatre O Company

Ticket prices : 40,000 won

Age Restrictions : Suitable for ages 36months+

Booking Helpline : +82(0)2 742-7601


Utilization information

・Age limit : Suitable for ages 36months+

・Performance Times : Mon–Fri 20:00PM Sat 15:00, 18:00PM Sun, Holiday 15:00PM

・Duration : 75 minutes

・주최자연락처 : +82-2-742-7601

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Product Normal Price Trippse Price
FIREMAN Tickets R seat Weekday(Mon ~ Fri) 20:00 43 USD 21 USD
FIREMAN Tickets R seat Sat. 14:00 43 USD 21 USD
FIREMAN Tickets R seat Sat. 17:00 43 USD 21 USD
FIREMAN Tickets R seat public holiday / Sun. 15:00 43 USD 21 USD
Weekday(Mon ~ Fri) 20:00 69 USD 29 USD
Sat. 15:00 69 USD 29 USD
Sat. 18:00 69 USD 29 USD
public holiday / Sun. 15:00 69 USD 29 USD
FIREMAN Tickets S seat Weekday(Mon ~ Fri) 20:00 35 USD 17 USD
FIREMAN Tickets S seat Sat. 14:00 35 USD 17 USD
FIREMAN Tickets S seat Sat. 17:00 35 USD 17 USD
FIREMAN Tickets S seat public holiday / Sun. 15:00 35 USD 17 USD
FIREMAN Tickets R seat [July~August Discount Event] 43 USD 15 USD
FIREMAN Tickets R seat [July~August Discount Event] Weekday(Mon ~ Fri) 20:00 43 USD 15 USD
FIREMAN Tickets R seat [July~August Discount Event] Sat. 17:00 43 USD 15 USD
FIREMAN Tickets R seat [July~August Discount Event] public holiday / Sun. 15:00 43 USD 15 USD
FIREMAN Tickets S seat [July~August Discount Event] 35 USD 12 USD
FIREMAN Tickets S seat [July~August Discount Event] Weekday(Mon ~ Fri) 20:00 35 USD 12 USD
FIREMAN Tickets S seat [July~August Discount Event] Sat. 17:00 35 USD 12 USD
FIREMAN Tickets S seat [July~August Discount Event] public holiday / Sun. 15:00 35 USD 12 USD

Min12USD~ Book Now


*Euljiro 3-ga Station (Seoul Subway Line3), Exit 8.
*Chungmuro Station (Seoul Subway Line4), Exit 7.

Myungbo ArtHall, 47, Mareunnae-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul

Traffic information

  • Subway Line 3 Euljiro 3(sam)ga (을지로3가)- 213.9m
  • Subway Line 2 Euljiro 3(sam)ga (을지로3가)- 213.9m
  • Subway Line 3 Chungmuro (충무로)- 392.8m
  • Subway Line 4 Chungmuro (충무로)- 392.8m
  • Subway Line 5 Euljiro 4(sa)ga (을지로4가)- 497.1m
  • Subway Line 2 Euljiro 4(sa)ga (을지로4가)- 497.1m


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